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8/20/98 17:05
Down about one OEX point from 3:00 to 4:00.

Is it the weekend yet?

We didn't do any Apprentice Toad training this week, we avoid that during OPTIONS EXPIRATION WEEK. - So, it's just been the lonely Toad all week.

I'm going to be here drinking coffee and eating bagels in the morning. See you here.

Toad Update 8/20/98 #3 15:26 EMAIL and ICQ
NOPE, I didn't buy anything yet and I'm NOT GOING TO.
Yesterday we could have ridden the wave the last hour and it looks like we will have another downward move the last hour today.
No new daytime lows - we are still about 1 OEX point above today's low...

So, lets go sailing.
8/20/98 14:35
Now we are in a trading range the day before options expire - I think I'm glad my 11 1/2 buy order didn't get filled. I guess.

Had I purchased it at 12 3/8, I'd be down right now...

Anybody want to go sailing today??
Toad Update 8/20/98 #2 13:12 EMAIL and ICQ
Well, the Aug 530 calls (OEWHF) just blew by my buy order!
I was trying to buy them at 11 1/2 or 11 and they ran up to 12 3/8.
Don't know if I'll go that high. Was only looking at 5 contracts..
I'll let you know if we hop.
Toad Update 8/20/98 #1 12:18 EMAIL and ICQ
DON'T DO IT! These are sucker plays that occur on the DAY BEFORE EXPIRATION.
Am I paranoid?

The Sept options are $13 to $18 more than the soon to expire Aug. ones.
Will let you know if/when we hop in.

8/20/98 10:10
We are watching the pond today and saying: "Hey, why didn't we buy a PUT yesterday?"
Stay tuned . . .
8/19/98 18:08

I quit looking today right before 3:00. Then the market dumped and came back some. Have I mentioned recently that I hate OPTIONS EXPIRATION WEEK?

I will be back here in the morning, looking for a good one. See you here.
Toad ICQ Update 8/19/98 14:52
Doesn't look like anything today.
I'm not going to run the risk of holding overnight two days before expiration and the Sept. contracts are WAAY too expensive right now - they are $12 more than the Aug. contracts.
SO, I'm done for the day.
See you here in the morning.
Toad Update 8/19/98 #1 14:24 EMAIL
We have been in a trading range all day and I haven't seen a good opportunity to hop.
Plus, you know I get more conservative during OPTIONS EXPIRATION WEEK.
Will keep you posted - not happy with anything yet.
8/19/98 12:35
For those of you who have been following for awhile, you know I get more conservative during OPTIONS EXPIRATION WEEK. So, we are still sitting here and watching. Will we hop today? Stay tuned...
8/19/98 9:50
Watching the pond, we will let you know when we jump in.
8/18/98 16:50
Could have made another buck on the position we traded today. Hopped out a little early, but I can live with the profit we made.

We almost took a second ride on the same options today - they fell back down to $12 and then ran up to 15 1/2. Didn't.



Where did that come from?

See you here in the morning
Toad Update 8/18/98 #2 12:37 EMAIL
My Aug 530 calls just sold at 14 1/2.
I thought about bumping it up to 15, but I didn't.

Toad ICQ Update 12:03
OK, OK, my sell point was set at 14 1/2
It hasn't hit my sell yet - still watching and waiting.
May have to lower it if the market starts tanking - watch this lunch-time bunch.

Toad Update 8/18/98 #1 10:56 EMAIL
I just hopped into 10 contracts of the Aug 530 calls at 12.
No sell point set yet.
8/18/98 8:00
President Clinton's Seal I TOLD YOU HE DID IT!
8/17/98 17:32
Sent two emails and about four ICQ's today.

We made a little more than a buck on the one position we traded. Didn't want to stay in today because of The News (Bill's "stories") and because it's OPTIONS EXPIRATION WEEK.

We will be back here in the morning - see you then. Wonder what Bill will tell us tonight?
8/17/98 15:10
Looking at what the market is doing, it was correct to hop out of the Aug 530 calls today, BUT I hopped out too early, could have held on for another buck or so. SCW, I can live with the profit!

Toad Update 8/17/98 #2 14:20 EMAIL
I just hopped out of the Aug 530 Calls (OEWHF) at 6 7/8.
Will let you know if we hop again today.

Toad Update 8/17/98 #1 14:08 EMAIL
Just hopped into 10 contracts of the Aug 530 calls (OEWHF) at 5 3/4.
Don't have the sell set yet, will let you know.
8/17/98 13:30
Not sure about trading today - might want to see what the news on Mr. Bill says first. Market has negative indicators and is going up...
8/17/98 8:05
Sitting here watching the pond this morning - which way are we going to go? What will Bill say? What will he admit? What will it do to the market? What will I have for breakfast? Too many questions for a Monday. I'll keep you posted...
8/17/98 8:00
How about the News of the day!
8/14/98 15:03
We have completed our ICQ test and it is working FINE! Almost immediate updates with no lag time.

Some ICQ'ers will be dropped from the list this weekend. If you had your free trial in the past and are now on the ICQ test, you will be dropped.

Only subscribers and Toadsters in their two week free trial period will receive the ICQ updates.

Did we mention that you can stay on the list if you SUBSCRIBE?

A good weekend to all and to all a....       see you Monday, right here.
Toad Update 8/14/98 #5 14:47 EMAIL
The Aug 530 puts just hit 11 1/2 - did you sell yet?

I'm done for the day.
We are flat and I don't like much of what I'm seeing. PLUS, the Jaguars Jaguars are playing at home tonight and we have season tickets!

We are up $6442 for the month so, we are going to go think about football the rest of the day.

Some of you on the free trial will be dropping off this weekend. You can avoid that by SUBSCRIBING! For prices and details:
Email / ICQ Information

Have a great weekend, see you here on Monday.
Toad Update 8/14/98 #4 13:04 EMAIL
Just hopped out of the Aug 530 puts (OEWTF) at 9 3/4.
The lunch-time crowd is about done and I'm not sure where we are going from here.
Also, I'm hungry and I'm going to get some lunch.

We made some money today, I'll be back in a bit to see if we can do more.

8/14/98 12:05
NO! Got our pop up and didn't hit our sell point, then, well... then we jumped out at a loss. But not until we hopped into a PUT! Have I mentioned I don't like holding overnight??
Toad Update 8/14/98 #3 11:56 EMAIL
As I said on the ICQ message, let's count yesterday's experiment as a failure.

I just hopped out of the CALLS Aug530c (OEWHF) at 6 1/2.

I am VERY worried about what the lunch time crowd will do to this market, so I'm outta the calls. OUCH!
Toad Update 8/14/98 #2 11:34 EMAIL
Well, I just hopped into 10 contracts of the Aug 530 PUTS (OEWTF) at 7 3/8.
Still holding the 5 contracts of the Aug 530 Calls (OEWHF) - ugh.
Will let you know when we spend some more money (or make some.)

Toad Update 8/14/98 #1 9:47 EMAIL
YES! I will take the pop up this morning, expect to sell the Aug 530 calls (OEWHF)on the pop up UNLESS the market continues to look strong and then we will ride it for awhile. Let's see what happens...
8/13/98 16:45
We tried something a little different today and wound up HOLDING OVERNIGHT! Really thought we would have some kind of a move up, at least for a short time, especially after the good words from Abby Joseph Cohen!
We were trying to ride a wave for a quick 1/2 or so. We got up to 10 1/4 and my sell was set at 10 3/4!
Only bought 5 contracts, so I'm holding overnight.
Did I ever mention that I don't like the after 3:00 crowd?

It's bagel day tomorrow and I'll be here with the coffee. See you then.
Toad Update 8/13/98 #3 15:51 EMAIL
Well, it doesn't look like this is working.
I had my sell point at 8 3/4, but I changed it.
I only have 5 contracts, so I'm thinking about holding over.
BUT, if it hits $10 again, I'm outta here.

Toad Update 8/13/98 #2 12:55 EMAIL
I wanted to catch a quick bounce on the Aug530 calls (OEWHF)and then hop back out. The market was going up and down so I tried to catch one of the up swings. I felt if the market didtn't drop below 530, it would ride back up and we could make 1/2 or 1.

Reason I only bought 5 contracts was I'm testing this theory.
The 530 line held so far and it is inching back up a little. BUT, I probably paid too much for the contracts.

Toad Update 8/13/98 #1 11:37 EMAIL
Just a little one...
I just hopped into 5 contracts of the Aug 530 Calls (OEWHF) at 9 3/4.
No sell point set yet.

I just want to get a little hop up and then we'll be out.
8/13/98 9:35

YEP, we are back and watching the pond, stay tuned for today's action!

How did the Toadless day go yesterday??
8/12/98 Early
I'm going to be away from the pond ALL DAY Wednesday - so you are responsible for watching the pond. Good luck and I'll be back on Thursday morning. Don't do anything the Toad wouldn't do!
8/11/98 17:11
That's it for today. Didn't hop into anything, and I can live with that. The after 3:00 crowd gave us a decent rally, could have picked up a buck on the rally - on most of the ITM calls.

Was talking to a Toadster around 3:00 today about hopping into the 530 puts - when they were at $14 - they are now at 11 1/4 - oops, hope he didn't buy - I didn't.

That's it for today - sent about 3 ICQ's and the 2 emails today.
Toad Update 8/11/98 #2 16:46 EMAIL
Nope, we didn't buy anything today.
We are still flat and not too sure about this market.
Our hunch yesterday was to hop into a put, we didn't have a good hunch about it today. At least not a good enough hunch to put money on the line. What to do? When you feel like this, DON'T HOP IN.
8/11/98 14:55
Coming up on 3:00 and market is rebounding - is it short term call time?
We we go down the tubes? Let's see.
Toad Update 8/11/98 #1 13:51 EMAIL
When we were training yesterday, I thought a put was the play but not enough movement to make money yesterday.

WOW, to be holding a put this morning! SCW again.
Still watching, let's see what happens later today - Melt down??
8/11/98 9:55
We are still flat and watching the pond sink this morning. Will let you know when we do something.
8/10/98 17:50
That's it, we didn't trade today. A Monday in August - didn't trade and we are FLAT. See you here in the morning.
Toad Update 8/10/98 17:38 EMAIL
How about that day? If we didn't have Apprentice Toadsters here for training, we might have been bored today!

Well, we didn't trade anything today. Saw some good opportunities to get bogged down and be forced to carry over a position, but no clean signals of any duration.
We will be back here in the morning to try again, fish just weren't biting today.

BUT, as the Apprentice Toadsters said - "We didn't lose money today."
8/10/98 9:00
Monday morning and we are here at the pond, watching. We will let you know when we hop in.


Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

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