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11/6/06 Monday Evening     OEX   642.72   +7.22       VXO   10.47
OEX Today
L: 635.49  H: 643.48
Yippee! We managed to hop in and hop out today with a little GREEN!   A nice way to start out November, FLAT & GREEN.

We will see you back here in the morning.

Toad Update #3   11/6/06   15:14   OEX 643.17
We were just filled on our sell order for the 5 contracts of the November 640 calls OEYKH at $6.20.   We are FLAT and GREEN.   We will let you know when we hop again.
Toad Update #2   11/6/06   14:29   OEX 642.28
We just entered a GTC sell order on our 5 contracts of the November 640 calls OEYKH at $6.20.   We will let you know when we are filled or change the order.

We are looking for the after 3:00 folks to take this market back up some and get us filled.   Stay tuned...
Toad Update #1   11/6/06   14:29   OEX 642.36
We just entered and were filled on a market order to hop into 5 contracts of the November 640 calls OEYKH at $5.50.

We will let you know when we enter our sell order - we are watching the market now.
11/6/06   9:45
Good Monday morning.   The market is headed UP UP on open.   Stay tuned...
11/3/06 Friday Evening     OEX   635.50   -1.24       VXO   10.67
OEX Today
L: 634.30  H: 638.66
In spite of the good employment report that showed unemployment down to a 5 year low of 4.4%, the market wouldn't go up.   The OEX finished down 1.24 points (-0.19%) and the DOW was also down (-0.27%) for the day.   Not much conviction to go down and not much room for some green.   Have a great weekend.

Toad Update #2   11/3/06   15:40   OEX 635.77
The bulk of the DOWN occurred before noon (maybe even before 11:00) and we have been pretty much sideways since then.   With all that, the OEX is still only down about 0.60.   Maybe Mrs. Toad is right...
Toad Update #1   11/3/06   12:43   OEX 635.30
With the economic numbers we had today, we thought fur sure that the market would head UP.   It did go up for about two minutes and in spite of the numbers, it's been going DOWN.
Mrs. Toad just explained it:   Some days they buy and some days they sell.   She is good.   Stay tuned...
11/3/06   9:45
Good morning.   The market is headed UP UP on open.   Stay tuned...
11/2/06 Thursday Evening     OEX   636.74   -0.17       VXO   11.00
OEX Today
L: 634.48  H: 637.00
Word today was that productivity is at a standstill.   Let's see what the Nonfarm Payrolls, Unemployment Rate and Hourly Earnings look like at 8:30 tomorrow and then at 10:00 the ISM Services report comes out.

See you back here in the am for some bagels and the Friday market.

Toad Update #2   11/2/06   15:53   OEX 636.69
Everything was mostly sideways today - a little UP, a little DOWN with no real conviction in either direction...
Toad Update #1   11/2/06   13:56   OEX 636.15
After an initial drop when the market opened, nothing much seems to move it too far in either direction.   Various economic reports have failed to generate any real direction.   We are watching;  stay tuned...
11/2/06   9:45
Good morning.   The market is headed Down DOWN on open.   Stay tuned...
11/1/06 Wednesday Evening     OEX   636.91   -3.66       VXO   11.05
OEX Today
L: 636.19  H: 642.53
We read that the Dow always closes to the up side the first day of November.   We are glad that didn't convince us to hop into a call as it is only true 22 times over the last 27 years!   We don't know the record for the second trading day in November.   So let's see what tomorrow brings in addition to Initial Claims at 8:30 and Factory Orders at 10:00.   See you in the morning.

Toad Update #2   11/1/06   15:48   OEX 636.90
The mid-afternoon attempt at recovery didn't work out so well and the market continued down.  So, although November has a history of starting out in a buying mode,  this one will not.
Toad Update #1   11/1/06   13:22   OEX 638.68
We went UP on open as the futures predicted;  when the ISM index came in lower than expected, the market dropped just as fast.   The drop was moderated some from 10:30 until 11:00 but then it resumed the downward move until just awhile ago when it started back UP.  Stay tuned to see where it is headed...
11/1/06   9:45
November Good morning and WELCOME TO NOVEMBER.   The market is headed UP UP on open.     Stay tuned...
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