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July 4, 1776

Happy 4th of July

7/3/98 11:00
No fireworks in Florida this year. SO, go to this web site to enjoy some old Independence Day fun.

7/2/98 20:45
Nothing much happened today. The July 555c (OEWGK) hit a high of 10 3/4 today, SCW sold at 11 1/2 yesterday! Well, the puts are in the tank and next week we have to pull off something to get some toad green! Have this feeling that we will have a BIG DOWN day before expiration - which is in 10 days. Not much premium in my puts - have some profit in the call. Let's see, how about BIG DOWN day on Monday or Tuesday and then a rally on Wednesday and Thursday - sounds good to me.
Remember, no representation without taxation, or.... whatever

HAPPY 4th of JULY!

7/2/98 9:50
Is this why I just bought 5 contracts of the 555 call yesterday? Market down 20 points right now. Let's see what happens today - IT'S FRIDAY on a Thursday.
7/1/98 16:30
Well, I'm covered for the morning move because I'm holding overnight. Had a sell point of 11 5/8 in on the July555c (OEWGK) and it hit 11 1/2 :-) so I pulled the sell order and will see what happens in the morning. See you there.
7/1/98 15:40
Jumped back into the July 555c (OEWGK) again, just 5 contracts this time (don't know why) - got them at 9 5/8. Watching it now, don't know if I'll hold overnight. Will keep you posted.
7/1/98 12:05
Both of us had physical therapy today at the house - doing exercises and trying to get better.
(DO I SOUND LIKE YOUR GRANDPARENTS? - SORRY, I'LL TRY TO FIGHT IT! But it was a traumatic experience and we were exceptionally lucky.)
I want to make a trade today - still looking at the pond. My mouse is getting itchy. I'll let you know when I open/close a position.

Updated the chart on the Toad Homepage
- take a look.
7/1/98 9:50
Good morning, how about that market - oops, did I say down? Let's do something today! I'll keep you posted.
6/30/98 18:15
That's it for JUNE! Next play is in July. Told you it was going to go down today... See you in the morning.
6/30/98 12:55
Back from the Doctor - have SIX MORE WEEKS to recuperate. The broken foot is worse than we thought. Good news is Mrs. Toad is doing a lot better and can move to walking with just a cane this week.
The market - looks like the funds are done "window dressing" and we should see a different market the next few days (I hope.) I'll let you know if we do anything.
6/30/98 8:25
We are going to the Doctor this morning, expect to be back around 11:00. You all have to watch the pond while I'm gone - see you later.
6/29/98 16:45
Thought about hopping back into a call after the market went down - didn't. Would like to have the market covered for the AM pop, the puts went back up as high as 4 1/4 today - SCW sold them at 10 last week. We will see you in the morning, I'll be the one on crutches standing by the pond. :-)
6/29/98 14:40
Didn't like the way the market was moving against the call, so I hopped out of the July555c (OEWGK) at 11 1/2 (I know, I could have had 12 1/2 earlier - SCW!) Will let you know if we do another today.
6/29/98 10:20
Told you one of the positions would go up today! The July555c (OEWGK) is up $3 and the July 545p (OEWSI) is off 1 1/2. Let's see what happens.
6/27/98 Toad's Crash
Many of you (OK, two of you) have requested to see pictures of our 6/5/98 CRASH Mr. & Mrs. Toad's Crash!
- take a look at what was left of the rental car.
6/26/98 MEDICAL Update! - Friday evening

Zoologists ID mysterious fungus killing frogs
 Medical Update

6/26/98 17:00
I tried a QUICK call and bought 10 contracts of the July555c (OEWGK), I'm up 1/2 on the position, but I didn't close it out - SO, I'm open on two positions over the weekend. I had a $1 sell order in on the call, but it didn't hit 9 1/2. Maybe on Monday - so I'm covered if the market tanks OR goes up.

6/26/98 15:15
I've included a CHART on the   Toad Homepage
- take a look at the Toad's profit YTD.
6/26/98 13:40
It has been three weeks today since the accident; we are a lot better, but still need assistance doing most anything. I've been drinking coffee, watching the pond and eating bagels! Would like to close out the position today. Maybe play a fast call - I'm looking.
6/25/98 16:45
Well, another day and the open position is still open. Actually went up in value today. Sorry, but I'm looking for a DOWN day on Friday. Almost opened another position with a call today; didn't - good call. I'll be here by the pond with my crutches in the am. See you then.
6/25/98 14:10 NEWSFLASH!!
Thursday June 25 11:22 AM EDT

ST. PAUL, Minn. (Reuters) - In a state where deformed frogs have been making headlines, there was good news for amphibians Tuesday -- a frog thought to have disappeared from Minnesota 17 years ago has been sighted.
A colony of Northern Cricket frogs was found in a swampy area not far from St. Paul by a mosquito control worker, the Minnesota Frog Watch at Hamline University said.
"I've seen the frog with my own eyes and touched the little critter. We're very excited," said Tracy Fredin, director of the Center for Global Environmental Education at Hamline, where the Frog Watch program is located.
The frog is common farther south in the United States, he said, but has been disappearing from what were once its northern ranges. It is possible, he said, that the colony recently found had been there all along but gone unnoticed.
Frogs have been in the news in Minnesota since 1995 when school children found a number of deformed ones. Others were found around the state. The discovery alarmed scientists because frogs are considered a sentinel species that can alert mankind to environmental changes.
What caused the deformities, which have been found in frogs in other areas in North America as well, has not been determined. ^REUTERS@

6/25/98 9:10
Good morning, let's hope I can stay awake today. We are still real tired recuperating from the accident. Let's see what happens today.
6/24/98 10:00
Hey, I hobbled out to the computer and I'm watching the pond. Let's see what happens today.
6/23/98 evening
Well, I didn't expect the rally to hold, I guess the good news for Bill Gates was good news for all the stocks. Still have not violated the highs set quite awhile ago. Wednesday might be the day; if it is, we will dump the puts. Let's see what happens in the am. I'll be here watching the pond and our open position. Great to be back. Want to see some pictures of the accident?
6/23/98 13:15
Hey, I'm ALIVE!
Just got back from more x-rays and thought I'd check the pond. Not sure about jumping into anything, but I did buy 10c of the OEWSI, July 545P at 10 1/2. Let's see how it does. Sitting at 10 3/4 right now. Talk to you later.
6/20/98 Hi
Word is - The Toad is going to TRY to make his comeback on Monday. Hope he feels up to it.
6/16/98 Good Morning

Thank you everyone for the gracious emails and your prayers. The Toad and Mrs. Toad are both home, recovering. They both had a bad weekend - lots of pain, etc. Both are ambulatory now with walkers/crutches/wheelchair. They have a lot of people providing food, support and love. Recovering from his concussion, the Toad hopes to be back soon.
6/8/98 Good Morning Everyone
The Toad and Mrs. Toad were in a serious automobile accident about 6:00 am Friday morning. They were returning home from a two day trip and were forced off the road by a large truck. The car was totaled and they were both taken to local hospitals in South Carolina. Toad came home Sunday and Mrs. Toad is coming home today. They both have broken bones, etc. and might take awhile to recover. We will keep you posted on their progress - any prayers would be appreciated.
6/2/98 16:00
Sitting by the side of the pond, musing.

It looked like a call,
then it looked like a put.
Wait, it's definitely a call,
no, now it's a put.
No confirming signs at all,
The Toad will just stay put.

We have established that the Toad is not a poet. He will be gone until sometime Friday and the pond will be left unattended.

Good trading until then....

If I emailed you a receipt, you are on the email list.
6/2/98 13:45
It looked like a put,
Then it looked like a call,
Haven't done a thing at all!
Not yet.
6/2/98 Good Morning
Market hopped up on open - glad we sold that put yesterday. What will we hop into today?
6/1/98 17:15
All morning I wanted to get into a put, felt it going down - advance/decline was slipping, but the market was slowly going UP!

Still had a lot of down signs, tick negative and dropping so at 10:30 I hopped into the June530p (OEWRF) at 9 1/2 - then the OEX went up! I think I caused it. Didn't get too bad and the rally at noon fizzled quickly.

I hopped out at 12 1/4 and that was on it's way back down - after it hit $13. I'll take it - not a bad day's work.
6/1/98 Good Morning
Well, we finished May up $19,689. I'll take it.

Globex says we are going down... what to do today?
Weekly Commentary - May 30th
The portfolio is up almost $6,315 for the week for a new total of $74,722.95 which is an overall +49.45% increase.
5/29/98 & 5/28/98
Made no trades at all on Thursday and Friday. Had other things going on.
5/28/98 9:26
I'm drinking coffee and watching the pond - which way today??
5/27/98 17:25
It's a good day when you make some green. It was scarey, we were down 10 OEX points lower than where we closed today - what a day!
5/27/98 15:38
I'm outta the June530c (OEWFF) at $13! The Tick finally went positive at 3:00 - didn't know if there was more steam in it, I just wanted out!
5/27/98 14:58
Well, I hopped into the June530c (OEWFF) at 10. Reason I hopped is the market has been going up since 2:30 and I'd like to catch a buck on this move. It is dangerous because this sucker could go against us at 3:00 if the bond traders decide to pile on. Signals are now saying BUY!
5/27/98 14:00
Really bad, should have jumped in at 1:30 - didn't. Need a good signal to jump into something!
5/27/98 12:30
Down, down, down, tried to rally some at noon, but to no avail. Went up 2 OEX points and then was slammed back down. Will the lunchtime crowd do anything?
5/27/98 9:25
We are headed LOWER - will it last? I'm sitting by the side, drinking coffee and watching the pond.
5/26/98 16:35
I'm FLAT - feels good to be back to cash.

But, WOW - did I leave a lot of green on the table today! The position I sold closed at 14 3/4 - had I held on could have made more than double what I did. Well, I'm satisfied with a gain of $3390 - I'll take it. Was not sure if we would have a small up at the market close, so I hopped out when I was satisfied with the gain. See you in the morning.
5/26/98 15:25
Hope you are using TOAD+10 or you let it run more than I did. That sucker just hit $13!
5/26/98 15:15
OK, I hopped out of the June540p (OEWRH) at 12 1/8. Hope you did well today.
5/26/98 15:05
I'm getting ready to enter a sell order for the June540c (OEWRH) - it is running 11 1/2 bid by 12 ask right now. Expect to get at least $1.00 on the position.
5/26/98 12:45
Didn't know if you noticed, but CBOE has been down for about one hour and they just came back up.
Nothing has traded for awhile - my open position is going back up now.
5/26/98 10:30
Still a lot of downward pressure. So, I'm still hanging onto the June540p (OEWRH) - market is going down and we still have plenty of time until expiration. I'm staying in now.
May hop onto something else later today. I'll keep you posted.
5/26/98 9:25
I'm here by the side of the pond, watching. Market up first - then what??
5/22/98 16:45
Well, have a good Memorial Day weekend - remember why we have this holiday. Have a good weekend - spend some time with your family. Little Toad is coming home for some of the weekend so I'll be with my family. See you on Tuesday.
5/22/98 16:30
OK, could have dumped the June540p (OEWRH) at cost right before the market closed, but we have a lot of earnings news, etc. coming out - I think this is still a good hold - so that's what I'm doing. Don't like holding over a three day weekend, but... ribbit.

This was the second slowest stock market day this year - bond guys stopped trading at 11:30 today instead of 3:00 - they drove the market down 2 OEX points starting at 11:30.

Look at a chart - we still have not cleared the resistance at 544/1119 and the larger one at 546/1130. Market is still weak - I've talked the Toad into holding over the weekend!
5/22/98 15:00
Looks like we have seen the worst of it, looked bad from 1:00 to 3:00, market is now going back down and the open position is increasing in value again. Didn't put the stop back in - a lot of bad is still in the market.
5/22/98 10:15
I'm still sitting on the June540p (OEWRH) - pulled my stop sell off before the market opened, I wanted to see if it would run up and then back down.

Right now, it is sitting on the cuff - and I think we have enough downward pressure to make some money on this yet today. I'll keep you posted.
5/22/98 9:05
Sitting here with one foot in the pond - watching the market. Expect some rapid movement after lunch - into the afternoon. Lot of traders will want to have positions straight before a long weekend. So, we need to watch this position closely today.
5/21/98 17:30
Looks like we are holding overnight - I know, I know, the Toad doesn't like to do this.

Didn't go low enough to be stopped out of the June540p (OEWRH) it went as high as 10 3/4 - would have considered selling at 11 3/8 maybe even 10 7/8.

Let's see what we do in the morrow - I'll be here watching.

Sent out emails today - did you get yours??
5/21/98 14:50
I just hopped into the June540p (OEWRH) at 10 3/8. Don't have a stop/sell set yet - just watching it for now. Hope this one works better than yesterday's.
5/21/98 14:10
FOMC meeting minutes sure took the market down. We just got a clean PUT signal, so I'm looking at the 540put - again.
5/21/98 9:20
We are sitting here by the pond - watching. Suharto is gone - will that affect the market today? We are set for a slightly positive opening today.
5/20/98 17:10
What happened today?? I had to leave this afternoon to attend a memorial service for a friends son. So, when I left the Toad's house, I set the stop loss and left - didn't hear about the market until we got back at 4:00.

I was worried I missed a large run up and then it went back down - I didn't miss it. But lost $610 today.

Stopped out of my INTL today also. Bummer.

Look at a chart - we still have the resistance at 544/1119 (close) and the larger one at 546/1130. Which way will we go?

See you on Thursday.
5/20/98 14:00
Got stopped out of the June540p (OEWRH) at 11 1/4. I adjusted the stop up to 11 1/4 when it hit 12 1/4 - I mostly use a stop loss at $1.00 (sometimes 3/4) and then adjust it upward as the position moves up. Thought about selling when it hit $12 - didn't.
5/20/98 12:28
Hopped into the June540p (OEWRH) at 11 1/2. Will watch it and put a stop/sell on it soon.
5/20/98 9:15
Talk about buying on the rumor and selling on the news - yesterday was a classic example. Let's see if we can get green today... I'm waiting by the side of the pond.
5/19/98 15:50
I had a feeling there would be a sell off after the 2:15 announcement about interest rates. Market shot up on open then stayed sideways until 2:00.

Saw no good signs to trade today until the 2:15 sell off - that's OK. We didn't get a sign and didn't lose anything.

If we had held the puts from yesterday, still wouldn't have made any green.
5/19/98 10:25
I'm still watching, curbs are in - what are we going to do today?
5/19/98 10:10

Looks like the email subscription service is going to win out. It will consist of "real time" email updates with a site update after the close of business each day. That way everyone can still see how we are doing and we won't need passwords, etc. If you pay, you receive the emails.

Everyone will receive two weeks free emails - at the end of the two weeks you will go to the subscriptions service or get dropped from the email list. The drop date for everyone currently on the list is May 29th.

If you want to subscribe, send the appropriate check to Marble Management in Las Vegas (address on web site.)

Also email us with your intent to subscribe. Fees are $75 per month or $800 a year (save $100.)

I appreciate the support and encouragement you all have shown to move to the subscription service.

From the many emails I received, it is obvious a lot of you are profiting from the Toad relationship. May you continue to prosper.

Good trading.

5/19/98 9:35
I'm sitting by the side of the pond and watching - market is currently soaring - let's make some green today!
5/18/98 Evening update
If you sent me an email in the last four of five days - please wait for the response. I'm working through over a hundred emails - sorry for the delay.
5/18/98 15:22
My seminar/business consultants (or whatever they are) say the Toad should stop "giving away" such a valuable service and I should convert it to a "subscription service" - the suggested price per month is $75 (peanuts they say) with an annual price of $800.

If you look at the price vs earning on the site, I guess it is a good deal - today's trade would have paid for the service for two years - one year if you just traded 5 contracts. How many of you would subscribe??
5/18/98 15:15
Almost forgot, the results of the survey are in and ..... It is split 50/50 about half of you want to continue the emails and the other half just wants the site updated. More to come.

5/18/98 15:02
Well, I just hopped out of the June535p (OEWRG) at 13. I'm not going to open another position today - have a toad nephew coming to town today and we are taking him out to dinner. So, I'll leave the rest of the day to the toadsters. I'm one flat toad and I'm outta here...
5/18/98 13:22
I'm still watching - nothing much yet.
5/18/98 11:50
I just hopped into the June535p (OEWRG) at 11. Don't have the sell set yet, just watching it run now.
5/18/98 10:20
I'm here drinking coffee and watching the pond. Let's get some green today!
5/15/98 17:05
How did you do this week?? The Toad opened 5 positions this week and closed 6. Made money on all but the one we held over from the prior week. Did you learn anything from this? DON'T HOLD ON.... We are up almost $7,000 for the week. How many trades did you follow? Hope you did as well, see you on Monday.
5/15/98 15:00
Wow, that is some kind of ugly, hitting new lows as I type. A put day if I ever saw one, had a strong sell signal since 10:45. Did you do anything today?? I'm a flat toad heading into the weekend.
5/15/98 14:15
I've just been writing and drinking coffee today. Looked at a couple of next months positions, nothing caught my interest. I'm one flat toad!
5/15/98 8:45
Good morning. I'm here by the side of the pond, drinking coffee, eating bagels and watching.

Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

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