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1/8/02   Tuesday Evening     OEX   592.50     -1.91       VIX   22.50
Dave   It just isn't the same without Dave.   See you in the morning.
Toad Update #4   1/8/02   15:53
Dija ever have one of those days when you were happy you DIDN'T get into a trade?   That was today for us.   We were trying to "push" a trade and glad we didn't.   Looking back over update #1, we coulda hopped into those Jan 595 calls at $7.00.. they are now running $5.70 to $6.20 -   - URP.
We won't be hopping today... sigh.   See you tomorrow.
Toad Update #3   1/8/02   14:34
Did we say CALLS?
Naaa, IF we hop into something, the play will be the Jan 595 PUTS or the Jan 600 PUTS (OEBMS and OEYMT).
That's the way this day has been going.
Toad Update #2   1/8/02   13:55
IF we hop into something, the Jan 595 calls OEBAS will be the play.   They have been moving around 6.90 to 7.00 and the bid ask is now $6.90 X $7.20.
Toad Update #1   1/8/02   13:51
The market pushed up toward OEX 600 again and we thought we had one for a minute, but not yet.   That's a tough resistance to break through.   The signals aren't really in favor of a call right now, so we aren't either.
Stay tuned...
1/8/02   9:45
Flat   FLAT   opening today.   We are by the pond, watching.
Our condolences to the family of Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy's as he died last night.   Let's have a frosty and think of Dave tonight.

1/7/02   Monday Evening     OEX   594.41     -4.20       VIX   22.17
Jan 7th We moved up to touch SIX HUNDRED and couldn't break through again today.   It was also the first day this year that the market went DOWN instead of UP.   Let's see if we can break this new trend tomorrow.   See you by the pond in the morning.

Don't forget to wish Stephen Hawking a Happy Birthday - he just turned 60.   (Don't know him?   Then click here!)

Toad Update #2   1/7/02   14:25
The market looks just like the surface of the pond today...   rolling, rolling, rolling.
Many winter birds here today, some fishing in the pond some just sitting by the side of the pond with us...
Still here, watching.
Toad Update #1   1/7/02   13:25
WOW -   just when we thought it was safe to hop into a PUT the Lunch Bunch showed up and took us the other way.   The signals have been sorta even today, meaning we could breakout in any direction, but we sure like to bounce off of that magic OEX 600 number.
We are having lunch and watching the market, stay tuned...
1/7/02   9:45
Market is headed UP UP on open, and our Jaguars Jaguars are done for the year - actually they were DONE several games ago.   We are by the pond, watching - stay tuned...
Sunday 1/6/02
Subscribe today, don't be Toadless!  Click here to subscribe!                   We are UP 18% this year-to-date!

We will say goodbye to some Free Trial Toadsters who will drop off our Free Trial list this weekend - they will be "Toadless" if they don't subscribe.
See the rest of you in the morning, right here by the pond.

1/4/02   Friday Evening     OEX   598.61     +3.48       VIX   22.02
Here is what we saw today.

Jan 4th Move up on open, down for an hour and then pretty much sideways.   The red marks on this chart are where we were considering hops, the first one into a put and the second one into a call.

I've marked how far the market moved after we woulda hopped in...   URP.

Not much room to make some green.

Toad Update #2   1/4/02   15:18
Don't like how it's tempted 600 so many times today and never made it through.   Should be interesting to look at a chart of today's action.
Speaking of action, we are done for the day -   have a great weekend -   see you on Monday.
Toad Update #1   1/4/02   12:22
No Morning Report this morning as we were thinking CALLS about the time we usually send out the report.   That was just when the market decided to head south -   it's been backing off since then and we've been watching.
One of the reasons we didn't hop earlier is OEX 600 -   it looks like we are fighting the major resistance at OEX 600.   Bagels were good and we are thinking lunch while we watch the pond, stay tuned...
1/4/02   9:45
Good bagel morning, a little chilly by the pond this morning and the market is headed up UP on open.   Stay tuned...
1/3/02   Thursday Evening     OEX   595.13     +6.15       VIX     23.83
That was a great way to start off the year!   It was just 5 contracts, but it was GREEN and a WIN!   They kept running up and hit $12.70 or $12.80 after we hopped out.   Urp.   They also backed off (have we seen THAT before!) after we hopped in - so there was quite an opportunity for the TOAD +10 group on both sides today.

Congrats to Miami Canes for their Rose Bowl win tonight, but we don't agree with the BCS and neither does Oregon.   Think we could figure out a better system someday.
About tomorrow, it's the first Bagel   Bagels   day of the new year - we will provide the bagels and coffee, right here by the pond. See you in the morning.
Toad Update #4   1/3/02   16:00
It's a new year and we just hopped out of our Jan 590 calls OEBAR at $12.00.
We will let you know when we hop again.
Toad Update #3   1/3/02   12:57
We just hopped into 5 contracts of the Jan 590 calls OEBAR at $10.00.
Will let you know when we hop out.
Toad Update #2   1/3/02   11:37
We just cancelled our order to hop into the calls...   geez.
Toad Update #1   1/3/02   11:33
We didn't send out the Toad Morning Update because it looked like we were going to be hopping into the Jan 590 calls OEBAR's.   But as the market backed off, we pulled the order and then tried again.   So we've got an order in to hop into them at $10.20.
Will let you know if/when we get filled or pull the order.
1/3/02   9:45
Good morning - we are back at our pond, watching the market, stay tuned...
1/2/02   Wednesday     OEX   588.98     +4.70       VIX     23.92
Good Wednesday morning, hope your New Year is starting off great.   Remember, today is a travel day for us and we won't be back at the pond until tomorrow.   See you then.
A New Year!   1/1/02  
A Toadly New Year!

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