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8/7/98 16:06
Well, I should have taken the money right after noon when my calls hit 13 7/8 - BUT, I was holding out for $14 and it didn't hit... the rest is history - the calls never got back and I dumped at a loss.

That puts us up $5,825 for the week - we will take it and we are FLAT.

A slightly skinnier Flat Toad is wishing you a great weekend - see you at the pond Monday morning.
Toad Update 8/7/98 #4 15:36 EMAIL
Waited to see what happened at 3:00, wanted a rally and I would dump immediately if the market dumped.
Well, it didn't rally and it didn't dump so, I got out of the Aug535c (OEWHG) at (ouch) 10.
Will update the site in awhile and we will see you on Monday at the pond.

Toad Update 8/7/98 #3 12:25 EMAIL
I had my sell set at 14 1/2 and then lowered it to 14 - never got to me.
SCW sold at 13 1/2 BUT I DIDN'T.
I'll let you know.
8/7/98 11:55
Sent out an email awhile ago - bought a CALL and we are in the pond. Aug535 (OEWHG).
Toad Update 8/7/98 #2 11:51 EMAIL
I just hopped into 10 contracts of the Aug535C (OEWHG) at 12 1/2.
I will keep you posted.
Toad Update 8/7/98 #1 11:12 EMAIL
Looking at a lot of calls all day, missed a good opportunity to hop in around 10:30.
I got a phone call and by the time I got off the phone, the market had jumped back up.

I'm waiting for the market to draw back a little and then we will hop into a call - IF all of the indicators stay good.
I'll let you know,
8/7/98 9:50
Good Friday morning. We are here watching the pond. Will let you know when we hop in.
8/6/98 19:35
Yep, a day without trading! Didn't open anything today, didn't have a great feeling for the market direction. So, we are still FLAT!

See you in the morning.
Toad Update 8/6/98 #3 18:30 EMAIL
Hey, it happens somedays.
I didn't see anything I wanted to hop into today. Didn't want to get stuck holding overnight with a market like this. AND we didn't lose money.
The general trend had us looking at calls; so, if we would have traded today, it would have been a call.
Will update the site a little later, time for dinner.

So, lets have coffee, bagels and a good day in the morning. See you then.
Toad Update 8/6/98 #2 13:40 EMAIL
Just a trading range today - Tick has been as high as 556 and as low as -672.
Been looking at both calls and puts again today, nothing yet.
We may still do something today, it just depends.
Wonder if Monica will do anything for us today?
At least my INTC is still doing well.
Toad Update 8/6/98 #1 11:32 EMAIL
What a day, I'm still watching the pond.
Will let you know when we hop in.
Don't know about this ICQ thing yet, I think I'm supposed to be able to put all of us in one room, right now I can just talk to one at a time - does anybody know how to open the chat room?
8/6/98 9:50

We are here this morning - sitting by the pond. Will let you know when we hop in.
8/5/98 18:00
The ICQ ICQ Toadster Chat Room is up and running.
I emailed the address and ICQ information to subscribers so we can test it the next few days.

If any of the "Free Email" trial Toadsters have ICQ, send us your ICQ address and we will see about adding you during your trial.
8/5/98 16:25
WOW, what a ride. I hopped out too early - felt we might get that day end rally, and didn't want to chance it. We got the rally, but it was after the market tanked even further. The Aug 530 puts (OEWTF) hit $19 today.

Excuse me, I had to take a break and wipe the tears from my eyes...

I guess if we made money, we shouldn't complain. It's all SCW.

May have the Toadster Subscriber Chat Room set up soon. Will let you know.

Sent out three emails today. I'll be here in the morning - see you then.
Toad Update 8/5/98 #3 14:34 EMAIL
OK, I'm a wimp Toad! I hopped too early.
That sucker is back up to 14 1/2 and looks like it's going higher.

Hope you did well today.
Toad Update 8/5/98 #2 13:55 EMAIL
I just hopped out of the Aug 530p (OEWTF) at 13 1/4.
Missed 14 1/2 - (ouch) and I don't know if it's going lower, so I jumped - took the money and RAN..

I will let you know if we do another today and I'll update the site after market closes.
Toad Update 8/5/98 #1 12:09 EMAIL
I just hopped into 10 contracts of the Aug 530p (OEWTF) at 10 7/8.
Will let you know what we do.
8/5/98 9:32
Good morning Toadsters! We are watching the pond, who drained it yesterday? Will let you know when we do something. Keep alert for your emails!
8/4/98 16:45
Hope you had a good day, we had a GREAT DAY and sent out 4 emails - did you get yours?

See you back here in the morning.
Toad Update 8/4/98 #4 16:22 EMAIL
We got the downward pressure we wanted and I'm a FLAT Toad again!

We hopped out of the Aug 535 Puts (OEWTG) at 18 1/4.

Hope you all had a good day.
I'll be updating the site shortly,
Toad Update 8/4/98 #3 15:09 EMAIL
I'm still holding, if you were trading Toad +10, then you probably made some money already.
Almost bought 10 more contracts at 12 to lower my cost to $13, then I could have sold when it hit $14 the second time. OR, I SCW sold at $14 for a net nothing.

I DIDN'T - so I'm holding a position that is underwater by a bunch.
Will we see some downward pressure now that it is after 3:00?
Toad Update 8/4/98 #2 12:57 EMAIL
I hopped into 10 contracts of the Aug 535 Puts (OEWTG) at 14.
Will let you know what we do.
Toad Update 8/4/98 #1 12:06 EMAIL
I got back from the Doctor's appointment and the market TANKED.
I looked at getting into a put when the market was down 84 points, but hesitated.
Didn't know if it would go down more or turn around - guess what. It's still dropping, I'll let you know when we hop.
8/4/98 10:55

I'm here, watching the pond. Will let you know when we hop...
8/3/98 17:25
Hope you had a good day, we sent 3 emails today.

We will be back here in the morning. Oops, we will be in a little late, have a Dr. appointment - still stuff from the 6/5 accident. See you here.
Toad Update 8/3/98 #3 17:08 EMAIL
That was fun!
I'm glad I sent the second email about holding on and not dumping the puts! I just felt we had a lot of bad technical signs for the market and we were going to go down further.

I hopped out of the Aug 550 puts (OEWTJ) at 12 3/4 after the market closed, they sold around 16:15.
They did hit $13, but I was messing around with my sell points and didn't get $13. I can live with that - and I'm a flat Toad.

We will see you in the morning. Hope you did well today.
Toad Update 8/3/98 #2 15:06 EMAIL
I'm hanging in there with these Aug 550 puts (OEWTJ)
If the market doesn't dump the rest of the day, I'll hold overnight.
A lot of bad technicals in the market and we got hit by a "buy" program just before 3:00.
I'll let you know if I hop, I have the sell set at 11 3/4 right now.
Toad Update 8/3/98 #1 14:10 EMAIL
I just hopped into 10 contracts of the Aug 550p (OEWTJ) at 10 3/4
Will let you know what we do.
8/3/98 13:25
Been looking at puts and calls today - hopped into nothing yet.
8/3/98 9:25
Sitting here waiting for pond opening at 9:30. We will let you know what we do today. Stay tuned...
7/31/98 16:30
Another of those bad A-D days - 3 down to 1 up.

Around 1:00 I had sworn off all trading. (Again!) Then my toadness took over and we hopped into 15 contracts (Why 15? I don't know why - 20 sounded like too many and 10 wasn't enough.) Anyway, it seemed to be a no brainer as the market was self-destructing and roaring downhill. Everything said PUTS - get some! (Didn't you hear it?)

So, we made up our loss of today and yesterday, and we can have a good Toad weekend!

Good trading to all and to all a good day....

P.S. The survey results from yesterday were not a request for lewd comments, this is a serious survey about MC/Visa - thank you.
Toad Update 7/31/98 #3 15:45 EMAIL
I'm out of the 15 contracts of Aug555p (OEWTK) at $14.
I tried to get the 14 1/2 and 15, but couldn't get it - some one sold at $15! But it was't the Toad.

I'm flat for the weekend. :-)
Will update the site after market close.
Toad Update 7/31/98 #2 15:00 EMAIL
Coming up on the 3:00 crowd, what is going to happen?
I just hopped into 15 contracts of the Aug 555p (OEWTK) at 9 1/2.
Watching the market self destruct right now - let's go down.

Toad Update 7/31/98 #1 12:46 EMAIL
I hopped out of the ever popular (ugh) Aug560C (OEWHL) at $11. This is a bad habit - I've lost on puts AND calls this month.
I was away from the market for a short while and when I came back - IT WAS DOWN.
It started building back up around 11:00 and I was still thinking UP. Then it was back down with the noon-time bunch. So, I set it at 11 and they sold. I could have had 12 earlier! - ouch, again.

Let's see where this sucker is headed, don't know if I'll do anything but lick my wounds the rest of the day.
7/31/98 9:35

Good morning, where do you want to go today? Oops, wrong company. I'm here watching the pond...
7/30/98 23:20
Little late getting the emails posted today - sorry.

Did you notice that the Advance-Decline (which was so bad yesterday), was 19 to 9 today? Positive sign as Advancers beat Decliners (NYSE).

MC/Visa Preliminary results of the MC/Visa poll are as follows:
    23% aaaaaahhhhh
    46% lower your rates
    35% doesn't matter
    2.1% lewd proposal (one)
    (There may be some errors due to rounding, settling from shipping and type of responses received.)
Just looked and Globex is up slightly... what will we have in the morning in addition to bagels and coffee???
How about a STRONG market!

Toad Update 7/30/98 #4 16:35 EMAIL
Well, the Aug 560 Calls (OEWHL) that I hopped into at 15:24 have dropped to 12 1/4.
SO, I'm holding overnight and looking for a STRONG opening.
No sell order in now, I'll watch them closely at opening.

Bagels in the morning and two eyes on the pond - no rest for the TOAD!
See you in the morning.
Toad update 7/30/98 #3 15:31 EMAIL
I hopped into 10 contracts of the Aug 560 CALLS (OEWHL) at $12 7/8.
I'll keep you posted.
Toad Update 7/30/98 #2 15:11 EMAIL
Well, GULP
I just hopped out of the Aug560Puts (OEWTL) at 10 1/4 - ouch.
Will update the site after market close.
I have continued to update the spread sheet on the web site, just not posting commentary until market close.
Toad Update 7/30/98 #1 12:19 EMAIL
I hopped into 10 contracts of the Aug 560p (OEWTL) at $11.
I'll let you know what we do with them.
7/30/98 12:00
Lunch-time rally or lunch-time bust? What's it gonna be? Got a good PUT signal around 11:30 and I was looking at the Aug560p (OEWTL) at $11, didn't get in and now it's reversing - what are we going to do today? Stay tuned.
7/30/98 10:15
Hello, watching the market run this morning - let's look for an opportunity and jump in! I'll let you know when we hop...
7/29/98 16:45
Another day! I'm a FLAT Toad and I like it.

MC/VisaWe are often asked when we are going to begin accepting credit cards. We would like to get a feeling for the demand. Would you subscribe if we accepted credit cards? Thanks for the feedback.

Good trading to all and we will see you in the morning.
Toad Update 7/29/98 15:46 EMAIL
Man, this is just like surfing!
I hopped into AND BACK OUT of the Aug555p (OEWTK) one more time!

If you are paying attention and learning - we had about 4 or 5 opportunities to hop in and get back out of them in since 2:00.
I thought I jumped out too soon, so when it went back down to 12 1/2 I hopped back into 10 contracts (OEWTK) at 14:50.
I hopped out at 15:38 with another buck (sold at $13 1/2.)

YES, IT DID GO HIGHER - went to 13 3/4 and I didn't get it.
The Toad is FLAT again.

I'll update the site after market close.
Toad Update 7/29/98 14:28 EMAIL
I guess I just paid RENT on those puts!
I'm out of the Aug555p (OEWTK) at 13.
Right after I sent the purchase email, I received confirmation that we sold at 13! I put a buck in just in case and it went. Don't know if we hopped out too early, we will see.
Toad Update 7/29/98 14:12 EMAIL
I hopped into another PUT! Bought 10 contracts of the Aug 555p (OEWTK) at $12.
Don't have my sell set yet, I'll let you know.

7/29/98 12:20
What will the lunch-time crowd do today? I'm still watching, some good signs so far today, but they whipsawed on us, we will see...
7/29/98 9:50
Good morning, we are watching the pond. Market is up this morning, but CNBC says Advance-Decline is a problem.
7/28/98 17:15
Well, two emails sent out today. Didn't open any new positions, so I'm a FLAT Toad! I'll be back in the morning.
Toad Update 7/28/98 16:20 EMAIL
Even though I said we had a BUY signal at 2:00 today, I didn't buy anything!
A call would have been a good purchase.

Just received an email from a Toadster who bought calls after he saw the posting on the site and he reported:
    Bought 5 contracts of OEWHK Aug555Calls @ 12 1/4 (bought at 14:25)
    Sold 5 contracts of OEWHK right after 4:00 @ 13 1/2!
    Profit was $625 minus commissions.
He did ask me why I didn't send an email on this. I didn't because the Toad didn't open a position.

That's it for today, the toad is FLAT!

7/28/98 14:10
Looked like a buy signal at 2:00 - then the market promptly tanked. Looks like sell now, way to go Monica. Still watching...
One email sent today.
7/28/98 12:40
Love that lunch-time crowd! I'm outta the Aug 555p (OEWTK) at 13 3/4. I hopped too early, the market is still headed down. That should be great for the Toad +10 players! I'll let you know if we hop again today.
Toad Update 7/28/98 12:24 EMAIL
I hopped out of the Aug 555p (OEWTK) at 13 3/4.
It went as high as $14, but I had my sell in at 13 3/4.
I may have hopped too early, but I'm out of those suckers!

7/28/98 9:20
We are sitting by the edge of the pond and watching. Will let you know when we jump.
7/27/98 22:45
I'm not sure if I mentioned that beautiful Jacksonville, Florida is home of the Jacksonville JAGUARS! This is their cool web site.
7/27/98 17:00
Just said goodbye to our latest Apprentice Toadster! The email will explain what we did today.
Toad Update 7/27/98 16:20 EMAIL
We have an Apprentice Toadster here today, going through training.
I didn't post the trades we made today, sometimes it puts too much pressure on the Apprentice.

Here is what the we did:
Market opened and we looked at puts until around 13:00 and then moved to looking at calls, didn't think we would have a trade today, then about 30 minutes later - we were in!
Hopped into 10 contracts of the Aug 565 Calls (OEWHM) at 9 1/2. It backed off right after the purchase and we had a worried apprentice.
Hopped out of the Aug 565 Calls (OEWHM) at 11 1/2.
The calls hit $12 and we had an upset Apprentice.
Before they sold at 11 1/2, the sell point had been at 11 3/4, we wanted to close out the position - tomorrow is a travel day for the Apprentice Toad.

Let's see, we made ... $1,925 today.
I had to suffer through some criticism about not selling the open position when we were up to 13 3/8. That would have netted the Toad... $390.

Well, one of us learned today!
7/27/98 14:45
Holding our breath as we approach 3:00 - don't know what the bond traders are thinking today.
7/27/98 10:55
Sitting by the pond this morning - market is down. What will happen with the lunch-time crowd today? Still holding the puts... Will let you know when we make a move.

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