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The Toad   Daytrader  TOAD's
Training by the TOAD!

In response to numerous requests, the Toad now offers two types of training: 

Why would the Toad do this?
    • I enjoy telling people about what I do.
    • This type of training wasn't available when I started.
    • There is a real need - according to all the questions I get!
    • Because I don't have to do it..

Can you learn from the Toad?

Yes, this is an opportunity to benefit from my experience. (see experience below)

Over the years, the Toad has invested hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on training and education from various sources - LEARNING!  The Toad has spent thousands of hours practicing and refining what he has learned - EXPERIENCE!  Through these workshops and/or trading with the Toad, you can tap into and benefit from the Toad's experience.

    Inexperience  =  LOSSES

Training and education are necessary, but experience is the ultimate teacher.

Our "how to" workshops provide the foundation in terminology, tools and resources for daytraders in a simulated market/trading situation.

Our "hands on" trading with the Toad provides actual daytrading experience in a real time market/trading situation.

It isn't real until you've experienced it!  You won't be a daytrader until you have done it!

Why should I pay the Toad for this?
    • My time is valuable; I am a daytrader.
    • I've paid a lot of money to find out what I know now.
    • I don't have to do this.

Toad Training:
Because of our auto accident in 1998, we made some changes to our schedules/plans:

    Since our last Orlando seminar, most of our training has been "Apprentice Toad" training in Jacksonville, Florida and we have had very good response/results.

    Jacksonville is a great place to visit, we have the river and ocean right here and lots to do year round - we also have the JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS!

    Several of the California Toadsters have been disappointed as they wanted to attend in Lake Tahoe and Mrs. Toad was looking forward to spending a week or two out there also.

    So, think about Florida for Training.

   Enter a City or US Zip:  

Apprentice Toad Daytrading (Anytime Training)
Hands-on-experience in the Toad's town during market hours.  One full day of trading along side the Toad where you see all and hear all about what the Toad does each day. The day starts with some basics and then goes into what the Toad does and HOW he does it. You get a good deal of handouts and we review past trades and why we entered and exited. You also get an introduction to the Toad's yet unfinished book: "Hop In, Hop Out - Trade Like a Toad."

We can make your travel arrangements if you wish.

Email the Toad with your preferences for time and dates.

    Apprentice Toadster Cost
    $900 EACH PERSON for full day. Lunch is included. 1-2 people per session

Toad on the Road Training

    Apprentice Toadster Toad on the Road Training
    $999 EACH PERSON for full day. Lunch is included. 1-2 people per session

In the future (Late 2001 ?) we still plan to offer our seminars throughout the US.  Probable locations are cities in Nevada, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas and maybe Colorado.

    Workshop Cost
    2-day Workshop - Cost was $1900 EACH PERSON (not sure what the price will be for the new ones); includes workbook, lunches and cocktail party first evening. Limit: 25-30 people

Experience is not the best teacher - IT IS THE ONLY TEACHER.  I believe the only way you learn is by experience.  You have to experience something to learn about it.  If you had never touched a hot stove, you wouldn't understand what "hot" was.  Think about it. It's how parents teach their kids.  "Don't touch that, it's hot."  Ouch.  "See, I told you it was hot!"  The Toad is HOT!  Come experience it!

Before you proceed, you must understand and agree that nothing on this site is meant to be "TRADING ADVICE".  Accepting our updates acknowledges and accepts your agreement with this disclaimer statement.  If you trade, you always trade at your own risk.   Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.   You shall not hold the site, its affiliates, or any of the persons involved, liable for any losses.   The Toad and Marble Management welcome you to visit this web site BUT this site neither encourages you nor entices you to do anything the Toad does.   After all he is a Toad!   Read everything before you purchase, especially that little book about options.   If you can't spell options, then you probably shouldn't be purchasing options.   If you can't tolerate risk and losing sums of money, then it is a good bet options are not your piece of cake.   If you do like this stuff, watch out - it can be habit forming. 
Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.
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