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11/13/98 16:50
Not a grand slam today, that's for sure. BUT, we are FLAT - didn't want to enter this Saddam weekend holding - if the news is on the good side the options we sold today will go up dramatically.

Lession #452: Have a great weekend, we Jaguars(the Jaguars) are playing the Tampa Bay Bucs at 4:15 on Sunday!
See you on Monday, right here, at the pond.
Toad Update 11/13/98 #2 16:16 EMAIL and ICQ
I just got out of the Nov 550 Calls (OEWKJ) at 9 5/8!
Will update the site in a bit.
Toad Update 11/13/98 #1 14:06 EMAIL and ICQ
Just hopped into 5 contracts of the NOV 550 Calls (OEWKJ) at 9 1/4.
Will let you know when we hop.
11/13/98 12:20
Will the President's speech do anything to the market?
New ICQ number for the Toad on our new computer - 19307704. Shouldn't have to get a new number - but we did. So add us if you can't find the Toad today.
11/13/98 10:10
Happy Friday (the 13th) - let's have some bagels and do some hopping today.
11/12/98 22:00
Toadsters please note: today was a good example of why it's difficult to respond to ICQ messages, emails and telephone calls during market hours. Don't hesitate to send ICQ's and email whenever you want, just understand we can't always respond until later in the day - after the market closes.
11/12/98 20:30
Found out that quite a few Toadsters made money today, some because they listened to the Toad. This was a case where the Toad wasn't listening.

    We have a standard exit point: set the sell point $2 above the entry price. Then if the market is running fast, you usually have time to raise the exit and let the winners run. Today the market was running right as soon as we bought, so we set the sell point at 10 1/2, 1/2 higher than normal. SO, when the market ran up and we woulda sold at $10, we missed the boat at 10 1/2.
    (Rule #4: Don't get greedy!)
Market came down as fast as it went up today, missed selling it at $9 and caught it at our entry price of $8.

So we paid the commission today, and we are ready for some BAGELS tomorrow. See you in the morning. Cyber Bagels courtesy of Bagels for All - 
see Links page for more info.
Toad Update 11/12/98 #2 EMAIL and ICQ
We are out of the Nov 550 calls at $8.
OUCH, cost us the commission.

Sent this earlier on ICQ:
I'm getting ready to dump this position, hope to make some money on it.
I was on the phone when it ran up and didn't hit my $10 1/2 sell point.
FOR SOME REASON, I DIDN'T PUT the normal $2 on this one and we still have it.

Toad Update 11/12/98 #1 EMAIL and ICQ
We just hopped into 10 contracts of the Nov 550 Calls (OEWKJ) at 8.
Will let you know when we hop out.
11/12/98 9:20
Good morning, let's DO something today - have an agressive Toad that doesn't want to wait until NEXT WEEK when the Feds MIGHT do something about the interest rates.
11/11/98 23:38
Well, discovered that the 12:41 update to the site didn't take. Still figuring out the new format (you don't see it, but we do when we update!)

Little Toad went back to college after dinner tonight, meeting at church after that, so didn't see the "missing link" until later. Oops.

SCW, a put shortly after lunch, didn't expect it to move outta the range.
11/11/98 12:41
Guys on CNBC say it's a "sideways" market - would like to see something more. Looks like lunchtime around here - back in a bit.
11/11/98 10:20
The Toad was surprised by a change in file maintenance format overnight. Took a little time to update this morning. Shouldn't do things like that after a night of wining and dining! Will sit by the pond and watch for awhile.
11/10/98 23:30
Took some friends out to dinner tonight - to thank them for all of the help they gave us right after our accident. So, we are full and late to get back home. Let's hit the hay and we will see you in the morning.
Wonder if it will be a slow day tomorrow? Veteran's Day- thank a veteran tomorrow.
(ps. The Toad is a veteran.)
Toad Update 11/10/98 #1 15:26 EMAIL
Thought we had one today, looked close on a move, twice today - but boy are we glad we didn't.
Market is up 6 points now = OEX up 2 ....

Some Toadsters were convinced we should hop into PUTS and actually we chased a CALL the Nov 550 Call (OEWKJ) around noon. Looking to pick it up for $12 and it ran away. The market got stagnant after that, so we are still here - watching.
(By the way the OEWKJ went as high as 12 1/2 and is around 11 3/4 now. Good NON-CALL Toad - why thank you.)
Actually I'm leaving for PT (Physical Therapy) in about 10 minutes, so see you later tonight and FUR SURE in the morning.

11/10/98 10:00
We are working on our email to pager notification and expect to have the full details out soon. Currently we have several Toadsters who receive their updates to pagers or cell phones, if you have PageNet or SkyTel or some AT&T phones, that service is probably available to you right now.

This ADDED BENEFIT is FREE to subscribers - Cool, huh?
11/10/98 9:29
Looks like we will have a down market on open, let's see what happens today. Stay tuned.
Toad Update 11/9/98 #1 17:43 EMAIL ONLY
Kept waiting
    and waiting

      and waiting for something to happen, or hoppen.... NOTHING...
Guess everyone was waiting to see what will happen with Iraq.

The market did move SOME, but not enough to hop, we saw the possibility to make 1/2 - maybe, but to make that, we had to sell at the HIGH of the day. Wasn't gonna happen...

We woulda hopped into puts earlier in the day, say around 11:15 when the signals were relatively strong - but the options didn't go up like we woulda expected. So we were pleased we didn't hop - can't guarantee we woulda been able to hop out at the high....

Then there was a TEASE call play around 15:15 when the tick started up, but it didn't get into positive numbers until 15:30 or so. SO, that's a NON PLAY - maybe 1/2 - IF WE WERE LUCKY, if we weren't lucky, then we would LOSE on the position. Bad things man....

That's why we are singing the blues.... and we will be back in the am.
11/9/98 9:12
Good Monday Morning! Let's watch the pond and do some hopping!
Just wanted to mention that the JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS won again today! Jaguars
Our record is now 7 wins and 2 of those other things (non-wins).
11/6/98 19:35
That's it for this "wild" week, we are FLAT, not holding anything over the weekend.

We are UP 164% - that's $80,371 this year!
BAD NEWS: Subscribe today, don't be 
Toadless! We are gonna lose some "free trial" toadsters that will drop off the list tonight. They will be "Toadless" if they don't subscribe.

Have a great weekend - see you next week.

Toad Update 11/6/98 #1 EMAIL and ICQ 14:55


I REALLY, REALLY want to trade. It just hasn't been there for us this week, I HATE THAT! I hate that for two reasons:
    1) I really, really want to trade and we haven't this week. The signals just haven't been there OR haven't been sustained signals. The couple or three times we coulda traded this week - IF we coulda hopped in at the right price and IF we coulda hopped out at the right price, we coulda made 1/2 to 3/4. But that is alot of IF's. No sustained runs like the Toad loves.

    In my apprentice (Tadpole) days I know we woulda hopped this week and my record on just hopping is about 50:50 - not real good if we are dumping 10 to 15 thousand into the market....

    2) I really, really want to trade because MY NEW COMPUTER GOT HERE TODAY - well almost all of it - missing one box. SO, I really, really need to pay for it!

Enought whining - I have PT today at 3:30 so I'm going to be leaving a bit early - but I will come in early one day next week to make up for it.
11/6/98 8:45
Come on in and have a bagel; we are drinking coffee, eating bagels and watching the pond. Let's hop in today...
11/5/98 23:30

Here is what the Toad was thinking today:
IF we coulda hopped into calls by say 3:30 today, THEN maybe we coulda hopped OUT of the calls by the close of options trading at 4:15.

We DIDN'T want to get caught holding overnight - that's one of the reasons we stopped chasing the calls. (Plus, we have often been burned when we "chase" an option - set a price to buy and don't get carried away.)

This was not a departure from "Toad Theory" - we HATE to hold overnight. See you in the morning.
11/5/98 17:50
Maybe, just maybe, this was a day when the Toad shoulda used a "market order" - we started chasing the calls around 3:40 today - as the market was in it's day-end spike.
Tried first at 11 1/2 and then at $12 to buy the Nov 550 Calls (OEWKJ) and couldn't get them, it was way too late in the day and we dropped out of the chase - YES, they closed at 13 1/2!

So, Mrs. Toad would probably say, "Good, you are still flat."

SO, tomorrow is FRIDAY and we have BAGELS!Cyber Bagels courtesy of Bagels for All - 
see Links page for more info. Let's make some green tomorrow, (not green bagels.) See you by the pond in the am.
Toad Update 11/5/98 #1 EMAIL and ICQ 13:00

When Dr. G started speaking, it looked like the market would dump, now - it's up!
Love that guy... I think.
Let's keep listening...

Whoops, there he goes - he went off the air just after I sent the ICQ message - how will THIS effect the market?
11/5/98 9:25
Good morning, looks like an initial down market and then - who knows. Stay tuned..
11/4/98 17:05
We got our small spike up starting around 3:00, but it wasn't enough. Looking at the three calls we were considering: they each went up about 1/2 and that was it.
Rather pass than get caught holding - no telling what will happen in the a.m.
BUT, we will be here, see you then.
Toad Update 11/4/98 #2 EMAIL and ICQ 14:57

I don't think I'd hop into this market with YOUR money, so I'm not in with Toad money.

The market drops, then backs up, then drops and a large spike UP or DOWN wouldn't surprise us yet today. Don't know how to get on the correct side of that spike - if signals change for us, we will hop. If it stays this way - we will stay flat.
Toad Update 11/4/98 #1 EMAIL and ICQ 12:54

You know we haven't seen much of a "lunch-time" effect recently. Is it just the lessened "volatility" of the market??

Hmmm... sitting and watching (gonna eat lunch now - how about a fly sandwitch? or is that a sandwitch on the fly.....)
11/4/98 9:30
Good Morning! The Toad is here watching the pond, stay tuned to this Toad-Station.
Globex is UP!
11/3/98 23:50
Well, the election returns are in and we elected the Bush of our choice in Florida!

As you could tell from earlier today, we are disgusted with the ongoing effects of the auto accident.

So, we will be here all day Wednesday and LET'S DO SOME TRADES! We need to hop - it's good for my feet. See you here by the pond.
11/3/98 9:20
Good morning, it's election day!
Yesterday didn't go real well with the dr's. Although the foot is getting better, my shoulder isn't. It was also "crushed" in the auto accident and hasn't been getting better. Today I have to go across town for an MRI, some xrays and meet with ANOTHER dr.

Doesn't look good for trading until a lot later today. Got back around market close yesterday and wasn't feeling too good about this shoulder stuff.

Enough about Toad problems, our slate is clear for Wednesday.....
Remember, it's election day - vote early and often. See you later today, I hope.
Toad Update 11/2/98 #1 EMAIL and ICQ 10:53

Wonder if the pond will have waves today. Will just have to sit here and wait.
Have a doctor's appointment. Should be back after lunch.
11/2/98 9:25
Good morning; just a little late to the pond. Was reading the morning paper about the Jags WIN! Just sitting here waiting for something to happen! Stay tuned...
11/1/98 23:30
WOW! Now we are happy - didja see that game?
Jaguars WON, beat Baltimore 45-19!
10/31/98 22:38
Little Toad is happy - the Gators won! Mrs. Toad and I will be happy if the Jaguars win tomorrow!
Go Jags! Happy Halloween!
10/30/98 18:50
That's it for October. We are entering the weekend FLAT and will be back on Monday morning.

We are UP $7,842 this month and UP $80,371 this year! That's a 164% increase!
BAD NEWS: Subscribe today, don't be 
Toadless! Some "free trial" toadsters will drop off the list tonight. They will be "Toadless" if they don't subscribe.

Have a great weekend - see you next week.

10/30/98 14:45

Toad Central is NOT caught up in the INTERNET STOCK SCAMS and the SEC is not chasing us for "touting stocks", "pumping and dumping", "scalping" or "spamming".

We just thought you'd want to know (buy INTL) that we would NEVER get involved with (buy INTL) anything like that. We are (buy INTL - my stock will go up) still taking the high road (buy INTL) to the pond.

Toad Update 10/30/98 #1 EMAIL and ICQ 13:58

OK, OK, Mrs. Toad is RIGHT again. There, I said it! She didn't think we should get in at 1:25....

We didn't get in on the run up and now it's way "down" to +5 on the OEX.
Still watching - want to get a hop in today....
10/30/98 9:15
Good morning, eating bagels, drinking coffee, GLOBEX is up, will the rally that started right before close yesterday continue today? Stay tuned...
10/29/98 20:59
It's Bagel time in the morning! See you then.Cyber Bagels courtesy of Bagels for All - 
see Links page for more info.

Getting ready for the BIG College Football weekend around here - annual FL-GA game and Little Toad will be home this weekend. Not showing any favoritism:

Toad Update 10/29/98 #3 EMAIL 20:45

Disappointing day, really wanted to push a trade and didn't see the signals to do it.
The rally at the end of the day was frustrating, wanted to buy a call - - - the calls shot up and shot right back down.
Didn't want to get caught holding overnight.... the calls closed around where they were before the last spurt. So, we are still flat.

Great news is - tomorrow is BAGEL day.

See you then, bring the cream cheese..
Toad Update 10/29/98 #2 EMAIL and ICQ 12:23

Just walked outside to watch the launch of Discovery.
It was a small streak in the sky! John Glenn was just launched back into space.
WOW, that was neat!
Godspeed John Glenn.

Toad Update 10/29/98 #1 EMAIL and ICQ 12:23

Well, I tried to get in cheap and missed the run up. I had an order in to buy the Nov 520 Calls (OEWKD) at $18. It was about 10 til noon when we had the order in.

It ran away from us and is now at 19 and I don't like the current signals.
So, we are still watching.
10/29/98 10:15
Yawn....... Come on let's have a better day than yesterday.... B - o - r - i - n - g......
Stay tuned, if you can stay awake with this market.

Oh, yes - almost forgot. Yesterday was Bill Gates 43rd birthday. Happy B-day to Bill, happy b-day to Bill. I was gonna send him an online birthday card but my Windows 95 locked up... :-)
Toad Update 10/28/98 #1 EMAIL and ICQ 14:56

Not much of a ripple on the pond. We're just watching the water skippers.

CNBC did have some good jokes! Didja hear the one about Joe's grandmother: lived to be 81 and never needed glasses. Always drank out of the bottle!!!

So, we are still watching...
10/28/98 11:25
Good thing it's a nice day here. Perfect day for just sitting by the pond - market's doing nothin'!
10/28/98 10:20
Good morning, just haven't said good morning yet, we have been watching the pond. Who knows where we are headed today - stay tuned for the hop.
10/27/98 18:35
So, we left some money on the table today, sold at 16 and the option went as high as 18 - I can live with that. We made money today - I like that.

Had our sell at 16 1/2 and was concerned it wouldn't hit our sell price. NOT! After we sold, the sucker took off, if you were following the Toad, you probably got out with 1/2 to 1 higher than the Toad - Ribbitt.
See you in the morning.
Toad Update 10/27/98 #3 EMAIL and ICQ 14:17

We just hopped out of the Nov 530 puts (OEWWF) at 16.
We are FLAT!
Toad Update 10/27/98 #2 EMAIL and ICQ 13:54

I've been sitting on a 16 1/2 sell order for quite awhile.
Not sure if I should get out soon.... hmmm
That's our Nov 530 puts (OEWWF) I'm talking about.

Toad Update 10/27/98 #1 EMAIL and ICQ 11:58

We just hopped into 10 contracts of the Nov 530 Puts (OEWWF) at 14 1/2.
Will let you know when we hop out.
10/27/98 9:20
We are watching the pond and waiting to HOP!
10/26/98 16:35
Gee, I hate it when she does that... Mrs. Toad said, "The reason we didn't hop into the calls when we were VERY close was the market was about to FREEZE UP for an hour." Nope, the reason was dumb luck, or...

CNBC says it was because of the anniversary of ... blah, blah ,blah....

What really ticks us off is we want to TRADE! - - - The Toad is HUNGRY.

A little scarey isn't it? A Toad in the attack mode - see you in the morning. RIBBITT!!
Toad Update 10/26/98 #2 EMAIL and ICQ 16:12

Talk about throwing a wet blanket on our party! Just stop trading for an HOUR.
Not sure if the traders could figure this one out.
Probably a good day NOT to get involved.
We have a lot of PENT UP trading activity to get out of our systems - let's burn it up the rest of this week...
See you in the morning.
Toad Update 10/26/98 #1 EMAIL and ICQ 13:39

Oops, looks like year 2000 problems a little early. Technical problem on the floor of the NYSE - nothing moving right now...

We were real close to hopping into either the Nov 530 calls (OEWKF) or the Nov 540 calls (OEWKH) right after noon.
Then, well you saw what happened...

Now, we are not sure, still watching the pond.
10/26/98 7:35
Good morning - we are not going to talk about football for awhile.
We are here watching the pond - stay tuned for the hop!
10/24/98 1:30
OK, OK, the Jaguars are playing the Broncos in Denver on Sunday. We are very nervous about this game... GO JAGS!
10/23/98 00:00
Nope, we didn't hop today; we wanted to but didn't like anything. Good news is we are FLAT and will be back on Monday morning.

We are UP $6,417 this month and UP $78,946 this year!
BAD NEWS: Subscribe today, don't be 
Toadless! Some "free trial" toadsters will drop off the list tonight. They will be "Toadless" if they don't subscribe.

Have a great weekend - see you next week.
10/23/98 23:00
After the market closed, we started working in the garage. Our neighborhood association has an annual garage sale and Mrs. Toad wanted to get rid of a lot of "stuff", so we are now some tired Toads. What doesn't sell gets picked up by Goodwill on Monday. So let's update the site now...
Toad Update 10/23/98 #1 EMAIL and ICQ 14:26

Well, it doesn't look like a trading day for the Toad.
Don't like most of what we have seen, even though we are moving faster now that we are back in warm weather.

Don't want to let it hang out until Monday, so we are staying FLAT.
10/23/98 9:25
Come on in and have a bagel, we are watching the market - hang around...
10/22/98 22:20
Long uneventfull trip, we are back in Jacksonville and can't wait to get into the market in the morning. See you then - remember it's Bagel time! See you in the morning.Cyber Bagels courtesy of Bagels for All - 
see Links page for more info.
10/22/98 1:20 (00:20 Central Time)
Great dinner and great evening; yep, the AT paid for dinner.

The AT's secretary worked on our reservations out of here in the morning and don't know if we can be back in Jacksonville in time to do any trading tomorrow. Looks like it's a four hour trip including a plane change, then the trip from the airport in Jacksonville, so.... it looks like we will be out all day tomorrow.

Didn't expect this trip to take us away from the market for three whole days, we had the extra day available to do a second day with the Apprentice Toad, but we were both comfortable with what we did today.

We will see you next for Bagels on Friday morning - we need to make some green at the market this week - see you Friday. The Toad has wings tomorrow - happy flying.

Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

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