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TOADS, FROGS they are all the same to me. Taste like chicken. Let's do some REAL trading today: barbequed frog legs - ummm. I'm looking to jump onto something, anything. Trade like a lizard! I love it.
I'm beautiful.
 Go see Louie.

3/31/98 end of day
I'm staying flat, the bond traders dumped the market and I'm outta here. Afer commissions, I'm $72 short of $12,000 for the month - where could I find $72? Let's do this again tomorrow, good night....
3/31/98 14:50
I hopped out again, I guess I could have stayed in for a longer ride, but I'm happy. The Toad is flat, may try to play something after the bond traders show up.
3/31/98 14:25
I'm back into the Apr530c (OEWDF) at 11 again. Guess what, I bought and the market dumped - they were at 10 1/4 just a minute ago. Come on market, let's go UP! I have a 1/2 on it again.
3/31/98 12:45
If you followed me today and hopped in after me and hopped out after me - you did better than the Toad! That last trade put us over $11,000 for March, even with that March 11th disaster! (We can talk about this now, Mrs. Toad is not home right now. Whoops, I think she went shopping.)

Back to work, what to do. I'm looking.
3/31/98 11:55
I'm flat again. I got out with my 1/2 CWS (coulda, woulda, shoulda) been a lot more, but remember "don't be a greedy toad." I'm sitting and watching by the pond, let's do some more today.
3/31/98 10:40
I hopped back into the Apr530c (OEWDF), I was either 10 minutes early or 10 minutes late. It was running up from 10 1/2 and now it's back to 10 1/2. There was my 1/2 (in the wrong direction.) I'm in at 11 and have 1/2 on it to get out.
3/31/98 9:50
Good morning. See why I didn't want that put overnight? It's running 7 3/4 by 8 right now. Tick is approaching +600, have to see what happens after this morning run up. The ever popular Apr530c (OEWDF) is up 1 1/4 already, would have been a good buy yesterday. I'm drinking my coffee, waiting and watching.
3/30/98 end of day
OK, let's talk about the bone-head move I made. I did get out with 3/4 on the 20 contracts today, because I changed from my 1/2 order. If you were being trained by the Toad - I would not permit you to change that order. I ALMOST got stuck holding the Apr525p (OEWPE) overnight. I ran the risk and won today, I've lost that bet very often. It touched 10 3/4, I sold and the market turned. Way too close for comfort. Be here in the morning, I'll bring the coffee.
3/30/98 15:50
I'm out of the Apr525p (OEWPE) at 10 3/4, I did what I tell you not to do, when the Tick was screaming and we were hitting new lows on the OEX, I changed my order to 10 3/4. I'm out with $1390 for the day and not enough time for Mrs. Toad to want to go shopping! I'm out of the pond for the day. See you in the morning.
3/30/98 15:20
I'm wet again, hopped onto the Apr525p (OEWPE) at 10 and I have a 1/2 on it to get out. It's going against me right now.
3/30/98 14:00
Is it me or is it the market? I have seen no reason to get into the pond today. I could have gone sailing. The Tick has been real negative, the Trin has been climbing all day (into declining market) and the OEX has been rather boring, with a downward trend. I'm waiting until the bond traders get done at 3:00 and see which way they drive the market.

I'm trying to play it safe at least thru Tuesday with the FED's meeting, end of a quarter and not sure what the OPEckers are doing.

But I really want to buy something - still looking.
3/30/98 11:00
Goodmorning, I'm moving slowly today. Think it might be spring fever, worked out this morning and I'm slow to get into the market today; looks like the market is having the same problem - no real trend yet. Do we want Dow 9000? Not if CNBC is going to run a 3 HOUR special, remember what the market did after their special on the 10th anniversary of the crash? There were a lot of sales going on then - OK, lets hit 9000 and run some sales.

OEX range today 525 to 527.5 the old Apr530c (OEWDF) range has been 8 1/8 to 9 1/2 and the Apr525c (OEWDE) range has been 11 to 12 1/8. Notice that the 530c has a 1 3/8 range and the 525c only has a 1 1/8 range. I've had a lot of questions about the range and which strike price to buy - looks like good activity and movement on the 530c.

I'll let you know when I open a position.
3/27/98 13:45
Whoops, I told Mrs. Toad (who still insists she is a FROG) what I made today and she says we are going shopping - so I'm out of the pond, I'm flat and we are outta here. Have a good weekend, I'll see you at the market on Monday.
3/27/98 12:55
That was fun! I had 1/2 on the order, then changed it to sell at 9 5/8 for $1. The market kept going up (less down) and it hit. I almost pulled the plug and hopped out at 9 1/4, but I like round numbers. I'm in cash and looking.
3/27/98 12:05
I hopped into the ever popular Apr530c (OEWDF), I'm not really sure why, I expect them to jump up sometime (anytime) today. You might just want to watch this one.
3/27/98 11:30
This downturn is my fault; got back late from working out because we had to go by our church for some volunteer stuff. I should have asked you to watch the pond while I was out. I'm back and looking - talk to you shortly.
3/26/98 15:15
I hopped out of the Apr530c (OEWDF) at 11, and probably left some money on the table. But I'm happy to hop out with $1500. I'm flat and looking.
3/26/98 14:50
You did a better job of watching the market today, thanks. I am back into the Apr530c (OEWDF) at 10 with a 1/2 on them to get out. I thought it was running up after they sat at 9 7/8 for quite awhile - now, they are trying to go back down. We already had a spread of 1 1/4 on these today - all I want is 1/2 (maybe more if the bond traders run it up after 3:00.)
3/26/98 9:50
I have a lunch meeting to attend and I will be out until around 1:30 today - please watch the market while I'm out. We are hitting new highs right now, I'd love to stay and get into this. I'll be back....
3/25/98 16:15
The Toad is flat again - I hopped back out of the Apr530c (OEWDF) at 10. I took a small position because I had no idea where the market was headed; the Tick was moving up (to a lesser negative number) but who knows? I shoulda bought more, or held out for more, or...

See you in the morning.
3/25/98 15:45
I'm hopped into the ever popular Apr530c (OEWDF) at 9 3/8 and have 1/2 on it to get out. Took a small position on this one - 5 contracts. Let's get up now!
3/25/98 14:00
WHAT? Dow is now down - Apparently I can't leave this pond alone. You all were supposed to watch the market when I was gone. I'm not in anything right now. The Tick has been as low as -689 today and sell programs killed the market right after 1:00.
OK, we shoulda bought the Apr530c (OEWDF) last night. I might buy them again, I'll let you know.
3/25/98 10:40
I'm still out of the pond. Got back from working out this morning and the market has been backing off ever since. I have a meeting to attend and should be back around noon to catch the noon time crowd. OK, we shoulda bought the Apr530c (OEWDF) last night, but I slept like a tadpole. :-)
3/24/98 16:10
Never got back into the water, I'm flat and sitting by the pond. Tried to hop back into the Apr530c (OEWDF), they dipped to 9 5/8 at 15:20 when I had an order in at 9 1/2. I cancelled the order when the market again went south around 15:40. They hit a low of 9 1/4 at 15:56 and are back up to 9 5/8. SO, I could have jumped back in at 9 1/2 - but I'd rather be in cash overnight. Might miss an opportunity in the morning, but I'll sleep better tonight. See you in the morning.
3/24/98 15:00
Let's see what the bond traders do today. I'd like to catch another sale like yesterday.
3/24/98 10:05
SOLD! I hopped out of the Apr530c (OEWDF) at 8. I was thinking about dropping the sell point to 7 3/4 but the Tick stayed strong. Now, I'm sitting by the pond, watching for the next one.
3/24/98 8:50
I raised the sell point on the Apr530c (OEWDF) to 8 and I'll watch it closely after open. I don't want to get too greedy, but I'd like to catch the pop up on open today. I'll be back after the open.
P.S. Maria got a haircut.
3/23/98 15:55
I hopped onto the Apr530c (OEWDF) at 6 1/2 and I have a 1/2 on it to get out. If it doesn't sell today, I'll watch Globex overnight and adjust the sell point up if the market wants to jump up on open. This position has a lot of time left - it is good until April 17th. (Ouch, that's two days after you-know-what.)
3/23/98 15:35
YIKES! I was looking at both the Apr525c (OEWDE) and the Apr530c (OEWDF) and the market sunk like a rock in my pond. Let's blame this on the bond traders. I was not lined up on a put because the Tick direction has been running positive with a confirming Trin. Hitting new lows right now and I'm still watching.
3/23/98 15:10
All I'm waiting for now is the bond traders to hit the market after 3:00. On a day like today they might have a large up or down influence on the market. Still sitting by the side of the pond - but I want to get in.
3/23/98 12:25
Thank you very much everyone, Little Toad had a great birthday on Friday.

We are now on just one server; sorry if you got tied up in the mess this weekend, the original site was unavailable most of the weekend.

OK, the market... did the oil companies do this to the dow? With the market "rolling" we could have made money on call or puts today. The Tick has been up and down all morning, but the Trin has said "buy" all day. I'll be hopping back into the market after we see what the noon time crowd does.


Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

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