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7/26/98 Sunday
Haven't been around, had to start getting Little Toad packed to move into her apartment for grad school. So, Globex is down right now and EVERYONE says the market rebounded, but is not showing any strength - we will see in the morning. See you here, I'll bring the coffee.
7/24/98 14:50
Well, it's down and it's up today - still holding onto the puts.

Had a lot of questions about more training recently. Because of the car accident on 6/5/98 the only training going on now is the Toad Apprentice training in beautiful JACKSONVILLE, Florida (home of the Jacksonville JAGUARS!) Nothing scheduled for Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, Texas or PA for the rest of the year.

At the end of the day, we are going to include the emails that were sent during the day. This will give you an indication of what the Toad subscribers are receiving.
7/24/98 12:55
Hopped into 20 contracts of the Aug555p (OEWTK) at 13 1/8. Looking now, don't have the sell set yet. Will keep you posted.
Two emails sent so far today.
7/24/98 11:52 EMAIL
I just hopped into 20 contracts of the Aug 555 put (OEWTK) at 13 1/8.
Looking for some help from the lunch-time crowd!
Don't have my sell set yet, I'll let you know.
7/24/98 10:55 EMAIL
Market jumped up this morning and then started working it's way back down. We are still positive, but Jimmy Rodgers said he doesn't like the market when it opens UP and then backs off.
Tick is at -265 now and the Trin is about neutral, charts are saying we have been in a "sell" since 10:30 yesterday.
Let's keep looking and I'll keep you posted.
7/24/98 9:35
Good morning, I'm by the pond & watching the market. Looks like an up day - will let you know when I open a position.

No emails yet today.
7/23/98 17:45
Well, I really thought it was going to turn today and go back up, was even looking at some more calls - thought they were on sale. In spite of all of my signals saying it was going to continue dumping! I was looking for an up after 3:00, and the signals just got worse. I haven't seen the Tick at such a large negative number for quite awhile - it closed the day at -1076! The Trin was also hitting numbers we hadn't seen recently.

I was trying to dump the Aug570c (OEWHN)and I was always at the ask - the bid never got to me, so around 3:20 or so I changed the sell to 9 3/8 (ouch) and they went. Talk about SCW sold when I was up to $13 on day one.

Sent out three emails today.
7/23/98 15:45 EMAIL
RIBBIT, RIBBIT, CROAK... Just jumped out of the Aug570c (OEWHN) at 9 3/8. OUCH!

Makes it worse that we were up 1 3/4 on these suckers and didn't sell yesterday, ALSO we were up 1/2 this morning! Kept thinking the market was going to turn and the signals got worse and worse. I couldn't even get hit on these as I rode them DOWN. I seemed to always be at the "ask and the "bid" never got to me. I finally lowered it lower than I wanted to and I got out. (Did I say ouch?)

SO, I'm flatter than I wanted to be and the market is still diving down. I really expected (hoped) the bond guys would turn this thing around after 3:00. It did go up 2 OEX points after 3:00 and then around 3:15 it started tanking and I couldn't get hit on my sell orders.

What a day, and I have to admit Mrs. Toad was right!
I'm flat and we are leaving for awhile - see you later tonight
7/23/98 14:33
We are sitting on the calls and looked to pick up some of the 560 or 565 calls awhile ago. Both of those calls are up about 1 point now. Still watching

Two emails sent so far today.
7/23/98 12:05 EMAIL
Still holding onto the Aug570c (OEWHN). Just reporting what Mrs. Toad said this morning: "It was at $13 yesterday and you didn't SELL? I thought you were a DAYTRADER!" Boy, she hit the nail on the old Toad head didn't she? SCW, but we didn't. So, I'm waiting for it to revive today. OR, open another position.

We will see - wonder what the old lunchtime crowd will do to us?
7/23/98 9:12
Sitting by the pond this morning, watching...
7/22/98 17:25
The Aug570 calls we opened today, (OEWHN) closed out at 11 3/4 - so we are up $500 on the position. SCW sold when we were up $1,750 earlier, but we do have some time on this one. Toad is not FLAT tonight. See you in the morning.
7/22/98 17:15
Well, it looks like the "staff" at Toad Central needs to work on the new & improved Toad Email system. I'm talking to the "staff" now to make sure it is working in the morning.

We sent out 4 emails today - one a status, one hopping into the position we opened today and the final one a recap of the days activities. Then one later to confirm you are receiving the emails.
7/22/98 15:40
You know how I always worry about the bond traders getting into the market after 3:00? They are baaaaaaak....

I didn't sell earlier when it got close to my 13 1/4 sell point. Now, it's back down to my purchase point. :-) SCW taken the $ and run, but it is early in the month, I'll let you know.
7/22/98 14:22
So far, so good. Our Aug570c (OEWHN)just hit 13! I'm still holding, will let you know when we hop out.
7/22/98 12:55
Saw some good signals and decided to hop into a CALL! Jumped into 10 contracts of the Aug570c (OEWHN) at $11 1/4. Don't have the sell set yet, just watching the pond now...
7/22/98 11:45
If you missed my last signal/email yesterday - too bad, you would be UP about $8 on the Aug575p (OEWTO)! WOW!

Considering about 6 different positions right now... Tick is -600 and Trin is 1.16. Stay tuned.
7/22/98 11:30
What will the lunch-time crowd do today? We are down one astronaut and about 90 Dow points already today. Can't blame the astronaut on Dr. G. Will let you know when we hop in.
7/22/98 10:05    EMAIL UPDATE Had most of the "staff" at Toad Central working on the email lists last night. Found several problems where Toadsters were entered without a "drop" date for the "Free Email" trial. Also, we did extend the "Free Email" trial for most because of the accident that almost devastated Toad Central.

So, we will send out an email to those that will be dropped this week. If you are making money on the Toad Email - now is the time to upgrade! If you aren't making money - how come? Good trading.
7/22/98 9:50
Good morning, we are sitting by the pond, watching this morning. Will let you know when we hop in.
7/21/98 15:22
OK, we are on Dr. G watch again tomorrow. What to do? As a daytrader we can wait until tomorrow and "play the wave" in the pond! See you then toadsters.

Did you get your emails today? (p.s. some Toad +10 players got out at 12 3/4! Is that sucker still going up?)
7/21/98 15:00
I hopped out of the Aug 575p (OEWTO) at 11 1/2, it was so close a couple of times and then backed off, was thinking about selling them at 11, but opted to hold out for 11 1/2. Just checked the prices and you Toad +10 players got out at $12! Way to go...
7/21/98 12:15
I hopped into 10 contracts of the Aug 575 Puts (OEWTO)at 9 1/2. Don't have my sell set yet, I'm by the pond watching now.
7/21/98 9:50
Good morning - IBM shot up and then Merck shot down - all before options opened. Are we waiting for Dr. G today? I'll keep you posted.
7/20/98 17:30
Maybe tomorrow will be a trading day! I was thinking calls and the signals reversed, then I was into puts and ... well you saw what happened. Everybody getting their portfolios in order for the HH meeting. I'm getting my emails in order for the morrow - see you then...
7/20/98 15:05
Still watching, nice rally at 14:25, now it's backing off. What will the bond guys do?? What will the Toad do? Stay tuned...
7/20/98 12:20
Dr. G    What do you think the HH meetings tomorrow will do to the market? Not making any moves today based on the meetings - will see what happens today and see what Dr. G. does tomorrow.

Market Down, Up, Down so far today - stop talking and start trading TOAD! Not much movement on the calls I've been watching; let's see what happens after the lunchtime crowd is done - we have weakness now. Puts?
7/20/98 10:45
Good morning, been on the phone this morning with some Toadsters - talking market while you all were watching the market. I did have one eye on my realtime stuff - we are still watching. Don't have anything open at all - a FLAT TOAD.

Heck of a way to get flat, options expired on Friday and my "temporary insanity" put is gone. I am still calling it a result of my accident, it was the first position I opened after the accident. - Can I claim that on our insurance? Well, it is gone and we are going to get back up this month.

So toadsters, hang on and let's get GREEN! Talk to you in a bit...
7/17/98 14:15
Let's see, it was around 11:30 when I was thinking about jumping in - when it started to drop, I changed my Toad mind. Next month's options will be a lot cheaper on Monday.

For those of you who have been following for awhile, you know I rarely open a position on EXPIRATION FRIDAY. So, might not do anything today... I'll let you know.
7/17/98 11:35
Hey, it's Options Expiration FRIDAY! (Don't tell anyone, but I'm looking at some calls. I'll let you know if I open anything.)
7/17/98 10:15
The Toad is underwater again! Good morning - coffee and bagels today. I'm watching the pond, I'll let you know if we jump in.
7/16/98 23:30
Oops, someone just emailed me that I didn't put my last email on the site. Sent out the last one at 17:00 and here it is:

Now, about those July570 calls (OEWGN) today - they hit 10 and maybe even 10 1/2! I guess I hopped too soon today, maybe some of you stayed in longer. I was happy at 8 3/8 with a profit of $879.50 for the day. Because it is OPTIONS EXPIRATION WEEK, I only bought 5 contracts instead of my regular 10 or 20 contracts. So, SCW been more profit, but I'm out and a happy Toad.

See you in the morning - remember on Friday's it's your turn to bring the bagels. I'll make the coffee.
7/16/98 15:10
What a wimp! I jumped (chickened) out about a buck early. The July570c went as high as 9 3/4! Did you hold longer than the Toad?? What will happen now that it is after 3:00?
7/16/98 13:40
I just hopped OUT of the 5 contracts of the July570 calls (OEWGN) at 8 3/8. I chickened out when they hit 8 5/8 and then they started backing down. I'm on edge with this being OPTIONS EXPIRATION WEEK. You know how I love this week. I'll let you know if we do another. I'm watching the pond.
7/16/98 13:21
What a wimpy Toad! I only bought 5 contracts of the OEWGN and it did just what I said it was going to do - it's up almost $2 right now. SCW bought more! I'm still holding...
7/16/98 12:30
I hopped into 5 contracts of the July 570c (OEWGN) at 6 1/2. Watching it now, don't have the sell in yet. Let's go UP!
7/16/98 11:45
OK, let's test this lunch-time crowd, market is going up and they will probably buy during their lunch break - right? I'm looking at three different call positions right now. I'll let you know.
7/16/98 10:15
I'm here watching the pond. Interesting day so far - what are we gonna do? I'll keep you posted.
7/15/98 15:44
Well, those of you who have followed the Toad for awhile know that I'm always concerned about what the bond traders will do when they get into the market after 3:00. They dumped the market again today. Lucky for us, I had $1 on the position and got out. The July 570 calls are now at 7 3/4. If this wasn't OPTIONS EXPIRATION WEEK, I'd consider jumping back into the same position.
7/15/98 15:04
I'm out of the 10 contracts of the July570c (OEWGN) at 9 1/4. I thought about holding longer, but I'm a yellow Toad. I'm out of the call.

Isn't anyone interested in the "special" I'm running on the July545p??

I'll let you know if we do anything else today.
7/15/98 14:10
I hopped into 10 contracts of the July570c (OEWGN) at 8 1/4. Will watch it closely, don't have my sell point set yet. I'l keep you posted.
7/15/98 13:30
Still looking for green... I had lunch and didn't have anything green for lunch either. Still watching the pond...
7/15/98 10:35
I'm here, watching the pond. We jumped up on open and now are sluggish. Going to have to watch this one closely. REMEMBER - this is options expiration week. I will be running a special on the July 545p (OEWSI) - anyone interested? I'm here....
7/14/98 16:25
Am I going to get stopped out of my INTEL again? Just reported earnings 2 cents below estimates. Let's see what happens in the am.
7/14/98 16:15
A heck of a day to be tied up with Doctors all day. All related to the automobile accident on 6/5/98. Had to see two Dr's and then get more X-Rays - looks like most stuff is healing OK.

BUT, I was gone until 2:30! Market had already taken off so I missed the ride today! Market only had one hickup - and that was right when I got back to the pond. Nothing done today, I'll be here in the morning with my eyes on the pond! See you then...
7/14/98 7:00
smile You people are tough! (Or is it cheap?) A lot of you have asked about a quarterly rate - so, we are introducing the all new "Quarterly Rate" for the Toad Email Service - see the Email page.

I have to leave for a Dr's appointment before the market opens, so I'll be in later. See you then.
7/13/98 23:15
OK, I'm back on the computer for just a minute. Do you believe that market today?? After my last posting, the market went UP then DOWN then UP then DOWN - we finished with the market (OEX) with a range of 4.3 points and up 1.67 for the day. What will happen Tuesday? Right now the Globex is down - who knows what will happen by market open.
7/13/98 14:49
At 14:10 I was poised to hop into a CALL! Couldn't get the July 565C (OEWGM) at 7 - it ran up on me. I think it is back down now - or almost there & now I don't want it! Still watching the pond.. Let's see what happens after 3:00.
7/13/98 13:50
OK, the markets UP, no DOWN, nope UP, nope DOWN - let's see WHAT IS GOING ON??? We can't make money like this. Signals not good today folks, I'm watching and waiting for something good. I'll keep you posted...

Oh, and I also got back into INTEL last week, so far I'm ahead - got stopped out of it awhile back.
7/13/98 9:30
France won the World Cup and now their market is closed for Bastille Day! Vive La France!

Opening tick us up - let's see what happens today. I'm here watching the pond and it's raining in FLORIDA!
7/10/98 15:10
Well, we are up $3,850 and down $1,825 this week; that gives us a net increase of $2,025. I'd rather not have the loss, but that happens.

I was on the phone with the apprentice Toad graduate because after you attend the Apprentice Toad program, you have access to the TOAD via phone and ICQ. Usually it doesn't cost the Toad money when I'm on the phone for 30-40 minutes! We were too deep into market "theory" to see the market - Ribbitt....
Have a good weekend - see you Monday in the morning at the pond.

7/10/98 14:31
Talk about asleep at the keyboard! I was on the phone with an apprentice Toad graduate and we both missed the run up! We were talking about the market and not paying attention to the market! Dumb Toad! Well, when I saw what the market was doing, I dumped the July 565 puts (OEWSM) at $4. Ribbitt.... I'm losing some green today. Ouch...
7/10/98 11:20
I just hopped into 10 contracts of the July 565 Puts (OEWSM) at 5 3/4. Don't have my sell in yet - still watching.
7/10/98 9:50
Watching the pond, didn't have bagels - had homemade peach cobbler for breakfast! Enough about me, lets make some green today - I'll keep you posted.
7/9/98 20:22
Well, I just watched and watched today. Didn't know if we could sustain the drop - signals said STAY in the put. Let's see what happens Friday; one thing I know, we will have bagels and coffee in the morning. Other than that, you got me - I'm just here for the money. Let's get TOAD green tomorrow. See you then.
7/9/98 14:15
Still watching the pond and my open PUT position. It just hit 7/8 - think I should dump or are we going LOWER?? Told someone earlier that this purchase was my first after getting back from the accident - can I use that as an excuse? Ribbitt....
7/9/98 10:50
So, we are back in business and I'm watching the pond today. Is this a DOWN day? May dump the puts today. I'll keep you posted.
7/9/98 10:30
System was down all day yesterday, I couldn't update the site. I did send out a bunch of emails to keep everyone up to date. I will give you a recap of what we did yesterday:

Toad Email Update 7/8/98 11:50
I have not been able to get into my web page to update it at all today. I can remotely read the number of hits, so I can see that somepeople have been able to get in. Don't know what is going on.
I'm watching the pond and will update the site and you all when I can....

Toad Email Update 7/8/98 14:30
I still can't get into my web page and it looks like no one else can either.
At 12:28 I hopped into 10 contracts of the July 560c (OEWGL) at 10 1/2 - I have a 11 1/2 sell point on them - they went as high as 11 so far.
Then at 14:10 I hopped into 10 contracts of the July 565c (OEWGM) at 7. Watching them now, don't have a sell in yet.
I will update the site when I can....

Toad Email Update 7/8/98 15:56
I just jumped out! Sold both call positions around 15:55.
Got out of the July 560c (OEWGL) at 12 1/2 - missed when they hit 13!
Got out of the July 565c (OEWGM) at 9.
I will update the site when I can....

7/7/98 17:10
Funny day, whenever I was getting ready to hop in - we'd get signals that the market was reversing direction. Lot of action on the calls, let's see what Wednesday brings. I'll be here.
7/7/98 11:10
I'm sitting by the edge of the pond and watching, I'll let you know when we jump back in.
7/6/98 16:32
A little quick on the mouse today - the Jully555c (OEWEK) went as high as 13 1/8! I'll take it and come back to play again in the morning. See you then. Sent out two emails today - did you get yours??
7/6/98 11:45
I hopped out of the 5 contracts of July555c (OEWGK) at 12, and they hit 12 1/4 immediately AFTER I sold. :-) I'm watching and looking again, let's do something else today!
7/6/98 10:00
I'm here, watching the pond - what to do today? I'll let you know what the green seeking toad does.

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