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I'm ONLINE between 9:30 and 16:00 market days.

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Toad Update 1/12/01 #1 11:49
We just hopped into 10 contracts of the Jan 690 calls OEYAR at $12.
Will let you know when we hop out.
1/12/01   9:35

Good bagels today.   PPI was UNCH in December with the core rate going UP 0.3% and Retail Sales went up against expectations of a decline.   Speculation is that interest rates will continue to drop.   Stay tuned...
1/11/01 Thursday Evening         OEX   693.40  + 8.62

We had Toadsters hop in at $12, $12.50 and some at $13 today - most hopped back out with gains of $1 or $1.50.   Let me check our account...     hmmm...   all I seem to find are cancelled orders!

Doesn't seem quite fair...   doesn't' seem quite fair...   Well,  we didn't lose... and I'm happy about that...      If I'm so happy, why do I still keep looking at my account?

Let's have BAGELS Cyber Bagels   tomorrow and then have a THREE DAY WEEKEND.   See you here by the pond in the morning... er... if you made some green today, I think YOU should buy the bagels - it's only fair.

Toad Update 1/11/01 #4 15:41
Some Toadsters informed us that they went ahead and hopped in after we sent our first "we were hopping" message.   Some were in at $12.50 and others at $13.   We never got filled, raised the order to as high as 13 1/2 - and we just pulled the day order.
The Jan 690 calls OEYAR hit a high of $14.50 and are now running 13.00 bid X 14.50 ask.
Still by the side of the pond.
Toad Update 1/11/01 #3 14:53
A chicken Toad has lowered our buy price to 11.50.   If the signals continue in our direction - we might consider raising it and if the signals turn on us - we will pull the order.   Urp.
Will let you know when something happens.
Toad Update 1/11/01 #2 14:33
We placed an order for 10 contracts of the Jan 690 calls OEYAR at 12.
Will let you know when/if we get filled.
Toad Update 1/11/01 #1 12:26
We were hitting highs of the day... but the signals weren't there yet and as I was typing this update, the market took a turn down.   Just when you think it's going to be safe to get back into the water...
    To quote a famous small screen personality, "What's up with this market?"
We want to hop, want to hop, wanna hop, wanna hop, hop, hop, hop...
FLAT we are as we watch the pond go up and down and up and down...
1/11/01   9:45

Good morning.   After I showed Mrs. Toad some charts, she reminded me that it might not be a trend yet... but the market looks like it would like to go UP.

OK, OK - she said: "ONE DAY JUST DOESN'T MAKE IT A TREND!"     Geez, she is tough.

1/10/01 Wednesday Evening         OEX   684.78  + 5.33

OEX today
This is what today looked like:   had we snagged them the second time, we   could have made some green, getting them the first time at $15   could   have been a problem because they would have gone against us significantly and we probably   woulda   bailed out at a loss as they went as low as $10.10 right after 1:00.   This whole senario is filled with a lot of SCW's (Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda's)   so overall, we were glad to get out without dropping any green!


See you in the morning - I'll be here on the side of the pond - I'm the short, green, smiling,   Smile   FLAT, dry one. 


Toad Update 1/10/01 #3 16:50
Here we sit, broken hearted, sort of.   We are FLAT after we tried to hop and missed; TWICE today.   Our day order for 5 contracts of the Jan 680 calls OEYAP at $12 expired.
We are going to go back to a Toad axiom:   "It can't be bad if we didn't lose green!"   It can be frustrating...   but not bad.
That's it for this Wednesday, if you live on the left coast, expect an email from Mrs. Toad.
Toad Update 1/10/01 #2 15:27
We just placed an order to hop into 5 contracts of the Jan 680 calls OEYAP this time at $12.
We will let you know if/when we get filled.
Toad Update 1/10/01 #1 12:59
We chased the Jan 680 calls OEYAP awhile ago and couldn't get them at $15.   When the market started coming back down, we pulled the order.   Now it looks like a call might still be in order, but maybe cheaper.
Hard to tell just yet.   We are still watching them.   IF we hop it sure looks like the OEYAP's.
1/10/01   9:35

Good morning.   Looks like we are going to have just one major airline company, but they still want to split up MSFT.   Mrs. Toad wants to know why...   I don't have an answer for her.
1/9/01 Tuesday Evening         OEX   679.45  + 2.14

Get ready...

San Diego

February 12-15, 2001

We will see everyone here by the pond in the morning.
Toad Update 1/9/01 #2 13:57
Mrs. Toad walked in around 3:00, saw the TICK in the 400's and said, "WOW, shouldn't you be looking at calls?"   To which the TICK responded with, "WOW, what am I doing up this high?"   A whole six minutes of a TICK in the 400's.   WOW!   Yawn...
Still the same old muddled picture - much like the bottom of the pond.   See you tomorrow.
Toad Update 1/9/01 #1 13:11
We put a lot of yesterday's number on the web site last night and today's numbers are looking a lot like yesterdays.   The main difference today is NASDAQ is up, but the A's are slightly beating the D's, the DOW is down and the OEX is FLAT.   So are we...
Stay tuned as we watch the pond.
1/9/01   9:40

Good morning, GLOBEX is up, (glad we didn't get those PUTS yesterday!)   let's see what the market does after the morning pop UP.   Stay tuned...
1/8/01 Monday Evening         OEX   677.31  - 4.40

    Things to watch10:00 11:0012:00 13:0014:00 15:00Close Final Numbers
    OEX -5.88-4.29-7.66-7.16-7.66-12.47 -4.40677.31
    Dow Jones +7.73-30.09-24.80-79.30-69.13-119.66-40.6610,621.35
    Nasdaq -59.25-52.65-65.88-79.34-81.15-95.72 -11.732,395.92
    S&P 500 -6.48-8.07-8.70-13.09-13.03-19.82 -2.451,295.86
    Advancers 1243143914941483150614521609
    Decliners 989111012081309134614381331
    New Highs 59101129149173194209
    New Lows 48910121719
    TICK -771119925-5597407
    TRIN -0.351.43 1.31 1.281.301.631.26

Notice the movement AFTER 3:00 today, the bargain hunters were back, their buying took the market above session lows and the OEX recovered 60% of it's losses in the last hour.   The DOW recovered 66% while the NASDAQ and the S&P 500 got back 88% of their losses.   Most expect more selling in the morning.   See you then.
Toad Update 1/8/01 #2 17:14
Just when we thought it was almost safe to go back into the pond... er, we mean a PUT, the market rebounded.   The Jan 670 puts OEYMN were looking pretty good at $15...   our log sheet shows them running around 14.50 X 15.50.   After all, what could the signals mean - the TICK was moving from positive to negative and back to positive then back to negative all day, it wouldn't hurt to get into just 5 contracts.

Those 5 contracts that we didn't talk ourselves into hopping into would now be down $2,500 as they closed at $10.
So, we are flat and happy about it - RIBBITT!
Toad Update 1/8/01 #1 13:12
Last week the "experts" LOVED the drop in interest rates, they are now saying "too little too late" OR "we acted too soon as the bottom wasn't in place yet" -   isn't it great when we can listen to them?
We are by the pond watching the small waves and watching...   stay tuned.
1/8/01   9:35

Good Monday morning.   Looks like earnings reports will be the topic du jour.   Stay tuned...
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