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  Daytrader Toad Hits the Road
California, here we come!

Last year we conducted "Toad on the Road" training at several Road locations in and out of Florida. Now, in the new millennium, we are going "on the Road" again... to the great state of California.

San Diego, California:
To read more about our training, Click Here.

Experience is not the best teacher - IT IS THE ONLY TEACHER.  I believe the only way you learn is by experience.  You have to experience something to learn about it.  If you had never touched a hot stove, you wouldn't understand what "hot" was.  Think about it. It's how parents teach their kids.  "Don't touch that, it's hot."  Ouch.  "See, I told you it was hot!"  The Toad is
HOT!  Come experience it!


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