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Toad Update 9/11/98 #3 14:50 EMAIL and ICQ

That's it, I'm done for today. Saw the market start to dump right before 2:00 and thought OK!
Then it went back up - SO - I'm staying FLAT.

Plus, I need to go to Physical Therapy today, I'm leaving early. But, I'll make up the lost time by coming in early on Monday - OK?
I'll update the site later tonight.
Toad Update 9/11/98 #2 13:18 EMAIL and ICQ

Just don't trust the market today, too much news and a little hard to figure.
A/D line now favors advancing issues.
Too much hopping up and down - really looked at the puts earlier and DIDN'T hop in - glad now.

I'm still watching, but an entry today looks doubtful.
Remember, we trade about 18 days a month - this might be one of the other days.
I'll let you know if we hop in.
9/11/98 12:12
Mrs. Toad has REJECTED the name of the Toad Unified Research Department (T.U.R.D.) - from this point forward it shall be known as the Toad Research Department (T.R.D.) -
" a rose by any other name...." nevermind, we stand corrected.
Toad Update 9/11/98 #1 11:16 EMAIL and ICQ

We are still FLAT.
Chased one earlier and couldn't get it at our price, so we are still watching.

Thinking puts, but that doesn't matter - I was thinking CALLS yesterday and then we bought the PUTS!
stay tuned...
9/11/98 9:00
Drinking coffee, eating bagels and watching the pond. Stay tuned...

From the *Toad Unified Research Department: Do you know the market has gone down the last six Fridays? What will happen today?

Do you think this is "bagel" related?

* T.U.R.D. - Toad Turd :-)
9/10/98 17:00
Another good day for the TOAD! and tomorrow is. . . Cyber Bagels courtesy of Bagels for All - 
see Links page for more info. BAGEL DAY!

See you here in the morning.
Toad Update 9/10/98 #4 15:44 EMAIL and ICQ

I just hopped out of the Sept. 485 Puts (OEXUQ) at 19.
Toad Update 9/10/98 #3 14:53 EMAIL and ICQ

Unless this market goes the other way, it looks like we will be holding overnight.
By the way, I DIDN'T SELL when it hit 18 1/4.....
Stay tuned to this Toad station for updates.
Toad Update 9/10/98 #2 13:03 EMAIL and ICQ

I just hopped into 10 contracts of the Sept. 485 Puts (OEXUQ) at 16 1/4.
Will let you know when we hop.
Toad Update 9/10/98 #1 11:40 EMAIL and ICQ

What to do? We are hitting new highs on the TICK. Market has been moving up.
Call time?

What will happen during lunch-time? OK, I'll have a sandwitch.
9/10/98 9:25
Looks like a down opening - Globex is down.
Let's do some hopping today.
Recently received the following email from a Toadster and I guess he makes a good point:
    I have been reading your posts and am curious about the following. Your starting capital was $49,000 and the percentage gain is based on that starting figure. BUT, you have never had $49,000 invested at any one time. You seem to buy and sell, then, buy and sell again. I briefly went through the history and believe that the most you have had at risk was about $15K, with this being the base in the portfolio, the gain would be much greater than the percentage gain you presently represent. It looks more like 400%.
    Any thoughts.......
Should we change the way we calculate the percent gain? Let us know.
9/9/98 21:55
Had a good time again today! Made some green, probably got out too early but you know what they say:
The early Toad gets the worm... no, that's not it.

ANNOUNCEMENT: We have a cancellation on September 16th. So, if you are thinking about attending the Apprentice Toad training - we have an available date! Email the Toad if you are interested.

See you in the morning - be here at the pond...
Toad Update 9/9/98 #4 13:35 EMAIL and ICQ


I'm outta the Sept. 490 puts (OEXUR) at 11!
Changed my sell from 10 1/2 to 11 when we started hitting new lows for the day.
Toad Update 9/9/98 #3 13:35 EMAIL and ICQ

What is the 3:00 group going to do today?
How about a sell off to the bell?
Otherwise, it looks like the Toad will be holding overnight! (UGH)
Toad Update 9/9/98 #2 13:35 EMAIL and ICQ

I just hopped into 5 (five?) contracts of the Sept. 490 puts (OEXUR) at 9 1/4
Will let you know when we hop out.
9/9/98 15:43
We made some green today - I'm off to Physical Therapy right now, will update the site later tonight.
Toad Update 9/9/98 #1 12:03 EMAIL and ICQ

Well, UP, DOWN - trading range now.
What to do?? Nothing yet - let's see what the lunch-time crowd does.
9/9/98 9:30
Yep, we are here watching the pond, hang around and see what we do today.
9/8/98 17:00
Hey, I'm over it. We didn't lose money today - we made some green. Hope you did well today, we had a good time. Speaking of a good time, did you see that the

Jaguars Jacksonville Jaguars won this weekend! We are playing Kansas City Chefs (are they all cooks?) on Sunday - here in Jacksonville!

Well, see you here at the pond in the morning.

9/8/98 15:45
OK, stop the emails!

I hopped out too early today! - I admit it! I don't need anymore emails telling me that!
I'm a red faced green Toad. We did make money today - but we left a lot on the table. (That's a small ouch.)

Largest point gain in history and I wimped out - SCW. Hey, we made money today.
Toad Update 9/8/98 #4 14:23 EMAIL and ICQ

What a wimp Toad I am.

Good trading,
Toad Update 9/8/98 #3 14:22 EMAIL and ICQ

I hopped out of the Sept 490 Calls (OEXIR) at $13.
Watched it run up to 13 3/4 and was fooling around with the sell order, so I missed it.
Missed the high, but got $13 - I'm FLAT!
Will it go higher?
Toad Update 9/8/98 #2 13:41 EMAIL and ICQ

I just hopped into 10 contracts of the Sept 490 Calls (OEXIR) at 11 3/4.
Will let you know when we hop out.
Toad Update 9/8/98 #1 12:23 EMAIL and ICQ

What a day!
I was definitely going to buy a call, no a put, no a ....
Well, that's what it has been all day so far.
Now it looks like a PUT - I'll let you know when we hop.
9/8/98 9:46
Aren't you glad we didn't hold the PUTS over the weekend? Still rocketing up - where will we go today?
9/8/98 9:25
Globex closed up 26 - we are in for a ride today! Stay tuned to your Toad station...
9/4/98 18:03
Well, that could have been a good ride today. We didn't open up anything - I was concerned about holding over a 3-day weekend. You never know what might happen over the weekend and really dump your postion. Fifty percent more opportunity to mess you up on a 3-day weekend.

SO, we are FLAT - I like that.

Let's see... we are up up $7025 this week AND some of the Free Trial Toad's will be dropping off the list tonight. Now is the time to subscribe!

Have a great Labor Day weekend and I'll see you here by the pond on TUESDAY!
Toad Update 9/4/98 #2 15:02 EMAIL and ICQ
OK, maybe the dip at 10:30 wasn't a sucker play.
BUT, I didn't hop into anything yet, I think I'm concerned about holding over the long weekend - just don't want to get stuck.

I'm going to PT around 3:30 and I won't be hopping into anything else today.

Have a good 3-day weekend - I'll update the site later.
The "observers" that were here today are leaving now, so ... that's all folks.
9/4/98 11:40
One of the "observers" that is visiting today just told us this:
    Before President Clinton's last grand jury testimony, he said he was looking forward to telling the truth.

    "Well, sure, a person's first time is always exciting."
Hey, it's not me this time.

The visitors today are in an investment "club" and three of them have been through Toad Training already. With the market closed on Monday, they are basically on an extended weekend visit to Jacksonville.
Toad Update 9/4/98 #1 10:33 EMAIL and ICQ
That last dip (right before 10:30) was a "sucker play" and I almost fell for it.
Still a Flat Toad on a bagel Friday..
9/4/98 9:33
There's the bell and we are off...
Interesting day today, we have some "observers" here (I think they just came for the bagels!) Should be interesting, we will let you know when we hop...
9/3/98 17:20 Cyber Bagels courtesy of Bagels for All - see Links page for more info.
Well, it's bagel time in the morning at the Toad house. For those of you who refuse to show up Friday mornings - this Cyber Bagel will have to do.

Week is going OK so far, it was a little scarey today - as soon as I bought the Sep 490 puts (OEXUP), they jumped up to 16 or 16 1/2 BEFORE I COULD EVEN SET MY SELL POINT! Then they dove down below my purchase price - thought I had really screwed up. BUT, nooooooo we didn't.

They ran up to 16 two more times, I told some of the Toadsters that I was getting out the next time they hit 15 1/2, unless they were running - so they ran for us today!

We missed the high, but we all know we can live with that!

Forgot whose turn it is to bring the bagels in the morning - let me know if it's your turn. See you here by the pond.
Toad Update 9/3/98 #3 15:34 EMAIL and ICQ
I'm FLAT! Sold the Sep 490 puts (OEXUP) at 18 - then it went even higher!
Update the site in a bit, I'm not hopping into anything else today!
See you in the morning,
Toad Update 9/3/98 #2 12:31 EMAIL and ICQ
We just hopped into 10 contracts of the Sept 480 puts (OEXUP) at 14 1/2.
Will let you know when we hop out.
Toad Update 9/3/98 #1 11:11 EMAIL and ICQ
What to do today, dropped 148 Dow points on the open (10 OEX points) and now we are down 73 on the Dow and 3 points down on the OEX.
What to do? I've passes on a couple of "sucker" plays already today.
Let's keep watching the pond - I'll let you know when we hop.
9/3/98 9:15
S&P futures are down - what's going to happen today? Stay tuned...
9/2/98 20:25
Good day - at least in the beginning. I left and the market tanked! (Do I cause that?)

We are doing fine - hope you are also.
See you here, by the pond, in the morning.
Toad Update 9/2/98 #5 15:10 EMAIL and ICQ
WOW, sure hope you hopped out earlier.
OEX just hit new lows for today.
I'm outta here until after 4:00
Toad Update 9/2/98 #4 14:12 EMAIL and ICQ
I have another Physical Therapy appointment and will be leaving the pond about 3:15 today.

We are flat and made our money today, was tempted to hop back in around 1:30 - but didn't.
So, I'll be back a little after market closes - don't do anything a Toad wouldn't do.
Toad Update 9/2/98 #3 12:28 EMAIL and ICQ
I hopped out of the Sep 490 calls (OEXIR) at 18.
I really wanted 18 1/4 - but I'm concerned we won't get higher AND I WANTED to be a FLAT TOAD!

Toad Update 9/2/98 #2 11:32 EMAIL and ICQ
OK, OK, it did hit 16 1/4- but I didn't sell yet, I was trying to pick up more than a point.
Why? Because I sold too early yesterday - looks like it's going up again.

Let's see.....
Toad Update 9/2/98 #1 10:31 EMAIL and ICQ
I just hopped into 10 contracts of the Sep 490 calls at 15 1/4.
Will let you know when we hop out.
9/2/98 9:30
There is the BELL, I'm here watching the pond. Stay tuned to this Toad station...
9/1/98 15:20
YES, YES, YES - I hopped out early. I can live with that!

Quite a day - for awhile I thought we were going to start off September with a losing position - DIDN'T!

It was hairy for awhile, as soon as we bought - the market went against us - do I cause that?
Mostly it's just an opportunity for the Toad +10's to get in cheaper.

I have to go have some pain inflicted, (have more physical therapy for the auto accident problems) - I'll be leaving about 15 minutes befor the market closes. Was not going to hop back in today anyway.

I'll come in 15 minutes early tomorrow morning to make up for the lost time - see you here by the pond in the am.
Toad Update 9/1/98 #4 14:49 EMAIL and ICQ
WOW! I'm outta the Sept 490 Calls (OEWIR) at $15.

I'm a FLAT Toad, I didn't think I was going to make it today.
Toad Update 9/1/98 #3 13:54 EMAIL and ICQ
I'm still holding onto the Sept 490 calls (OEXIR) - they went as low as I thought they should and I didn't sell - right now I'm glad I didn't. They are back up to 13 1/2 now.

I HATE holding overnight, but I'll probably do it if these suckers don't hit $15 today.
If the market starts running up, I'll remove my $15 sell point and let it run.
SO, I'm NOT a Flat Toad and I'm watching the pond with both eyes.
Toad Update 9/1/98 #2 12:31 EMAIL and ICQ
I just hopped into 10 contracts of the Sept 590 Calls (OEXIR) at $14.
Watching closely now...
I'll let you know when we hop out.
Toad Update 9/1/98 #1 10:38 EMAIL and ICQ
Nope, nothing yet.
Up, Down, UP so far today.
Decliners beating Advancers right now with positive signs in other places.

Go figure.

I'll keep you posted.
9/1/98 8:25
Happy (?) September - What's going to happen today??????

Bounce up? Stay tuned, we are here watching the pond.
8/31/98 22:10
OUCH! Around 2:30 it felt like the internet brokers were bogged down with all the market activity, then I couldn't even get quotes - then I found out my ISP was DOWN!

Mrs. Toad says it was to prevent me from making a mistake - Maybe the OEX gods were angry?
All things being equal, I WANTED TO TRADE TODAY!

SO, I'm a flat, dissapointed, flat, disgusted, flat Toad. I was also stopped out of my INTC again!

We went out to dinner tonight and when we got back, everything was back to working. I'm crying about this lost opportunity - I guess we didn't lose money...
I'll be back here in the morning - see you then.
Toad Update 8/31/98 #1 12:02 EMAIL and ICQ
There have been a lot of sucker plays today - If I was using YOUR money, I might have hopped into the market already.

BUT, I'm using MY money - so I don't trust this market right now.
Looking at a lot of puts and not sure if we will stay down - I'm a safe Toad right now, will let you know if I hop. We are coming up on the lunch-time crowd - watch out.
8/31/98 8:52
Hope you had a good weekend, we are here watching the pond. Looking up so far...
8/28/98 17:45
Quite a day to cap of a pretty good week. The Jaguars won their last pre-season game and...

We are up $12,409 this WEEK and $22,326 this MONTH.

Have a great weekend, I'll be back here on Monday.
Subscribe today, don't be 
Toadless!    p.s. Some "Free Trial" toadsters will drop off the list tonight - don't let this happen to you - I'd hate to see you Toadless when we have been doing so well. Subscribe Toaday!
Toad Update 8/28/98 #2 15:12 EMAIL and ICQ
Have you looked at a chart of today?
This is crazy, the apprentice toadster is about bald from pulling his hair. Have not been able to catch either the drops or the rebounds today - only gets back to our prices when the market reverses.

Had a lot of SCW (shoulda, coulda, woulda) today:
Just missed buying the Sep 510 puts (OEWUB) at 11:10 for 16 1/2 - we pulled the order as the market went down and then they went from 15 1/2 to 20 1/2 at 11:44. Oops and OUCH!
Nothing purchased and no money made by the Apprentice Toad today - that's two Apprentice Toads in a row that haven't made their money back. NOT GOOD.
Maybe the next Apprentice will put us back on the right track.
8/28/98 12:46
Yes, we have an Apprentice Toadster here today, learning how to hop.

We have HUNDREDS of extra bagels (well, maybe just 6 or so extra) as we were expecting HUNDREDS of Toadsters (well, maybe just one) to show up this morning!

We always have a good time on training days and most of the Toadsters earn the cost of the training by making trades! Cool, huh?
Toad Update 8/28/98 #1 12:32 EMAIL and ICQ
We are training an Apprentice Toadster today and the apprentice has been FRANTICALLY changing prices on the positions we were trying to purchase.
We are still flat, have not been able to catch anything at the prices the apprentice wanted.
Might still catch one - we are still trying.
8/28/98 9:28
Good Morning! I'm here and only one Toadster showed up for bagels! Watching the pond - let's see what we can do today.

Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

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