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10/21/98 18:00 (17:00 Central Time)
OK, we are headed out to dinner - AT is buying.

But first things first - WE HAD BAGELS at the AT's place this morning. Nice, we appreciate the thought and the bagels. It's not even Friday!

The AT did well today, entered the Nov 530 Calls (OEWKF) at 13:05 (12:05 CT) at $14 hung in there and missed them when they ran up to 15, but got nervous and hopped out at 14:46 (13:46 CT) with a profit of 3/4. (He got out at 14 3/4.) So, he made enough to take us to dinner tonight!

Will update again after we get back from dinner. Hope you all did well today.
10/20/98 23:05 (22:05 Central Time)
Well, we are settled into our motel here in cold country - found out it might snow before we leave to go home! Market opens up at 8:30 central time - don't know if I'm gonna like this.....

Brought Mrs. Toad's laptop and discovered we have not imported the ICQ toad list onto this computer. We don't usually send signals during Apprentice Toad training, so I guess it's OK that we don't have the ICQ list here.

Will try to update the site tomorrow after we train the AT.

Guess I should tell you that we didn't trade anything today - just got to see a little of the market before it closed. Didn't look like a lot happened today. This is a totally different perspective when you are not following the market by the minute.

So until sometime tomorrow.... good night and brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
10/20/98 real early
Hey, it's after midnight. So, Good Morning from the Toad. Have a great day - don't know if I'll be able to update from the AT's place. Will let you know. Good trading all.
10/19/98 23:30
We went out to dinner, did a little shopping and now are all packed for tomorrow. Way too late to be on the internet, but here I am.

Were real serious about calls first thing this morning, then .... thought maybe puts for a short while until the market went back up. Then we decided, this sucker was in a trading range, nothing really took off today. Plus we didn't want to leave anything open today with us on the road tomorrow.
10/19/98 13:30
Think about this, a Toad in a turtle-neck sweater....
Toad Update 10/19/98 #2 EMAIL and ICQ 12:50

Well, we blush to admit that we have been bought out for two days by sheer capitalism.

Tickets just arrived here at Toad Central for us to travel to an Apprentice Toadsters place to train him the next two days. We will be leaving here Tuesday morning and then doing the AT training on Wednesday and coming back to Florida on either Wednesday night or Thursday morning. Depends upon the return flight connections and when we finish up with the AT. (Tradition has it that the AT takes Toad and Mrs. Toad out to dinner using some of the days profit.)

SO, we are packing and getting some last minute things together, we are traveling to COLD country. You know Toads do not do well in COLD.
Still looking at the pond today...
Gonna finish lunch first.
Toad Update 10/19/98 #1 EMAIL and ICQ 11:48

OK, I'm gonna fess up. I WAS looking at the OEWKD's Nov 520 calls earlier today.
Nope, we didn't hop - and now.... who knows.
Still here, by the pond watching.
10/19/98 8:50
Good morning - we are here watching the pond...
We lost - I don't want to talk about it...
10/16/98 16:45
Yep, we looked at the OCT, DEC and DEC calls today - then didn't buy anything! Next month Mrs. Toad says we take off OEF....

Now the announcements you have been waiting for:
    1) Yes, the Jaguars are playing this weekend. Buffalo Billies are playing our Jaguars!
    Jaguars     Sunday at 1:00 Jaguars play Buffalo!
    2) Yes, Subscribe today, don't be 
Toadless! some "free trial" toadsters will drop off the list tonight. They will be "Toadless" if they don't subscribe.

    3) Yes, we made some money this week:
    We are UP $3,850 this week and UP $78,946 this year!

Have a great weekend - see you next week.
Toad Update 10/16/98 #1 EMAIL and ICQ 16:10

I do this almost every OEF (Options Expiration Friday) - I look at the next months options and they just cost too much. The 520 calls are $18 more if you buy the NOV ones, heck the DEC 520's only cost $10 more than the November.

So, I keep thinking I'll move on to the next months options earlier and then I don't.
Let's see what these suckers run on Monday - of course then they will be the only game in town....

Some "Free Trial Toadsters" will drop off the list tonight - don't let it happen to you!
10/16/98 9:20
We are enjoying the bagels you sent - thank you very much. Should be a STRONG opening today.
Check out our new order form and address at:Subscription Order Form
10/15/98 23:35
SO, we went out to a nice dinner tonight - got back and watched the end of the Detroit/Green Bay game.

Discussing today's market over dinner, Mrs. Toad said, "It was probably good you weren't there to get in today."

Maybe she was right, the way the market ran up, IF we coulda hopped in - we may have entered at the HIGH of the day.

AND - we are still FLAT! See you in the morning - not sure whose turn it is to bring the BAGELS Cyber Bagels courtesy of Bagels for All - 
see Links page for more info. but don't let us down, it's FRIDAY!
Toad Update 10/15/98 #2 EMAIL and ICQ 17:55

OK - right around 3:00, I received a call from my foot Dr. that the orthodic for my broken foot was ready - SO, because the market was not doing anything, I drove over to the Dr's office, read a magazine and got fitted and checked out with my shoe insert. Stopped off at the market and Mrs. Toad and I got some fresh bread and she picked up her X-rays for a Dr.'s appointment she has in the morning.

&*^##&(*)*_@^%%% when we got back in the car, the radio was saying "The Fed's lowered rates today and the market went UP 300 points......." &*^##&(*)*_@^%%%

Who woulda thought.....

It looks like it would have been hard to get in as the market shot up in a very short period - BUT, I would have loved to be in the market for a short period.

NOW, we have EXPIRATION DAY tomorrow and I rarely do anything on those days - we will look for a quick one - but it's going to have to look good (like today----ouch.)

But, the bagels will be here - so cheer up Toad, it's almost Friday.

ps..    My foot feels better.....
Toad Update 10/15/98 #1 EMAIL and ICQ 13:52

We were close earlier today, but it's OPTIONS EXPIRATION WEEK. Anything we buy is worth a lot less tomorrow. The curve is exponential +.

I was concerned that we had slipped into a trading range around 11:00 - then look what happened.... 12:15 was another scare and the TICK has been dropping steadly.
10/15/98 9:05
We are here - good morning. Stay tuned for the hop.
10/14/98 16:55
Yep, it was another good day - we didn't lose any money.
I'm not even going to mention OPTIONS EXPIRATION WEEK - because that doesn't bother us,
    doesn't bother us,
      doesn't bother us,
        doesn't bother us,
          doesn't bother us,
            doesn't bother us,
              doesn't bother us,
                doesn't bother us at all anymore.

See you here by the pond in the morning.
Toad Update 10/14/98 #1 EMAIL and ICQ 16:44

OK, OK, OK - I was looking at calls. Looked ALMOST right around 2:00 - OOPS.
WRONG! - we never got to the order stage. Then we were in the PUT mode for 30 minutes until market went back up, took out the previous high ....and then tanked again.

Like I say - it's a good time to be a FLAT toad.
See you in the morning.
10/14/98 11:45
I know, you think we are "afraid" of OPTIONS EXPIRATION WEEK - that's not it, after the morning pop - a      s    l    o    w    market today. A/D line is about even - hmmmm....

Friend from Australia sent me this - Year 2000 problems? take a look and wait a minute to see everything.
10/14/98 8:35
Good morning, we are watching the pond.
10/13/98 16:32
Looked like nothing today AND THEN - along came a dip - we did OK. Made the same as we did yesterday - hopping along OK.

See you all in the morning, we will be here by the pond.
Toad Update 10/13/98 #3 EMAIL and ICQ 14:56

I'm outta the Oct 490 Puts (OEXVR) at 9.
Toad Update 10/13/98 #2 EMAIL and ICQ 13:43

We just hopped into 10 contracts of the Oct 490 Puts (OEXVR) at 7.
Will let you know when we hop out.
Toad Update 10/13/98 #1 EMAIL 11:40

Have been back from the Dr. since 10:15 - nothing going on yet.
I did get the OK to not wear the cast anymore - only have to wear it if I'm doing a lot of walking. So, we won't be dancing much - how about the Texas One-step?
This is a still pond we are watching now - wonder if we will get some better action?
10/13/98 8:35

Good morning, GREAT GAME last night - Jaguars WON!

We are watching the pond now, BUT have to go see the Dr. this morning - should be back around 10:30. The next time you see me, I might have this cast off my foot!    Let's hope,    or is that let's hop??
 .  .  .  . I'll be baaaack.
10/12/98 15:05
Nice hit today - up almost $2000 this week already.

Now, on to the the IMPORTANT stuff!
The Jaguars are playing Miami tonight - watch for us on TV - we will be wearing Teal and Black!


Toad Update 10/12/98 #3 EMAIL and ICQ 14:52

It looks like we are staying flat today.
The Jaguars are playing MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL and we need to start getting ready to go to the game! (Playing Miami tonight in Jacksonville!)
So, don't want to open up another position now, as we are thinking about football, not the market.
We had a nice hit today - lets do some again tomorrow. See you then.
10/12/98 13:00
We are again FLAT and looking....
Toad Update 10/12/98 #2 EMAIL and ICQ 12:11

Don't know if I hopped out too early - but I'm FLAT!
Just sold the Oct 490 Calls (OEWJR) at 13 1/4 - had $2 on them and they are gone!
Toad Update 10/12/98 #1 EMAIL and ICQ 10:42

I just hopped into 10 contracts of the Oct 490 Calls (OEXJR) at 11 1/4.
Will let you know when we hop out.
10/12/98 8:40
Looks, like a strong opening this morning - stay tuned.
10/9/98 17:35
Earlier today we were looking seriously at calls, ALMOST hopped in around 1:00 right as the market was retrenching - was looking at an entry of 13 or so for the Oct 475 calls. When the market backed off, felt we were lucky not to have them at 13 - they finished today at 16 1/2 - ribbit!

Later it looked like we were in a trading range - and the way the A/D was moving and the way the TICK was rolling, it looked like a day where we would be stuck holding...    As Mrs. Toad said "It was a day where they were gigging Toads in the pond!"        Hate that on weekends.

ALSO, had conversations with about 5 Toadsters who were sure we would TANK at 3:00 today. Let's trade the signals and the OEX - if the rumors come through, they will hit the market and we can trade them, if not: let's not worry about them.
Now we come to the end of a week and it's our sad duty to announce that: Subscribe today, don't be 
Toadless!    Some "Free Trial" Toadsters will drop off the list tonight - Don't let it happen to YOU!


We are UP $2,567 this week and UP $75,096 this year!

Have a great weekend - see you next week.
Toad Update 10/9/98 #1 EMAIL and ICQ 13:21

That was CLOSE - we didn't hop yet.
Will keep you posted.

10/9/98 8:50

We are here watching the pond and eating BAGELS - happy Friday everyone!
10/8/98 20:15
Well, that was not a bad day for us. We SCW made more, but we didn't get out earlier - didn't expect the market to make up all those losses.

IMPORTANT:    We must have had some kind of a problem over the weekend with our ISP or with the internet.    Apparently some emails were "lost" when we were away - don't know how it could have happened, but we are positive it happened because we have received numerous emails stating that we have IGNORED (not answered) your emails. That is VERY UNTOAD LIKE - we usually answer everything. So, if you emailed something recently and didn't receive an answer - please resend your emails - THANK YOU.
See you in the morning for BAGELS! Cyber Bagels courtesy of Bagels for All - 
see Links page for more info. It's FRIDAY!
Toad Update 10/8/98 #3 EMAIL and ICQ 12:40

I hopped out of the 465 puts at 20 1/2 - (I KNOW THEY HIT 22 earlier!)
We are FLAT and outta this crazy market.

Looking for another...
Toad Update 10/8/98 #2 EMAIL and ICQ 12:23

Good ride so far - if you hopped into the 460's you are up about $3 the 465's are up 4 to almost 5 - I'm going to keep watching this closely.
Really want to hop out, I'm just hanging on now.
Toad Update 10/8/98 #1 EMAIL and ICQ 11:36

We just hopped into 5 contracts of the Oct 465 Puts (OEXVM) at 15 1/4.
Will let you know when we hop out.
10/8/98 8:50
We are here watching the pond and it's going down...   should be an interesting open this morning - hang on...
10/7/98 23:45
It's late and I'm outta here - see you here in the morning.
Toad Update 10/7/98 #2 EMAIL and ICQ EVENING UPDATE

We had a some questions about what we were watching today, so to George, Eric, Kevin and Sam:

We ALWAYS line up on at least 3 calls and 3 puts - today we were tracking the 470, 475. 480, 485 calls (OEXJN thru OEXJQ) and the 465, 470, 475, 480 and 485 puts (OEXVM thru OEXVQ).
Decided against the calls early in the day, around 12:45 we started thinking "maybe" calls again until around 1:45 when puts were strong for about an hour, THEN market shot up until 3:15 when we whipsawed two more times, finishing the day with a charge up for the last half hour. This was "regression toward the mean" - when it looked like a trend had started, we moved back around the opening numbers (OEX @ 480) and the market stayed there for the next two hours. Thought we had slipped into a trading range that might last all day.

So, we couldn't get clean signals or the nerve to jump into this sucker today.
In hindsight, we shoulda hopped into a put at 10:30 and hopped out at 2:30 and then we shoulda hopped into a call at 2:45 and out at the end of the day.

Overall, this was one of those days we KNEW the market was tanking, but it would give us enough strength to keep us out - we coulda screwed this up today by eagerly hopping wrong. For instance, a call at 10:30 when the market was running up or puts at 2:45 and 3:30 when the market was running down....

So, we are FLAT. Tomorrow is another day and I'm outta here.

This is late going out because Mrs. Toad and I looked at new cars tonight - we may just get one from the internet people - www.CarPrices.

See you in the morning, I'm going to bed.
Toad Update 10/7/98 #1 EMAIL and ICQ 13:21

Difficult market to read today.
We have lined up on several positions, but never pulled the trigger (hit the mouse) - have been glad we didn't on most plays today.

Still watching the pond, it's Wednesday and I'd like to do something!
10/7/98 8:20
Good morning, we are BACK! - Took an extra day, but we are back and watching the pond. Stay tuned....
10/2/98 17:10
Subscribe today, don't be 
Toadless!    Some "Free Trial" Toadsters will drop off the list tonight - Don't let it happen to YOU!

Wierd week, I guess we've had a bunch of them the last few months. We certainly considered going into a put today - early today. Never got clear, consistent signals. When we were thinking calls - we kept advising Toadsters NOT to hop into puts! Glad we made those recommendations. The calls were ruled out by the market action a little after 2:00.

So, all that remains to be said is:

We are UP $3,925 this week and UP $72,529 this year!

See you next week.
Toad Update 10/2/98 #1 EMAIL @ 16:12 and ICQ @ 15:28

I hate to say today was a bust, but the bagels are gone and we didn't hop.

We had a lot of requests from Toadsters about hopping into puts, we were looking at puts and calls - BUT no good sustained signals.
I would hate to get stuck holding a position over this weekend.
PLUS Mrs. Toad just asked if we could take a long weekend and not come back 'til Monday night or so - just wants to go spend some time at the beach. No Jaguars game this weekend and we have not done much since the auto accident.

SO, that's it for today - Only good signal today was from Mrs. Toad when she said - "You should have gotten into Calls at 11:00 today." Hey, what does she know......
Let's see: at 11:30 the Oct 480 call (OEXJP) was at $14 and it is closing out at 18 1/2 X 19 1/4. --- what does she know that we don't know???

Have a great weekend.

Oh, yeah - some of you will be falling off the list today - that is if you don't subscribe! Don't be caught Toadless.
10/2/98 9:20
Good morning, we are here watching the pond and having BAGELS! Stay tuned...
      "We've heard that a million monkeys at a million keyboards
      could produce the Complete Works of Shakespeare; now, thanks
      to the Internet, we know this is not true."
        -Robert Wilensky, University of California

10/1/98 18:10

OK, the bad news first: We didn't hop into anything today. Just chased our tail all day (Toad tail?) - chasing puts. When it looked like we were going to get a buy on a put, the market would dump further and the position would get away from us.

Now, the good news: We didn't lose any money.

Finally, the GREAT NEWS tomorrow is - - YEP! Cyber Bagels courtesy of Bagels for All - 
see Links page for more info. BAGEL DAY!

See you here in the morning.
Toad Update 10/1/98 #2 End of day EMAIL and ICQ

Well, that was a bust today. We didn't lose any money, but we didn't get in either.
Right at every hour, the market would pop to the upside and I wasn't sure - felt we could have a rally after 3:00 and we did have three small bumps up during the last hour.
Still, we missed a run - DIDN'T buy theOct 480 puts (OEXVP) at 15 1/2 right around 2:00 and then the market ran back up - we pulled our buy order on the run up. Then they ran up to 17 1/2 (that was when I was kicking myself) - they finished at 15 1/2.

So, that's it for the first day of the month.
I'll be back in the morning and it's BAGEL DAY!
See you at the pond,
Toad Update 10/1/98 #1 12:14 EMAIL and ICQ

Yep, we are here.
Chased a put until it got out of my "comfort" range and I'm glad we didn't go any higher. Market backed off and we are around where I wanted to buy the puts now.... Don't think so yet.
Still watching the pond.
10/1/98 9:05
Happy October! Good morning all, we are here watching the pond.
Stay tuned...
9/30/98 22:20
Great way to finish out September!
We hopped into the 505 puts today and rode them about 2 1/2 hours. They hit 19 when our sell was at 19 1/2... We hopped out because we were not sure if the market would stay low - we tested 465.5 twice and it looked like we might move back up.

I guess you saw that the puts hit a high of 21!
Don't care (yeah, right) we hopped out and made some green - NEVER complain about making a profit.

Had a meeting at church tonight, that's why the late update. Let's see we are..
UP $13,972 this month and we are UP $72,529 this year!

See you tomorrow for another MONTH!
Toad Update 9/30/98 #2 13:24 EMAIL and ICQ

I hopped out of the Oct 505 puts (OEWVA) at 18 1/2 -
I know, I could have had more earlier - I was a little greedy.
Toad Update 9/30/98 #1 10:44 EMAIL and ICQ

Just hopped into 10 contracts of the Oct 505 Puts (OEWVA) at 14 1/2.
Will let you know when we hop.
9/30/98 9:50
We are sitting here watching the pond - going down, and now it's backing off. Let's see what we do today...
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