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4/24/98 17:20
I got a call from Reggie White and he told me to hold onto the call over the weekend. He seems to have an inside track, so I'm holding over the weekend.

Don't know if the sacrificial put worked - put dropped and so did the call. What a day. I'm back on line with the "new improved" system, broadband, etc. Don't notice much of a difference yet. I'm going to go drink a stout - Mrs. Toad sends them out on a raft. Is that a raft or a gator???

Have a great weekend, don't worry about the Toad. I might go to church twice on Sunday.
4/24/98 15:40
I guess you know the last put buy was a sacrificial move, to make the market go higher so I could sell the call. It seems to be working.
4/24/98 15:05
Just hopped back into the May535p (OEWQG) at 10 3/4 have a sell in at 11 1/2.
4/24/98 14:45
Sent out emails on the May535p (OEWQG) and I'm back out, may have hopped out too soon. Let's see. Would like to see some up to get a little more out of the May540c (OEWEH)...
4/24/98 14:20
I have been DOWN most of the afternoon: cable, computer - everything. Missed the market from 12:30 on. Got back up and saw what happened and hopped into a PUT (finally) the May535p (OEWQG) at 10. Waiting and watching for the sell point. Want to dump the call today - maybe after 3:00?
4/24/98 11:10
Hey, throw me a soggy donut - or something. I'm really wet; do you think the lunch-time crowd is going to pile on? If I were out of the market, I'd think we were running a "SALE" today! I'll keep you posted..
4/24/98 10:00
Good morning! I'm still in the pond, the market dipped on open then shot up to a little gain. My May540c (OEWEH) went up to 11 1/2, so I'm going to watch it for awhile before I pull the plug. A rally today could make me happy! Let's go UP!
4/23/98 16:15
Looks like a put was the play, I played right into the lunch-time group - ouch! We are holding overnight - haven't done this recently. I almost hopped out when it was really ugly, but got an indication from the Tick that it wanted to go back up. So, now I'm down an inch and 1/2. IF we get a morning pop, we are cool. IF we don't I'm gonna hop out of the pond.

I know tomorrow is Friday and it's my turn to buy the donuts - but I'm going to be a little wet in the morning, so let's skip the donuts (unless you want soggy ones.) Think of me here in the pond tonight when you are resting your head on your soft, dry pillow.
4/23/98 14:36
I'm still in the pond, this position teased back up to 11 3/4 by 12 and is giving upward momentum signs - Let's go UP!
4/23/98 13:56
Almost hopped out at 11 1/2, but it looked like it was coming back. It's at 11 1/2 by 11 3/4 now. I'm going to keep watching; shoulda, woulda, coulda a put!
4/23/98 12:30
Hopped into the May540c (OEWEH) at 12 3/4 RIGHT BEFORE the lunch-time crowd dumped in my pond! I tried to buy this option earlier today and missed it at $12 and missed it at 12 1/2; guess what, I could buy it at 12 now! I'll keep you posted, let's think UP thoughts.
4/23/98 9:31
Sitting by the side of the pond, drinking coffee and looking...
4/22/98 Evening Update
Looks like we hopped out of the May545c (OEWEI) at about the high of the day; after we sold, it was down, down, down for the rest of the day. Didn't feel like jumping in on a put or setting up for the morning. So, I'm still a FLAT TOAD!

Sent out two emails today - did you get yours?                     See you in the morning.
4/22/98 14:26
I'm flat again. Hopped out of the May545c (OEWEI) at 11 1/4. Let's look around for something else. The Toad is $492.50 short of his ALL TIME HIGH!
4/22/98 13:25
I hopped into the May545c (OEWEI) at 10 3/4 and put 1/2 on it to sell. This option was moving more than the May540c (OEWEH) - so, we are buying the 545!
4/22/98 12:25
I'm back and sitting by the side of the pond - looking.

I received several emails asking about "Toadster Dave" from yesterday, no we have not doubled the staff here at Toad Headquarters. He was in here yesterday under the "Apprentice Toad" program (see Training by the Toad.) I don't usually talk about the Apprentice Toadsters when they are here - but we were having a great time yesterday and he was catching on. As I said yesterday, he "earned his green" and then took us (Mrs. Toad and I) out to dinner. That is was not necessary, but we appreciated it - Thanks Toadster Dave.
4/22/98 Very early
I added some information from Day Traders On-line to the TOAD 101
page - under "TRADING STRATEGIES" - well worth reading.

I have an appointment this morning and will be away from the pond until after the market is open. This will give you something to study while I'm gone. Should be back around 10 - 10:30.
4/21/98 16:25
Everybody is FLAT! Hopped out of the May540c (OEWEH) at $13 and that's it for today.

Now on to the formalities: Apprentice Toad Dave earned his green today! (In the background we are playing "Pomp and Circumstance") - he is going out to conquer the OEX. We both had a lot of fun today and we both "got green." Going out to dinner (Apprentice is buying!) so this is it for today.
Sent out six emails today!                                                                       See you in the morning.
4/21/98 15:00
Both Apprentice Toad and the Toad hopped back into the May540c (OEWEH) at 12 1/2 and we have a $13 sell order. We might be holding overnight. Let's pop up just a little and SELL!
4/21/98 15:00
I'm waiting to see what happens after 3:00, may hop into something then. I'll let you know.
4/21/98 14:35
We have a FLAT Apprentice Toadster! He hopped out of the May540c (OEWEH) at 13 1/4, didn't want to hold for 13 1/2.

I'm still looking, will keep you posted.
4/21/98 14:07
Apprentice Toadster Dave hopped into the May540c (OEWEH) at 12 3/4 around 13:48. This won't be posted to the spreadsheet, it's not mine. He entered a sell of 13 1/2.
(His play sounds familiar - doesn't it?)
4/21/98 11:30
I've been accused of "showing off" today! We have an Apprentice Toad here today and he (Toadster Dave) thinks I'm only doing this to impress him - NO WAY, I'm doing this to make GREEN! (By the way, Toadster Dave didn't hop in with me - says he will next time.)
4/21/98 11:18
I'm flat again, hopped out of the May540c (OEWEH) at 13 1/2. Let's do this again!

Note: I've started emailing when I hop in and when I hop out.
4/21/98 10:47
Maybe that WAS a good idea yesterday. I hopped into the May540c (OEWEH) and have a sell point of 13 1/2 on it. Let's hope the lunch-time crowd gives us our bump up. I'll let you know.
4/21/98 9:50
Wow, glad I didn't hop into the May540c (OEWEH) yesterday at $12 - it's at 10 7/8 now. Let's hop into something today - need the green!
4/20/98 16:30
Bummer, I really wanted to trade today. Just never had the confirmation or saw the strength to hop in today. I had an order in to buy the May540c (OEWEH) if I could get it on the cheap at $12 - but it never went. That would have been a gamble that the market would pop up on open in the AM. I'm flat and I'll sleep better tonight, but no richer than I was last night.

I posted the two most frequently asked questions (FAQ) on the TOAD 101 page - take a look. I'll see you in the morning.
4/20/98 15:00
See, this is why I'm sitting by the edge right now. The market went down most of the day and just popped up two points starting at 2:05. Have you noticed that the May540c (OEWEH) is changing more than the May535c (OEWEH) - strange. I'm poised to do something if the market jumps after 3:00.
4/20/98 13:00
I really want to get into this market today, but it doesn't look right yet. I got close on the May540c (OEWEH) around 11:00, but I wasn't comfortable enough that the market was going up. It did and the play would have been from 12 1/2 to 13 1/4, but it is back down around 12 now and the market is dropping. Is this a put day? I'll let you know as soon as I hop in.
4/20/98 10:10
Just got back from working out and no good signals yet. I'm watching a couple of options. Don't like the rumor about Treas. Sec.Rubin resigning - that will tear up the market if it happens. Stay tuned.
4/17/98 Evening Thoughts
Just thought I'd mention two more things:
1) The Apr535c I was chicken to buy today went up to $8 - so I was too smart to buy it at 5 1/2 or 6!
2) The position I dumped on Monday after it tanked last week - went up to $3 today.
Have a great weekend anyway, I know I will. Bye.
4/17/98 15:25
Wimp Toad is still flat. All I need is $457.50 to be even for the month and I can't seem to get into the pond today. Tried for the Apr535c (OEWDG) with a price of 5 when it was running up, it got away from me and now is at 6 1/8. I don't think it is to be today...

I really wanted to be even for the month this week and have two weeks to go to get ahead. There is going to be some "heavy Toad trading" next week!

Well, I'm gonna go wash the boat! Have a long and beautiful weekend, I'm outta here...
4/17/98 14:25
So, after my last posting, I'm checking out the Apr535c (OEWDG) and Mrs. Toad says, "Dear...let's go out to lunch today...." (with a little whine in her voice) and I TOLD HER...

I'll be right with you dear.
We are back from lunch and that was the play - the OEWDG was running around 2 1/2 and now it's running around 5. Hey, it was a good lunch with a nice looking toad (she still insists she is a FROG!)
I'm sitting by the edge of the pond, thinking and watching...
4/17/98 12:15
What will the lunch-time crowd do today - on expiration Friday??
4/17/98 10:40
Now why would you check back when I said I might not do anything today?
OK, I'm looking at the market, I'll only hop in if I see something that looks real good... :-P
4/17/98 10:15
Happy Toad eating bagels! Cinnamon and raisin bagels - all right - Thank you!
Hey, it's FRIDAY (Options Expiration FRIDAY), it's a beautiful day and I'm FLAT! Just sitting here eating bagels, drinking coffee and thinking about sailing. Don't know as I'll do anything today.
4/16/98 16:10
I love being flat on Options Expiration Week Thursday.

Meet you back here in the morning. I'll have the coffee ready (after we get back from working out) and I think it's your turn to bring the donuts or bagels. If you bring bagels, don't forget the cream cheese - they are way too healthy without the cream cheese. See you then.
4/16/98 15:30
Well, I missed it, I tried to hop into the Apr540p (OEWPH) one more time, but it got away from me. Wanted to pick it up at 4 3/4 again but it jumped up to 5 1/8 and then I think it hit $6 on this run up.

I bought INTC in my stock account yesterday - see why I stick to OEX?
4/16/98 14:36
I'm flat. The market screamed down and before I could change my sell point, I was out of the Apr540p (OEWPH) at 5 1/2. Can't complain, I was only in the pond for 25 minutes. That option is back down to 4 1/2, dare we do this again? Stay tuned...
4/16/98 13:20
I'm back in, hopped into the Apr540p (OEWPH) at 4 3/4 will watch it a little and probably put a sell of 5 1/2 on it. Market popped up after I bought - I get used to that. Watch this one closely, we are into a PUT! Let's go down...(get down?)
4/16/98 12:00
Let's wait and see if we get some kind of lunch-time effect. May do something soon... You know the lunch-time rule, if the market is down when people go to lunch - they sell and drive the market down further. If the market is up - yep that's it.
4/16/98 11:45
The following is a public service to help you get over TAX DAY.  Go get help.
4/16/98 9:42
Down, down, down, it's a down day so far. Is it time for a PUT? Let's watch for awhile.

Did you get the Toad email yesterday? If not, you need to sign up.
4/15/98 15:38
I'm out of the Apr535c (OEWDG) at 6 3/4, guess I shoulda, coulda, woulda bought 20 contracts instead. I only need another $1315 to get to where I was 15 days ago; have I just been treading water?

Think I'll spend the rest of the day on taxes. For some reason Mrs. Toad thinks I'm waiting until the last minute, should I tell her we are filing an extension? ribbitt.
4/15/98 15:24
Well, I couldn't wait until Monday. I hopped into the Apr535c (OEWDG) at 6 1/4 and I put a 1/2 on it to get out. Let's hope for a hop up today!
4/15/98 14:18
OPTIONS EXPIRATION WEEK always bothers me, think it gives me warts. (Would they be worry warts?)

Haven't seen anything that excites me, I'm going to work on the tax stuff with one eye and follow the market with the other eye. If I see something good, I'll jump in and let you know.
4/15/98 12:15
I'm a little sluggish today - I know I missed a couple of plays already. I've answered about 30 email's today, trying to catch up. I usually do that after market hours, but I've been tied up trying to get that 1040 stuff done enough to file an extension. :-)

I guess the play would have been to buy a call around 11:15 - I didn't, but I'm going to start looking again. See ya.
4/15/98 10:15
Hey, the market is up... no, it's down... no, it's coming back up... no... I'm drinking my coffee and watching the market, I'll let you know when I hop into something.
      It's April 15th - do you know where your money is?
I'm from the government and I'm here to help you. Did you send it to me?

4/14/98 15:44
I'm the flat Toad again, I hopped out of the Apr530c (OEWDF) at 8 3/4 and got my 1/2. Scared me a little when the bond traders kicked in after 3:00, but - I had faith (yeah, right.) I'm going to spend the rest of the day drying off and maybe get back to the income tax. Is that due soon?
4/14/98 14:45
I hopped back into the Apr530c (OEWDF) at 8 1/4 and I have a 1/2 on it to get out. Liked what I saw, so thought I'd get into the pond again. Don't know about holding this overnight if it doesn't sell. I'll have to think about that, I'd rather just sell at 8 3/4 and not have to worry.
4/14/98 13:45
I'm FLAT! I was tired of holding the Apr535c (OEWDG) so I changed the sell to 4 3/4. It sold and then went to 4 7/8 for the second time today. I'm out and it was the wrong one to buy. But, we learned and still are up $1100 today. Can we play again today??

Are any of you following the weekly Toad at - it's a contest.
4/14/98 13:02
That sucker ain't moving. Changed the sell point on the Apr535c (OEWDG) to 5. Bet as soon as I sell it, the market screams up.
4/14/98 11:50
So I asked myself, "Toad, why wouldn't you just buy 20 contracts of the IN THE MONEY options?" Good question, Toad.

For those of you who can't decide which strike price to purchase... (TOAD) - this should be a good lesson. The Apr535c (OEWDG) of which I am still the proud owner, ran up a whopping 3/8, while the Apr530c (OEWDF) ran up a buck. Oh, thanks Toad.

Let's see what the lunch-time crowd does and then decide if we change the sell point.
4/14/98 11:10
Sold the Apr535c (OEWDF) at 8 1/2, I also have $1 on the Apr530c (OEWDG) - don't know if it can hit 5 1/2. Should I change my sell point? Let's see.
4/14/98 10:50
Well, I'm back in the pond. Couldn't decide which one I wanted, so I hopped into both the Apr530c (OEWDF) AND Apr535c (OEWDG). Looking at my exit points, I really want it to go up now!
4/14/98 10:42
I've been waiting to see if the OEX could break through 535, it tested it three times and just broke through. Soon...
4/14/98 10:20
Good Morning! It's another day and it's beautiful outside the Toad's weather window. Let's get GREEN today. I'm looking and let's see if the morning pop might hold for awhile. I'll let you know when I hop in...
4/13/98 15:35
CROAK, I'm out of the Apr540c (OEWDH) at 1 3/8 CROAK. But, I did help the market, it went up right after I sold!   I'm just happy to be out from under that sucker. I'm waterlogged and all wrinkled - BUT I'M FLAT!!
4/13/98 11:20
I hopped out of the Apr535p (OEWPG) at 7 1/2, had a sell of $8 on it and it peaked at 7 7/8 - so I changed it to 7 1/2 and I'm out. I have a lot to make up, let's find some more today.
4/13/98 11:00
I hopped into the Apr535p (OEWPG) at 6 1/2, don't have my sell order in place yet. Let's go down for this one and then back up for my OEWDH!
4/13/98 10:33
I have a sell point of 2 1/8 on the Apr540c (OEWDH), it has been close today, but it's not gone yet. Looking for something else to make up for last week. Still watching - the Tick has been ugly today.
4/13/98 9:50
Good morning, it's OPTIONS EXPIRATION WEEK. With all these mergers, wish I were a bank today - "First National Toad Bank." Wait a minute, Little Toad thinks I am a bank.

Market jumped up on open, now it's down and going back up - let's watch it for awhile.


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