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  Daytrader Toad Hits the Road
We are Alamo bound!

Last year we conducted "Toad on the Road" training in California (twice), Lake Tahoe, Richmond, Harrisburg, North Carolina and Orlando (twice). We are going "on the Road" again... to the great state of Texas.

San Antonio, Texas:
    Mr. Toad     Mr. and Mrs. Toad,     Mrs. Toad   
    are planning their second road trip of 2000 to train Apprentice Toadsters. Training days are limited to one or two Apprentice Toadsters (AT's) per day; no seminar format this time.
    You may want to team up with a spouse or trading buddy.

    Even though our expenses will be higher on the road, we're still keeping the Apprentice Toad Training at our regular price:
    $900 per person per day
    (Lunch is included!)

    The training site is in San Antonio.

                San Antonio           

    May 31, 2000

    June 1 and June 2, 2000

    First Come, First Served! Email the Toad TODAY to save your lily pad!
    It's never too early to learn how to hop!

    NOTICE:     Dates subject to change / availability / weather / Mrs. Toad's shopping trips . . .

To read more about our training, Click Here.

Experience is not the best teacher - IT IS THE ONLY TEACHER.  I believe the only way you learn is by experience.  You have to experience something to learn about it.  If you had never touched a hot stove, you wouldn't understand what "hot" was.  Think about it. It's how parents teach their kids.  "Don't touch that, it's hot."  Ouch.  "See, I told you it was hot!"  The Toad is HOT!  Come experience it!


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