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5/14/98 Evening Update, etc.
Spent a lot of time away from the market today, after all it's OPTIONS EXPIRATION WEEK!

Have some issues to discuss/announce:


I meet with some people who attended the Apprentice Toad Seminar in Mickey Land on 4/30 and 5/1 and they have proposed setting up another two day seminar in Jacksonville, Florida within the next four weeks or so.

As I mentioned previously, I really didn't want to take the time away from trading to promote a seminar, so they agreed to set it all up. It would be the same as we did earlier this month: cover basics the first day and then use those basics to trade the market the second day. If you look at our trade from the seminar, it was a good way to pay for the seminar - you will need some quarters for the pay phones or your portable phone to call your broker. At the end of the second day, the Apprentice Toadsters earn their green!

The cost will be $2,499 for the two day seminar and it looks like two days the week of June 22 to 26 or the week of June 29 to July 3rd. They expect a full house for this, so if you are interested, email me with your preference for dates.

We can make your travel arrangements, flights, cars, hotel, etc. I can't give you the name of the hotel until you register/pay because we don't want to fight gate crashers.


I have had some requests/emails about the Toad email updates. I know a bunch of you are trading on the signals and making some good money, and some of the TOAD+10 system users are making some good money also (they have a tendency to rub it in when they make more than the Toad!)

I have had a couple of suggestions that I just update the site and don't send the email's. How do you feel about them? It does take time away from my trading and I would probably stop them if you all are not using them - let me know. I probably send out four to six+ emails on most days (not today.)


Thanks for the questions about the book, I don't see any way it would be ready for the Apprentice Toad training next month. Sorry.

That's it for tonight

5/14/98 13:10
While I was being held hostage of the internet yesterday, I did have a chance to work on the soon to be released Toad BOOK!

I've been hassled to finish the book/training guide/whatever we will call it and people are trying to put a deadline on the Toad. Hope to get back on schedule and finish it, we have "discovered" or "uncovered" or just plain found some neat trading tools recently and they will be included in the book. I've had a problem with the many subscription services that just tell me what to buy; they don't give me the reasons and tools so I can do it myself. That, plus I'd like to be able to train more "Apprentice Toads" by giving them the tools to "trade like a toad."
I'll keep you posted on my progress.
5/14/98 11:12
The Toad is FLAT! I hopped out of the May545c (OEWEI) at 3 1/4. I'll let you know if we do another.
5/14/98 10:05
My email in basket is FULL!

I'm still holding the May545c (OEWEI) - almost sold at 1 3/8 - but I'm still holding. The charts told me to dump them at 2:30 yesterday and it looks like they were correct.
5/14/98 9:30
I'm baack.... I think we are working OK today. I'm watching the sinking pond. I may have dumped the remaining long calls at open - have not been confirmed yet. Let's try some emails today...
5/13/98 15:20
I thought my email was back to working - I received a couple last night and a couple this am. Nothing since then. Funny, this morning I got my test email from noon yesterday! I think I'm caught in a time warp or in the NET part of the internet.

What we did today... Hopped into a call May540c (OEWEH) around 11:30 when the market was taking off. Rode it until 14:00 when the OEX started dropping and the Tick went negative. It did run up higher than the $7 we got - looks like it ran up to 7 3/4!

I'm still holding onto the last of the May545c (OEWEI) - almost sold them at $4 today - didn't.

Added some answers to the FAQ section of TOAD 101.
5/13/98 10:35

I'm here and watching the pond. Don't know about emails yet today.
5/12/98 Late update
Let's hope we can communicate better tomorrow!
Panic Button
Here is something in case you didn't get any emails today...
5/12/98 18:00
This has been a wierd day - had trouble getting to the site to update and STILL DON'T HAVE ANY EMAILs today. Don't know if it is the ISP, it's been strange all day.

Let me tell you what we did today: Bought and sold the May540p (OEWQH) in at 7 1/4 and out at 7 3/4. Wasn't sure about them - got in around noon when the Tick was negative BIG time and OEX was around 535, then they turned against me for awhile (down to 6 1/2) and I dumped when they hit my plus 1/2 sell.

The May535c (OEWEG) was more fun, I bought them on the run up around 15:00 and watched them run, pulled the trigger at plus $2 - I'll take it. This is what I was supposed to do yesterday with those 540 puts.

Let's hope I can communicate better in the morning. See you then.
5/12/98 15:15
Still not getting out and not a single email received today. Had trouble trying to upload a new spreadsheet also. Sorry about this, I'll update site when I can.
5/12/98 14:45
Troubles today - Don't think any of my emails are getting out, have not received a confirmation back. I'm having trouble with my email service and maybe with my ISP. Will update the site later. Hope your trades are going OK today.
5/12/98 10:10
Market's up a little, market's down a little - is it going to be one of THOSE days??
5/11/98 15:45
Boy, I sure read that one wrong. I was frightened when the market started to go back up and even second guessed my purchase of 10 more contracts. I thought we would go down enough to get out of the puts and then rally back up. Kept expecting the rally so I didn't get back in and the put I sold went as high as $8 1/2. I didn't have a sell point in for awhile and when the market started back up I put in the 5 1/2 sell. Left a lot of green on the table today. We made some green, but - oh well, SCW.
5/11/98 14:30
I'm out of all of my May540p (OEWQH) at 5 1/2. I was trying to change the sell to $6 and got the notice it sold at 5 1/2. If you want to expedite a trade, put a change in - I'm sure that expedites them at the old price!

Sent 3 emails out so far today - did you get yours?
5/11/98 14:02
For some reason, I just bought 10 more contracts of the May540p (OEWQH) at 4 3/4. It had dropped to 4 5/8 and started going back up (OEX headed down) so I jumped on some more.
5/11/98 13:04
I hopped into the May540p (OEWQH) at 5. Don't have the sell set yet - let's go down some more.
5/11/98 10:05
Good morning, we had a great weekend - thank you.

This looks like the market we know and love. I'm sitting watching the May545c (OEWEI) increase in value and looking for something else to hop into. No emails yet today, I'll keep you posted.
5/8/98 16:40
Sold the long calls May545c (OEWEI) after market close today. Tried to dump them all day yesterday and then again today, had my sell set at $2 today. So, I sold 15 contracts and held onto 5 contracts for nostalgic reasons. Let's explain - whenever the Toad has "sold to dump" INVARIABLY the position doubles over the next two or three trading days. So, I have $781 tied up in this experiment.

Little Toad came home from college for the weekend and Mother's Day! So to all you mothers out there, Happy Mother's Day! Have a great weekend.
5/8/98 15:05
Trying to get another one in today, I hopped back into the May535c (OEWEG) at 6 1/4, it ran down to my stop and it's G O N E at a loss. Darn.
5/8/98 12:50
We broke through the intermediate highs of 537/1116 but can't seem to keep it above those points. Would Viagra help? Let's see - Viagra now and in about one hour we could do it!
5/8/98 11:15
I'm out of the May535c (OEWEG) at 6 3/4 (again.) Could have held out for $7. I guess Toad +10's got 7.

Sent four (4) emails already today - did you get yours??
5/8/98 11:15
I hopped back into the May535c (OEWEG) at 6. Can we get back up?
5/8/98 11:15
I'm out of the May535c (OEWEG) at 6 3/4. Glad I hopped out, looks like we can't break through the 537 mark. Dropping back down now, may be another opportunity. I'll let you know.
5/8/98 10:52
I hopped into the May535c (OEWEG) at 5 3/4, Toad +10 system would have you in at 5 1/2 or so. Going back up now, was afraid it was going to hit my stop and sell.

This went out by Toad email earlier.
5/8/98 9:50
Good morning. Glad I hopped out of the puts last night, just like I should have hopped out of that call the day I hopped in. :-(

Like the pop up, will we sustain it? For those of you who look at charts, we still have to take out the 537 and then the 539 highs - which are the 1116 and 1121 highs on the S&P500. I'll keep you posted.
5/7/98 16:05
I hopped out of the May530p (OEWQF) a little early, was trying to change the order from 7 and got the confirmation they had already gone at 7! Oh well, I'll take it.

The May535p (OEWQG) sold right after that at 9 1/2, the ask on that one is now at $10. Today we are up $3,615 on the positions we sold and down $2,000 on the long call - up $1,615 for the day.

Sent out four emails today.
5/7/98 15:37
I'm still holding, had to go out for awhile so I had sell points on everything, still waiting for them to hit. Will let you know if something goes.
5/7/98 12:05
I hopped into 10 more contracts of the May530p (OEWQF) at 6 3/8, no sell set yet.
5/7/98 11:40
I hopped into the May530p (OEWQF) at 6 1/2, then the market went back up! Don't have a sell point in yet. The May535p (OEWQG) that we purchased earlier today may have gone over $9 awhile ago, I'm still holding it.
5/7/98 11:05
Yes, I have a sell point in on the May545c (OEWEI) that I'm holding; it didn't hit it yesterday or today - rethinking on dumping (croak.)
5/7/98 10:55
I hopped into the May535p (OEWQG) at 8 1/8, have not set my sell point yet. Will let you know.
5/7/98 10:35
Good morning, have only been watching the market with one eye so far this morning - I've been doing Toad business on the phone.

We sent out 5 Toad emails yesterday - did you get yours? Let us know if you didn't. I'm back to two eyes and I'm watching the pond. I'll let you know.
5/6/98 15:50
I'm back out of the May540p (OEWQH) at $9, didn't know if it would hit 9 1/2, it did. Didn't dump the call yet, remember what happened last week? Could history repeat itself? Who knows, would like to mitigate my loss with a bump up.
5/6/98 13:35
I just hopped into the May540p (OEWQH) at $8 1/2. It's falling in price as I type, oops. Nope, it's going back up again - OK. Will let you know what I do with this one.
5/6/98 11:25
I'm out of the May540c (OEWEH) at $6. Let's do some more today.

Three Toad Updates went out by email so far today - did you get yours?
5/6/98 11:15
I just hopped into the May540c (OEWEH) at $5 1/4 , putting 3/4 or so on it to sell.
5/6/98 10:50
Hopped out of the May540p (OEWQH) at $9 - I didn't even see it hit 9 on my screen, but the high of the day is listed as 9. I saw it get close to 9 and then back off a couple of times, so I set the sell at nine, figuring it might take awhile. It didn't.

That same position is now back down to 8 1/4, may have to do this again.
5/6/98 10:00
Good morning, I'm watching the market up & down, up & down. What is going to happen today?? Let's make some money!
5/5/98 17:25
I'm holding both positions overnight, tried to pick up another 10 contracts of the May540p (OEWQH) right after the market closed but it jumped up again. I wanted to go into the morning ready for a pop in any direction. Didn't do it, so I'm looking for a strong opening and a weak finish. Could we use some Viagra? I'll see you in the morning.
5/5/98 13:42
I hopped into the May540p (OEWQH) at 7 3/4, don't have my sell point set yet, let this sucker run a little. Will let you know.
5/5/98 11:20
I hopped into and back out of the May545p (OEWQI), was only in for about 15 minutes as I had a 1/2 on it to sell and it sold! May do this again.
5/5/98 10:00
Market is rolling again, Treas.Sec. Rubin is on CNBC. Market is going up...
5/4/98 16:40
I'm holding the May545c (OEWEI) overnight, I think we still have some up room in this market.
5/4/98 15:30
Had about a zillion chances to hop out at 6 3/4, waiting for $7 - still waiting.
5/4/98 13:35
I'm back in, I hopped into the May545c (OEWEI) at 6 1/2. Let's see how far it goes - I'm watching and will set the sell price soon.
5/4/98 11:55
Got back from working out this morning and saw I missed the morning run up. I'm flat and watching the market slowly decline. What will happen at lunch-time?
5/3/98 Sunday Update
I'm back from the Toad Training in Mickey Land (Orlando) and the training went well. Twenty-eight (28) Apprentice Toadsters earned their green! We did not trade on Thursday afternoon - just covered basics, etc. BUT, we did trade the market on Friday: hopped into the May535c (OEWEG) at 9 1/2 and back out at 11 3/8. We could have held longer as it went as high as 12 1/4 - but needed to get out for the weekend.

For those of us who are keeping score, the May540c (OEWEH) went up to 8 7/8 on Friday and the Apprentice Toadsters enjoyed telling me about all of the money I left on the table on Wednesday. SCW (shoulda, coulda, woulda)
4/29/98 14:25
I'm a FLAT, SKINNY TOAD! Sold the last of the May540c (OEWEH) at 3 7/8 and it's now up to 4 1/4.

What a week, for those of you that will be in the training this week - wasn't this a great way to demonstrate what we NEVER do? The things the Toad does to help others!

Here is to better weeks, I'm outta here......
4/29/98 13:20
We can't seem to break through the resistance at 1098 (S&P 500) and 528.78 (OEX) - Will sell the remaining 10 contracts of the May540c (OEWEH) today before I leave. That will be sure to cause a rally on Thursday and Friday - no, don't thank me.
4/29/98 10:30
Today is FRIDAY for the Toad. I'm going to be out of town until Sunday. I'm presenting to a group of individual investors Thursday afternoon and Friday. (Training new Toadsters!) I will be out of the market both days, any trades we do would be during the presentation, so it won't be on the site.

Mrs. Toad and I are leaving Wednesday afternoon so the site won't be updated until Sunday night.

I'll be here the rest of today and then I'm outta here...
4/29/98 10:05
Hopped out of the May525p (OEWQE) at 8 1/4. Now how about the remaining call?
4/29/98 9:30
Looking for a small opening pop up. Let's see..
4/28/98 Evening update
I'm long the May540c (OEWEH) and the May525p (OEWQE) - isn't this the way I started today? I'll see you here in the morning.
4/28/98 14:44
This is not a misprint - I hopped BACK into the May525p (OEWQE) at 9 1/2 and put $1 on it to sell again. Just emailed this to Toadster list.
4/28/98 14:40
Market is still down, but it appears to be turning around and heading north again. What will happen after 3:00? Can I sell that call? What a day...
4/28/98 14:12
Just got the confirmation that I'm out of the May525p (OEWQE) at 10 1/2 - should I have held??
4/28/98 14:10
I hopped BACK into the May525p (OEWQE) at 9 1/2 and have 1 on it to get out. Didn't I just sell this?? This was the second email today.
4/28/98 13:07
The remaining contracts of the May525p (OEWQE) hit my sell point of 8 3/4 and I'm out. Did everyone decide to eat lunch today and skip the market? Where is the rally Redge?
4/28/98 11:00
Will the lunchtime people hop back into the pond? Current LTT (lunchtime theory) says if the market is up, they will buy. It's called a self-fulfilling prophecy.
4/28/98 10:30
Dumped half of the May525p (OEWQE) put position at 8 1/2. If we get a spike up today, I'll sell the call and if we get a spike down I'll sell the put. Don't want to see market sluggish today - let's do something!
4/28/98 9:15
Secretary of State Albright, Treasury Secretary Rubin and a FED spokesperson all came out last night and agreed with REGGIE! Now the futures say we are going to have a good day - why couldn't everyone just listen to Reggie? I'm here in the pond, watching...
4/27/98 17:30
Well, we did rally into the close today. The Dow finished down 146 and the OEX finished down 9.26 - they were a lot lower earlier today. It looks like I'm still in the water and HOLDING OVERNIGHT! Expect a rally in the morning - see you at the market in the am.
4/27/98 14:28
Reggie says the market is going back up and we should hold overnight - he has an inside source folks. Let's see what happens the next 90 minutes.
4/27/98 13:30
Hopped into the May525p (OEWQE) at 12, waiting to see what sell point I'll use. Should I hold both overnight? I now am holding a "Long Strangle" 525p & 540c. Let's see what goes on the rest of today...
4/27/98 11:50
What will the lunch-time crowd do today? I'm still looking, the put we sold at 16 3/4 is down to 15 1/2 hmmmm... My 10c of the 540c (OEWEH) are back up to $5!
4/27/98 11:10
I sent out an email earlier today, the subject said it was sent at 13:36 - that should have been 10:36! Sorry, but it has been quite hectic around here this morning. I didn't get back to thank Reggie for the phone call on Friday - but I think I need to talk to him.

OK, here is what the Toad did so far today: Dumped 30c of the 40c of May540c (OEWEH) at 5 1/2 (ouch.) Then bought 25 contracts of the 535p (OEWQG) to put me long 30 contracts. I sold them at 16 3/4, but they did go higher - went to 17 5/8. So, I still have 10 contracts of the May540c (OEWEH) - might dump them later today, might wait for a pop up. Sorry the email didn't have much information, it has been a busy morning. I'm looking...


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