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4/9/98 15:10
Market closed tomorrow and Little Toad is coming home from college for Easter weekend! So, I won't see you guys until Monday. I'm into this position way too deeply. Over the weekend, think up thoughts for the market. I need the help.

With this open position, the percent increase this year is way overstated - it's more like 34% right now. Still not bad annualized to 125% - but we know it could be a LOT more. I'm outta here.
4/9/98 13:10
Well, I wanted to get back into something, but my ISP was down this morning. Let's explain the Oops on the Apr530c (OEWDF), I just entered the 7 1/2 sell point to have something there in case it ran up. Next thing I knew, it was sold! I could have held it as the market continues to climb, but, we'll take the money.

I'm looking again but only out of one eye, the other is full of tears for the option I still hold.
4/9/98 10:45
Oops, I'm out of the Apr530c (OEWDF) at 7 1/2. I'll have to find another one now...
4/9/98 10:18
Just hopped into the Apr530c (OEWDF) at 6 5/8 will put 1/2 or a little more on it to get out.
4/9/98 10:10
Would like to see this morning rally continue. I'm not done with the income tax I'd rather be trading... Might even open another position to start my make-up for the Apr540c (OEWDH) - ugh.
4/8/98 15:40
I've been so disgusted with this market and me being deep into it, that I've been working on my income tax today. Just looked at the market a couple of times today. We have Friday off, we are coming into OPTIONS EXPIRATION WEEK next week and I'm holding! Even if this whole position dumps - it drops the gain this year to +23% which is 85% annualized. I'd take a small run up in the morning so I can do what I should have done on MONDAY!

Looked at getting into another position, but my heart's just not in it today. I'm going back to the income tax program now and maybe a beer. A drinking Toad is an ugly sight.
4/8/98 11:20
Got back from working out this morning and have to go out again, will be back before noon to watch the lunchtime run - how about a bump up! Keep an eye on the market while I'm out - thanks.
4/7/98 16:15
We had a small rally at the end, but I'm down $3000 for the day on the open position, let's look for a run up in the morning. When I looked at puts vs. calls yesterday, I should have added the Dow 9000 effect and the CNBC effect to my thinking. Remember what the Dow 8000 special did to the market? A better day tomorrow, see you then.
4/7/98 15:50
THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I was just in the process of yelling at you for the lousy job you did watching the market while I was out and now we have a small rally going. I'm going to assume the rally is because the Toad is back and watching! OEX is still down 2 points from where I left it. Looks like an "Annie day" - tomorrow, tomorrow...
4/7/98 12:10
I thought we had a rally going into 11:00, but it fizzled. Will the lunchtime crowd help us today? This option is coming up on a birthday at 1:00 today, let's have a rally and get out! I have a meeting at 1:15 today, should be back around 2:30; please watch the market for me until then. Bye
4/7/98 10:10
Let's see, sell and the market goes up... hold and the market goes down... I'm holding for awhile yet - like to see if we get any strength today. If I were flat, I'd call this a SALE!
4/6/98 End of Day
I'm holding overnight - I hate that. We have almost two weeks until the Apr540c (OEWDH) expires, let's hope for a jump up in the morning. Until then, this is the wet Toad signing off. I'd rather be flat than wet.

4/6/98 13:25
The market is going against my position; it's ugly again and now I'm in it. I'm treading water and looking out for large fish. Just want it to go up a little...
4/6/98 13:10
I'm in. I hopped into the Apr540c (OEWDH) at 6 7/8 and I have a 7 1/2 exit point. Looked like a turn in the up direction to the Toad. Let's go up now!
4/6/98 11:15
Ugly, ugly, ugly. Not comfortable enough to get into a put right now, might be a great sale on calls, looking for some kind of a bottom or turn around. Still sitting and watching...
4/6/98 10:40
Good Morning. Had to reload my browser this morning, it was acting up - hope that fixes it. Just watching this run up, I'm sitting by the side of the pond and looking. Tick is -171 now, has been up 400 and down 200 today and the Trin says buy (can't always listen to that sucker, it will turn on you.) I'll keep you posted.
4/3/98 End of day
In response to the email that was kind enough to calculate how much more I'd make if I held onto some of these options: Phttttt... The Toad is up $7910 this week and closed out March with a gain of $11,928.

OK, OK, here it is - had I kept the Apr535c (OEWDG) that I bought on April 1st at 7 3/8 and sold it today at 12 1/2 - I would have made $15,375. I hate it when they're right!
4/3/98 14:25
I'm out of the Apr540c (OEWDH) at 8 3/4. I'm flat, I'm happy (hoppy?) it's a beautiful day, I still might go sailing and I'm going to have a GREAT weekend. Didn't know if you noticed, but the Toad is up over 50% this year - Is this a great country or what? See you at the market on Monday, have a great weekend.

Public service announcement - CNBC will run their THREE HOUR SPECIAL tonight if the Dow closes over 9000 today. This is fair warning - Go to a movie, take your family out to dinner, go bowling, do something to get away from the TV tonight!
4/3/98 13:40
I'm still here, holding and waiting. Or is that wishing and hoping? It's back to 8 1/2, let's go UP!
4/3/98 12:35
I'm still in and I've sworn off donuts. Down to 7 1/2 now, I'm staying in until I can determine what the afternoon holds - and I was going to go sailing this afternoon!
4/3/98 10:35
I hopped in - maybe too early. I have the Apr540c (OEWDH) at 8 1/4 and I'm trying to get out with a 1/2. I may have caused the market to back off, right after I bought, the market went south. :-P
4/3/98 9:40
Whoever sent them, thanks for the donuts. Mrs. Toad says we should go with bagels next week - they are healthier than these cream filled things.

Will we hit Dow 9000 today???   Toad traders don't really care, just need movement in any direction. Is this a great country or what? I'm eating donuts, drinking coffee and looking...
4/2/98 evening
I pulled the information "ticker" off the site - it was slowing some down and others couldn't read it. Thanks for the feedback.
4/2/98 15:25
I'm out of the Apr535c (OEWDG) at 11; I could have held on, but you know the Toad, I get nervous when I'm in the water. Oh, I only bought 10 contracts because the market was moving up so fast I couldn't fill the rest of the order. That should be it for today. Tomorrow is FRIDAY! See you here in the morning, it's your turn to bring the donuts.
4/2/98 15:10
I hopped back into the Apr535c (OEWDG) at 10 1/4 and don't have my sell point set yet. I'm looking for a bump up from the bond guys now that it is past 3:00. I'll let you know.
4/2/98 12:25
Well, I ate lunch and missed the lunch-time special. I'm back and looking.
4/2/98 11:55
Just added the ticker under "Last Updated" - let me know if it slows down your loading time. Email me with "yes" ticker or "no" ticker.

I'm waiting until the lunch-time crowd is done, then let's get back into the pond (wait 30 minutes after eating.)
4/2/98 10:50
I hopped out of the Apr535c (OEWDG) at 8 1/2, let's find some more today!   For all of you Wade Cook fans - he calculates everything as an "annual return" - we were in the market for 19 minutes and earned $1355; that's... that's... that's...   a real large number.
4/2/98 10:30
Good morning. The market is hopping up and down today, so I hopped into the Apr535c (OEWDG) at 8 and have a 1/2 on it to hop back out.
4/1/98 15:45
I'm out of the pond! The Apr535c (OEWDG) sold on the run up. I didn't want to start April holding overnight.

I've got this figured out, if you lagged my purchase and sell by just 10 minutes, you would be up twice the Toad. I guess I can live with that. I'll be here in the morning - see you then. I've got to clean up my computer and get this lizard stuff out of here. Ugh.
4/1/98 15:00
My Apr535c (OEWDG) worked it's way back to 7 3/8. Let's hope the bond traders push the market up and I can sell this sucker.
4/1/98 13:17
I hopped into the Apr535c (OEWDG) at 7 3/8 - again, that was just before the market dumped. Did I cause that? Need some green this month, let's go back up market - this isn't a joke - get back up. I have 1/2 on it to get out. Problem is it's at 6 7/8 now.
4/1/98 12:00
I got back a little late from working out and had a little trouble getting into my computer. It's almost like someone else was using it. I'm always worried on April Fool's Day, I told the market I'll not play any April Fool's jokes on it if the market won't play any jokes on me.

There are three toed footprints all around my computer and something that lookes like it might be... lizard droppings! Ugh. Is that beer in my coffee cup?

I'm looking at the market: it's been down, it's been up. Let's see what the lunch crowd does today.

TOADS, FROGS they are all the same to me. Taste like chicken. Let's do some REAL trading today: barbequed frog legs - ummm. I'm looking to jump onto something, anything. Trade like a lizard! I love it.
I'm beautiful.
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Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

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