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9/29/98 17:07
Dr. G does it and the market doesn't - go figure.

We looked seriously at the Oct 510 Calls (OEWJB) and the Oct 510 Puts (OEWVB) around 2:00 (OEX = 509.31). They were each going for $15 - if we knew which way the market would go - (probably down) we could hop in.

We didn't gamble and guess what - each of the positions went DOWN - I didn't think we could do that...

They closed today as follows:
Looks like a good day to stay FLAT...

See you by the pond in the morning.
Toad Update 9/29/98 #2 15:36 EMAIL and ICQ

We were tracking 3 calls and 3 puts today, thought seriously about hopping in BEFORE Dr. G announcement came out - that would have been a gamble - Toad's don't gamble.

So, we watched and a couple of Toadsters hopped in and told me after the fact.
Funny, neither the Calls or Puts are working out...... I'm not sure how that happened.
We are flat and will be hot to trot (excuse me) tomorrow.
Toad Update 9/29/98 #1 11:44 EMAIL and ICQ

Check out the web site, we are not sure about the Toad Chat Room.
It seems to be appreciated by all, but it does affect the Toad's trading - so, we might suspend it for awhile or go to "regular hours" later.
9/29/98 10:50

Good morning, we are back and watching the pond - will let everyone know when we hop in.
Dr. G Dr. G speaks tomorrow.
9/28/98 20:45
The way the market was moving today, we didn't hop into anything.
"The market price already includes all of the news." - I don't agree when Dr. G is speaking.

Today from 11:15 on - puts were the play, EXCEPT from 1:00 to 2:00 when a call was indicated. That's why we didn't hop today.

Don't know about the Toad Chat Room - it might be affecting the Toad's trading, I enjoy it and it looks like the Toadsters enjoy it also. But let's remember, we are here to drain the swamp - errr, bud....


I have to take Mrs. Toad in for an MRI in the morning. We should be back around 11:00 or so. I'm putting this market on your shoulders until I get back - so WATCH THE MARKET - see you in the morning.
9/28/98 13:45
The Toad Chat Room has been open most of today - have to be a subscriber or in your Free Two weeks to come in.
Toad Update 9/28/98 #1 11:14 EMAIL and ICQ

Yep, got back from the Dr's appt. right at 10:00 - saw the run up and it was backing off.
Has been stairstepping up all day - still Flat.
Looks like most of the interest rate change is already factored into the market.
Stay tuned, will let you know when we hop.
9/28/98 10:15
Good morning, back from the Dr's appointment - let's make some green today!
9/27/98 22:30
I have to be at a Dr's appointment at 8:15 Monday morning - if all goes well, I expect to be back soon after the market opens.

Right now Globex is up about 5 points, but who knows where it will be in the morning...
Jaguars           Jaguars WON!
See you in the morning.
9/25/98 18:35
We sort of wimped out today when we just hopped into 5 contracts instead of 10 - we looked at the 505 calls and didn't think they were moving as fast as the ITM 500 calls. We were also sweating it a bit toward the end, had a sell in at $22 for awhile - (hey, a toad can dream, can't he) and then changed the sell to $21. It hit 21 1/4 but mine sure didn't sell. Then they went a short while later.

The Chat Room seemed to work for a bunch of toadsters, it got in the way of my trading though, I left and just followed the market for most of the day. I did stop by numerous times - like I said, I think the Toadsters enjoyed it. They also got my signal first - I put the message on the board, sent the ICQ's and then the emails. I would like your feedback about the chat room, might just open it during some "regular hours" - will let you know.

The Jaguars are playing the Tennessee Oilers in Tennessee on Sunday!

We are done for the week; we are up $10,047 this month and up $68,604 this year!

Have a great weekend and we will see you here at the pond on Monday morning.
Subscribe today, don't be 
Toadless!    PS. Some "Free Trial" Toadsters will drop off the list tonight - Don't let it happen to YOU!
Toad Update 9/25/98 #2 15:38 EMAIL and ICQ

I'm out of the Oct 500 calls (OEWJT) at $21.
They did hit 21 1/4 but mine didn't sell then...
I'm FLAT and it's Friday!
Toad Update 9/25/98 #2 14:15 EMAIL and ICQ

I just hopped into 5 contracts of the Oct 500 calls at $20.
Will let you know when we hop.
9/25/98 12:25
Just opened the DAYTRADER TOAD CHAT ROOM. Register and come and visit!

Testing the chat room to see how it works, we may go to regular Chat Room hours.
9/25/98 11:52
Great day to stay in the pond for about 15 minutes.

We are watching with both eyes...
Will let you know when we hop.
Toad Update 9/25/98 #1 11:22 EMAIL and ICQ

I was close to buying the Oct 500 calls (OEWJT) was trying to buy them at $18.
I couldn't get them and they are now at $19!
Still watching - how about a call - a put - a call???
Stay tuned.
9/25/98 9:15
Come on in and have a bagel. We are sitting here watching the pond - Globex down - what's going to happen today?
9/24/98 17:50
Well, we hopped in late today (the option we purchased at $17 was running 11 1/2 to 12 this morning).
Problem is I was thinking calls and looking at calls around that time!

The Toad +10 players (see the FAQ page for definitions) were able to hop in at 1/2 less than our entry point!

So, we are FLAT!
Another good day for the TOAD! and tomorrow is. . . Cyber Bagels courtesy of Bagels for All - 
see Links page for more info. BAGEL DAY!

See you here in the morning - we have extra bagels and cream cheese.
Toad Update 9/24/98 #3 15:48 EMAIL and ICQ

I was looking for 19, or 19 1/2 - JUST GOT OUT AT $20!
That was the Oct 510 puts (OEWVB).

Cool, I'm a FLAT Toad.
Toad Update 9/24/98 #2 15:26 EMAIL and ICQ

The Oct 510 puts (OEWVB) we just purchased dropped to 16 1/2 (down 1/2) and are approaching $18 now.
If they hit $18 or 18 1/2 - I'll probably hop out.
Toad Update 9/24/98 #1 15:12 EMAIL and ICQ

We hopped into 5 contracts of the Oct 510 puts (OEWVB) at 17.
Will let you know when we hop.
9/24/98 9:12
Just the Toad here today - stay tuned to see when we hop.

(You didn't buy a put yesterday, did you?)
9/23/98 19:35

The Apprentice Toadster had a good day.   He is gone and on his way home, it was quite a day at the market - great gains today.   What is going to happen tomorrow? How do we follow today's gain?

Stay tuned and find out - see you in the morning.
9/23/98 11:43
Yes, we are here! The Apprentice Toadster and I are looking at the pond. - Can't wait to hear what Dr. G says and how the market responds.
Stay tuned...
9/23/98 EARLY
  Someone suggested we provide a daily cartoon on this site (as an alternative to my jokes) and the nice people at Snapshots volunteered a daily cartoon - It's on our Home page.
9/22/98 16:35
Another screwy day. The OEWJT that we didn't hop into closed down $2.75 from where our "friend" wanted us to hop in.

We were lined up on the 505 Calls right after 2:00 and they just were not right.

So, we are FLAT and we have an Apprentice Toadster here in the morning - so... break out the bagels!
Let's have a hopping day tomorrow!  We are flat and looking.    See you here.
Toad Update 9/22/98 #1 15:16 EMAIL and ICQ

Almost hopped into a call around 2:00 - didn't do it.
Looks stagnant right now.
Are we going to tank the rest of today?

9/22/98 13:07
I got a couple of emails right before 10:00 this morning, urging the Toad to hop into calls - I don't hop until the morning pop (hey that could be a poem) is over.
The Oct 500 call (OEWJT) that one person was buying is down $3 from where he was hopping in.
      In the morning,
      the Toad has a warning.
      Don't you hop
      until after the pop.
Stay tuned we are looking.
9/22/98 8:55
Good Morning!    We are here at the pond, watching.    Will let you know when we hop.
9/20/98 21:00
Just got back from the JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS game. Jaguars WON! We beat the Ravens 24-10!

Just checking email and messages, because I'm going to be out all day Monday - watch the market for us - -
I said watch the market NOT the Clinton Videos!

I'll be back after market close, so I'll see you bright and early on Tuesday morning here at the pond!
9/19/98 22:00
YES! By popular demand, we now accept credit cards!

9/18/98 18:25
Jaguars           The Jaguars are playing the Baltimore Ravens in Jacksonville on Sunday!

That's it for this week, not much action during Options Expiration week: We are still up $8,134 this month!

Have a great weekend and we will see you here at the pond on TUESDAY morning.
Subscribe today, don't be 
Toadless!    I'm off Monday!
Toad Update 9/18/98 #1 15:46 EMAIL and ICQ

I'm going out to pick up a new printer cartridge - be back shortly. Not expecting any activity the rest of the day. We are up against Black-Scholes today and the next months options are low volume and high spreads.

Will be out of the house all day on Monday - so y'all need to watch the market for us.

Have a good weekend.
9/18/98 14:50

Don't know if I've ever mentioned this but I HATE OPTIONS EXPIRATION WEEK. (I mention that every month!)

We are fighting Black-Scholes all day and if you hop to the October Options instead of the September - - they have a wide spread and low volume.

Looks like we will start the weekend soon and we have almost a dozen bagels left over.Cyber Bagels courtesy of Bagels for All - 
see Links page for more info.
9/18/98 9:08
Good morning, come on in and have a bagel! Let's see what happens today on OPTIONS EXPIRATION FRIDAY. Stay tuned...
9/17/98 16:45
Didn't trust buying a put today and sure didn't want any more calls. So, we didn't open anything the day before OPTIONS EXPIRE.

Have talked about our "loss strategy" all week in emails, here and on the expanded TOAD 101 & FAQ's section. So, what we have is the drastic drop on this open position overnight. Good reason to NEVER HOLD OVERNIGHT.

None the less, we decided to let some of our profits stay at risk today - made the decision at market close yesterday. Today, the market didn't follow through on yesterday's close - bad news came in and we lowered the sell point on the calls about three times and never hit it.

Expected to see some kind of mini-rally to about 100 points down and wanted to dump the calls then - it never happened.

In the morning we will:

    1)   Have Bagels - it's FRIDAY. Cyber Bagels courtesy of Bagels for All - 
see Links page for more info.
    2)   Dump the calls - it's FRIDAY.

Even if the calls would expire worthless - We are still up $8,134 this month!
That kind of profit gives us the opportunity to leave some money at risk, and frankly in the past we have made
a LOT of money when plays like today went our direction.
And, this will be our first loss in 14 plays - croak, ribbit, ribbit.

This was a good opportunity to learn this week: if you are going to lose money, then calculate how much you can lose (your loss tolerance) and work within it.

That kind of an approach can give you the opportunity to make some real money!

I'll be here in the am - watching the pond, see you here for Bagels!
9/17/98 13:48
Just received an email from the Apprentice Toadster we had here earlier this week - remember, she is the one I FOLLOWED into these 5 contracts of the Sep 505 Calls (OEWIA).

Well, she hopped out at close of business last night - her report to me was "I got out right around where I got in." She wouldn't tell me how much she made/lost on the play. But, she is FLAT! - - guess who isn't ...
Will let you know when we hop...
Toad Update 9/17/98 #2 10:30 EMAIL and ICQ

I've been looking at several puts and for the last half hour the puts have been dropping - calls going up, even though the market is grande down.
SO, we are watching the pond with both eyes, will let you know.
Toad Update 9/17/98 #1 9:51 EMAIL and ICQ

Don't know if you looked at the site, but what a difference a couple of hours makes!
The tick is turning around, have a sell point in to dump the sep 505 calls - may have to lower it.
Will keep you informed when I hop.
9/17/98 8:50
What a difference a couple of hours makes! Looks like we will be down big time today and the Toad will have to dump the Sep 505 calls (OEWIA) - ouch. Let's see what happens...
9/16/98 20:30
Dr. GDr. G spoke and the market went down, when he was done, the market went up. OR, maybe I caused it?? I was thinking about dumping the open position and the market took off. I sent the last Email / ICQ update and then watched it run up, back off a little and then keep running up to close of market.

I'm up $125 over our purchase price, so - - - - you guessed it, I'm holding overnight - during OPTIONS EXPIRATION WEEK!

I'll be here in the morning - will get rid of them tomorrow - if it runs up a buck or so, I'm outta them...
See you in the morning.
Toad Update 9/16/98 #2 14:28 EMAIL and ICQ

If you read our newly posted "loss strategy" on the site, (TOAD 101 & FAQ's) you will know we are approaching the point where we need to dump these suckers.
Will the market rebound when Dr. G is done speaking?
9/16/98 12:30
Let's see what the lunch-time crowd does today.
Visit the expanded     TOAD 101 & FAQ's

Will be adding our loss strategy to this section later today.
Toad Update 9/16/98 #1 12:25 EMAIL and ICQ

Hang in there - market hitting new highs and Dr. G hasn't even spoken yet.
9/16/98 9:10
We are watching the pond and waiting for the open, stay tuned...
9/15/98 18:25
With the good Dr. speaking tomorrow, will we get the rest of the rally that started this afternoon?
The open position on the Sep 505 calls (OEWIA) is now down $438 - I'd like to see a spike up in the am. That's why we held overnight AGAIN!

p.s. the AT is still holding also.

We have answered MANY emails this week, so please read TOAD 101 and look at the new FAQ page, we have added some more FAQ's.    Go to TOAD 101 & FAQ's
Toad Update 9/15/98 #2 13:56 EMAIL and ICQ

Rally to the close?
Still holding - currently down $800 on the 5 contracts of Sep 505 calls (OEWIA)
We are within our "risk tolerance" so we are going to ride them a little longer.
Toad Update 9/15/98 #1 10:37 EMAIL and ICQ

Just got an email from yesterday's AT and she is still holding also.
She feels guilty about getting us into the Sep 505 calls - hey, she didn't twist my arm.

Market is going UP!    A/D line is even.
Will let you know what we do.
9/14/98 23:30
We are here, watching the pond.

Globex is still down about 5 points, will watch the market and if we don't recover after the morning surge - we will probably dump these 5 contracts. If we see some strength, may hold them.

Stay tuned to see if the Toad has his first loss in 14 plays. Our recent track record has been 18 wins and 2 losses = 90% win ratio. Let's see...
9/14/98 23:30
Sorry I didn't get back to update the site until now.

We were busy tonight and I couldn't get back sooner.
We opened the position today and then the market started heading south. The Apprentice Toad was comfortable with her 5 contracts and I put a sell order in on mine, added a buck and they didn't go by close of market.

SO, I'm in the market and Globex is down right now. Let's see what happens in the am.

See you here, by the pond in the morning - goodnight.
Toad Update 9/14/98 #4 15:19 EMAIL and ICQ

The Apprentice Toad and Mrs. Toad are going to watch the market until 4:00 and then the AT heads south for her drive home.

I, on the other hand, am headed for Physical Therapy.
SO, They are going to watch the RALLY to the end today. She is going to stay open overnight (she will be back in the market at home in the am.)

I, on the other had, put a sell order in to sell my Sept 505 calls (OEXIA) with a buck on them.
Toad Update 9/14/98 #3 14:36 EMAIL and ICQ

We just hopped into 5 contracts of the Sept 505 Calls (OEWIA) at 7.
Will let you know when we hop.
Toad Update 9/14/98 #2 11:21 EMAIL and ICQ

He (or she) who hesitates... is still FLAT!
Recent quote from an Apprentice Toadster.
Toad Update 9/14/98 #1 10:48 EMAIL and ICQ

If you checked the site, you know we have an Apprentice Toadster here today and she is getting into this market.
Will let you know when we do something.
9/14/98 9:20

We have an Apprentice Toadster here today and she just finished watching the videos. So, we are sitting by the pond and watching. Will let you know...
9/14/98 8:00

Jaguars     Jacksonville Jaguars beat Kansas City this weekend!
                      We are playing the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday - here in Jacksonville!

9/11/98 20:30

Good day for the Toad to stay FLAT!    Sucker took off to the up side about the time I left for PT.

That's it for this week, not a bad week: We are up $4,667 this week and $11,692 this month!

Have a great weekend and we will see you here at the pond on Monday morning.
Subscribe today, don't be 
Toadless!    p.s. Some Free Trial Toadsters will drop off the list tonight - Don't let it happen to you!

Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

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