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8/22/99 Sunday

We are UP $42,366 YTD and that's + 192 % this year!

Well, it is time again to say goodbye to some Free Trial Toadsters because they will drop off the list this weekend - they will be "Toadless" if they don't subscribe. See the rest of you here by the pond Monday morning.
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8/20/99 Evening
Will update Toad Talk© on Monday, hope you had a great day off. Mrs. Toad and I did!
        Off today!     We are off today and you should take off also!     For all of you who wonder why...    Read this: Options Expiration Friday!
8/20/99 9:30
Had our bagels and we are heading out to our Drs appointments; we will be back after lunch, see you then... Don't forget, it's OEF!
8/19/99 Evening
For those of you who have signed up for a "Free Trial" over the past two days, we are not ignoring you, you will start on Monday August 23rd. No sense starting you now as we will be OFF on Options Expiration Friday!

Don't forget to have your Bagels tomorrow!Cyber Bagels courtesy of Bagels for All     We are OFF!
Toad Update 8/19/99 #2 14:53 EMAIL and ICQ
We usually take a trip or take off on Options Expiration Friday, have Drs. appointments Friday and will be away most of the day. My recommendation is the same - take OFF on OEF!
Won't be trading this mess today, it's ugly out there - how about a PUT and the market goes UP; and then - that's right, the market goes back DOWN!
Have been spending time getting Toad Talk© up and ready, think you will enjoy it.
Toad Update 8/19/99 #1 11:26 EMAIL and ICQ
What a market, and 1 day before OPTIONS EXPIRATION!
Was very tempted and glad we fought it as we woulda hopped into the Aug 690 puts (OEYTR) around $7 1/2, That is currently the high of the day and they are now going for 6 1/2. Let's see, it's buy LOW and sell HIGH.

We have added RealAudio to the web site, will tell you more about it later. Meanwhile, you can go to the site and listen to the Toad!
Click here to give it a try.

8/19/99 9:30
Nothing happening until the FOMC gets together on Tuesday; so we are now worried about the trade deficit and the dollar/yen - hitting lows of 111.30 yen. That's our problem today - geez. Market is going down... stay tuned...
8/18/99 Evening
YES! We now have Toad Talk© with RealAudio! Click here to give it a try.
See you in the morning.
Toad Update 8/18/99 #2 16:00 EMAIL and ICQ
If it didn't have so many bad connotations, I'd tell you my Toad head has been spinning on my shoulders all day today with these up and down spikes. Great reason to STAY OUT of the pond.
Working on our "RealAudio" update to the site - will keep you posted on this.
Toad Update 8/18/99 #1 12:22 EMAIL and ICQ
Nothing yet, is it just August or is it OEW (Options Expiration Week) ... or what?
ABS live says it's nothing but options expiration "monkey business."
Now it's the lunch-bunch.

If it starts to look confusing to you - back off and look at the market on a 10 minute or 5 minute chart, that will put a little more perspective into these ups and downs.
Still watching the pond.
8/18/99 9:30
Looks like a flat opening, only three more days of OEW (Options Expiration Week), stay tuned.

If your graphics aren't showing today, Click here and change your bookmark.
8/17/99 Evening
Tonight we have been working on some new things for the site and for our service, expect to announce soon.

Market looked like August again; the market was weak all day until the last hour of trading. Too fast for an August Toad to catch. See you in the morning.
Toad Update 8/17/99 #2 14:49 EMAIL and ICQ
Let's see, market has been UP and DOWN today and no clear indication from our signals to hop.... hmmmm, pretty tempting.     NOT!
Will the bond guys do anything to this sluggish market? It must be August.     We are still watching.
Toad Update 8/17/99 #1 12:27 EMAIL and ICQ
Still flat, we didn't bite earlier when we were thinking about a put.
The CEO of Etrade and CEO of Instinet on right now, we can start trading afterhours on Sept. 1st. We are not interested yet, low volume and it's an experiment right now.
Still watching the pond.
8/17/99 8:50
CPI numbers released, they were right at expectation - so Globex is UP. Does any of this make sense?

Oh, yea - this is just as we thought, if the numbers meet expectations, then the market will go UP.
If they don't, then the information is already built in and the market will go UP.

Now that makes sense.
8/16/99 Evening
Didn't get posted here earlier this evening because we were doing an in-depth analysis of our latest trade.... really.     Have posted some information on the analysis to our subscribers/free-trial section. One item we would like to share with everyone....
Mrs. Toad was right.         See you in the morning.
Toad Update 8/16/99 #3 15:31 EMAIL and ICQ
I'm outta the Aug 680 puts (OEYTP) at 3 5/8.
Will let you know when we hop again.
Toad Update 8/16/99 #2 15:21 EMAIL and ICQ
Looking for some help from the after 3:00 crowd. The D's have been beating the A's all day and it's getting worse (better for us.)
Won't carry over to hear about the CPI - why? Because it's a question for the philosophers:
    Tis it better to lose 500 today
    or lose it all on the morrow???
Good trading,
The Toad Bard
Toad Update 8/16/99 #1 12:24 EMAIL and ICQ
Still sitting with my legs in the pond - got a little soggy this weekend. Think the lunch-bunch will help our position, or do we wait for the CPI?
This weekend Mrs. Toad mentioned, well, you know what she said!
Geez, mitigate our losses soon or wait for the CPI? Talking heads say that CPI will be UP, which should take the market down.. ALSO, the A/D has favored the D's all day, so far.....
8/16/99 9:30
Good morning, checked Globex and the futures are down 0.1, come on, we are looking for an indication of what's going to happen to our puts! IF the market goes up on open, we will still hold onto the puts to see what happens when this weeks news starts breaking, stay tuned.
8/14/99 Saturday
Great Jaguars game (we won!) - it's only preseason, but it was a fun game!

We are UP $42,816 YTD and that's + 194 % this year!

It's that time again, time to say goodbye to some Free Trial Toadsters because they will drop off the list this weekend - they will be "Toadless" if they don't subscribe. See the rest of you here by the pond Monday morning.
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8/13/99 Evening
Jaguars       Will update with more "Toad Wisdom" later this weekend, for now we are headed to the Jaguars game!
Tomorrow, we will be at Disney World Mickey If you are going to be there, look for two small, green Toads and be sure to say "Hi."

Toad Update 8/13/99 #4 16:05 EMAIL and ICQ
Great reason not to make bets.
We still holding the Aug 680 puts (OEYTP) - if they sell after 4:00 we will be out - our sell is at $3 1/2. Otherwise, we will be thinking DOWN thoughts all weekend.
Did someone mention that this is Friday the 13th??
Toad Update 8/13/99 #2 14:35 EMAIL and ICQ
We just hopped into 10 contracts of the Aug 680 puts (OEYTP) at 4. Hey, they are cheap and this is way outta character for a Toad. Having a little fun with this.
Will try to get a buck or so out of these and then hop out.
Toad Update 8/13/99 #2 13:27 EMAIL and ICQ
That was close, looked seriously at the Aug 680 calls (OEYHP) - but don't see everything telling us to get in yet.
This market is fragile - I would almost be willing to bet that the market will not close up this much today (168 points). BUT, I'm not gonna bet with Toad bucks.
Still by the pond, watching.
Toad Update 8/13/99 #1 10:14 EMAIL and ICQ
Glad we didn't get stuck in a PUT yesterday, just checked and the Aug 680 puts are now at $6 - WOW. They closed last night at $12.
I like this DAAAAAYTRADING stuff.
Stay tuned, let's finish our bagels and keep an eye on the market.
8/13/99 9:30
The BULL is back!
The PPI (Producer Price Index) rose less than projected. That plays well two weeks before the next fed meeting. Will the RALLY last all day today?
Aren't we glad we didn't get stuck holding a PUT over? Let's see what today brings, stay tuned.
8/12/99 Evening
Had we hopped into the Aug 680 puts (OEYTP) it would have been minutes before the CBOE shut down - that's even worse than holding over sitting on a position with the market open and CBOE closed!
When we checked later, we saw that the CBOE reopened and the Aug 680 puts hit $12 today. hmmmmmmm...
It's almost BAGEL time and it's your turn to bring them. Cyber Bagels courtesy of Bagels for All     See you here by the pond in the morning.
8/12/99 15:12
CBOE shut down and it's a different perspective on the market when we can't trade.... I don't CARE!
I don't even care about the 3:00 crowd! That felt good!
Toad Update 8/12/99 #2 14:35 EMAIL and ICQ
Just tried to hop into 5 contracts of the Aug 680 puts (OEYTP) at 10. Didn't get them because I entered 5 in both the # of contracts box and in the PRICE box. Guess I didn't really want them and now I hear that the CBOE is closing at 2:40 today. Lot's of power outages says CNBC.
SO, we are flat and the market may be closing!
Toad Update 8/12/99 #1 11:35 EMAIL and ICQ
Frustrating market today. Tick can't make up it's mind, it's been up 300 and down 300. AD says market is going up and the market has been UP and DOWN and UP - what's a Toad to do? Looks like serious resistance around 680.
Stay tuned.
Has anyone seen our site recently? We won an AWARD (8/9) and have yesterday's Toadal Eclipse of the Sun on the site.
8/12/99 9:30
Looks like another UP day - maybe. Hang around the pond & see if we can HOP today!
8/11/99 Evening
Interesting (wierd) day; didn't trade today because our signals weren't there. Our evening analysis provided some interesting information. Possible trades were:
      A put around 11:30 (WRONG!)
      A call around 2:30 (not too good!)
When a small amount of momentum did show up, there was not quite a buck to be made on either the Aug 670 calls (OEYHN) or the Aug 675 calls (OEYHO) - we never even had an order ready to go today.

As a public service for all of you who couldn't travel to Land's End, UK for today's TOADal Eclipse of the sun - click here.
See you in the morning.
Toad Update 8/11/99 #2 12:34 EMAIL and ICQ
So far it's been the August doldrums. I'm going to eat lunch and keep one eye on the pond.
Toad Update 8/11/99 #1 11:21 EMAIL and ICQ
Advancers are still leading decliners, BUT the market is dropping.
Still flat, stay tuned...
8/11/99 9:30
Looks like an UP opening - let's see, we didn't hold over! Stay tuned...
8/10/99 Evening
OK, thanks for the reminders. Yes, the put we sold yesterday (at 10 1/2) ran up to $19 today. Let's remember three things:
    1)   We slept real well last night because we were FLAT!
    2)   Had we held over, the puts just as easily could have dumped to 1 1/2 today.
    3)   We are   D a a a a a y t r a d e r s!
See you in the morning.
Toad Update 8/10/99 #4 16:00 EMAIL and ICQ
Like I was saying to Mrs. Toad awhile ago, it sure looked like a call around 2:10 today.     er....... ahem.... ribbitt...
Still FLAT and happy about it. We are closing down for the day.
See you here on Wednesday.
Toad Update 8/10/99 #3 14:39 EMAIL and ICQ
This is a "secret" update - going out without the knowledge of Mrs. Toad.
We were about to hop into the Aug 660 puts (OEYTL) around 14:10 and they looked pretty good at 12 1/2 or 12 3/4. Mrs. Toad said "Don't do it. Remember what happened LAST time you traded twice in one day?"     I used to do it all of the time.

hmmmmm, the 660 puts are now at 10 3/4 X 11 1/4. You don't think she's right do you?
Toad Update 8/10/99 #2 12:58 EMAIL and ICQ
Just hopped out of the Aug 670 puts (OEYTN) at $16 1/2. Was trying for 17 1/2 and got cold Toad feet. :-)
Will let you know if we hop again today.
Toad Update 8/10/99 #1 11:30 EMAIL and ICQ
Just hopped into 5 contracts of the Aug 670 puts (OEYTN) at 13 1/2. This may sound familiar, they are the ones we sold yesterday!
Will let you know when we hop out.
8/10/99 9:30
Looked at GLOBEX earlier this morning and futures were down 8 1/2 but they finished this morning down just 2 1/2. Maybe we won't regret getting out of yesterday's put.

Listened to two "experts" this morning:
One said "Market is going up" and the other said: (Yes, you are correct!) the other said "Market is going down." Stay tuned... it's August
8/9/99 Evening
Steady drop since right before 2:00 today. Really looked like it would get the buck for us, but noooooooooooooooooooooooo. Got out with 1/2 and happy to be flat. Let's see what Tuesday brings, see you in the morning.
Toad Update 8/9/99 #3 16:16 EMAIL and ICQ
We may regret this in the morning, but we are out of the Aug 670 puts (OEYTN) at 10 1/2. We couldn't get $11 (the high of the day - think there is some rule against Toad's getting the high of the day!)
Might regret it when the market tanks in the morning, but we will sleep better tonight.
Toad Update 8/9/99 #2 15:31 EMAIL and ICQ
We just hopped into 10 contracts of the Aug 670 puts (OEYTN) at 10. Just sent one to some of you that said OWYTN - sorry.
Might not try to get $2 outta this one. Will let you know when we hop out.
8/9/99 14:25
Just found out we WON THIS AWARD! We were REAL excited and then realized it said best of POD not best of POND! Thanks,we do appreciate it.
Award Winning Site!

Toad Update 8/9/99 #1 11:50 EMAIL and ICQ
This doesn't feel like a rally from Friday's down market. Heard it's August trading doldrums, yawn - don't know what they are talking about - yawn...
Now Russian President Yeltsin doesn't seem to be affected by the doldrums - he just fired everyone! (AGAIN!) Wonder if he could handle the noon-time crowd?
Stay tuned...
8/9/99 9:30
Good Monday morning, looks like the market wants to go up. Stay tuned...
8/8/99 Sunday
Hope your weekend is going great, let's do a small recap:
We are UP $40,949 YTD and that's + 186 % this year!

Well, it's time to say goodbye to some Free Trial Toadsters because they will drop off the list this weekend - they will be "Toadless" if they don't subscribe. See the rest of you here by the pond Monday morning.
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8/6/99 Evening
New program, I think I'll go for a NIKE endorsement.     Do you think if I mention Nike I'll get a pair FREE?     Whole new line of NIKE for Toads!
Toad Update 8/6/99 #4 15:40 EMAIL and ICQ
Yep, thanks to all of you who mentioned that I can get the Aug 680 puts for 15 again.... No, wait - now they are 14...
It's that after 3:00 crowd that we don't trust.
The 680's blew past our order (at 15) and hit 17 before they came back down. Woulda needed our Toad Nikes to catch that one with out getting hurt.
Toad Update 8/6/99 #3 14:11 EMAIL and ICQ
Geez, that's the last time I'm going to broadcast WHAT I'm gonna buy - someone must have gotten wind of our intentions and the Aug 680 puts raced up to 16 - way past my order at 15!
Looking around for something else...
Toad Update 8/6/99 #2 14:00 EMAIL and ICQ
Whoops again. Almost had them. If this continues, I expect to hop into 10 contracts of the Aug 680 puts (OEYTP).
I'll let you know when we hop - I think 15 is a good number.
Toad Update 8/6/99 #1 9:59 EMAIL and ICQ
Which one of you talked me out of buying the PUTS yesterday? Geez, a good buy and hold approach woulda.... nevermind.
Posted some stuff to the site that would probably give you a good insight into this market. (right!)
Let's see what this morning brings - besides the great bagels.
8/6/99 9:25
The SKY is falling, the SKY is falling...

The just released July job increase was the strongest in three months - Wall Street predicted 199,000 new jobs and the actual was 310,000. GLOBEX is down almost 10 points.

The SKY is falling, the SKY is falling...     OR Drew (ABS Live) says all news is already built in (and that everyone got a 5% raise last month.)     Or is this the completion of a C wave of the A-B-C wave 4 (which is predicting with a 50% certainty that the market will go up)?     Er. . . Isn't that a 50% certainty that the market will go down?       NOW I UNDERSTAND!
8/5/99 Evening
This is a screwy market - bad news, let's go up; good news let's go down; or is it any news let's tank and then... my green head is spinning. I think I need bagels!
Yep, tomorrow is Friday and I'm ready for BAGELS!
            Cyber Bagels courtesy of Bagels for All - 
see Links page for more info.     Let's have our coffee and bagels in the morning by the pond...
Toad Update 8/5/99 #4 16:52 EMAIL and ICQ
Like I said IF....
It sure didn't happen like yesterday - IF it had tanked, I wanted to catch a little of the tankation (new word!) and get a buck or so.
Like we said earlier - we don't predict what the market will do - we leave that for the folks on CNBC... oops.
Toad Update 8/5/99 #3 15:30 EMAIL and ICQ
IF we get some signals, I am going to consider hopping into 5 contracts of a put. Probably the Aug 680 puts (OEYTP) -
I'll let you know if I hop. IF we do this, it will be for a buck or so.
Toad Update 8/5/99 #2 15:09 EMAIL and ICQ
This would have been a great day for a Toad to get burned - real badly.
Haven't left the side of the pond all day - waiting for something GOOD to happen.
Today is why we play what the market is doing and don't try to predict the market.         My prediction at 10:30 was "This is going to be a BIG down day." Whoops, there it goes. That's why we don't play "predictions!"
Still here...
Toad Update 8/5/99 #1 12:29 EMAIL and ICQ
We hit lows of the day right before 10:30 and the pond has been rising ever since... Lunch bunch might be taking it back down.
There was a rally going on - except for AOL. AOL is going down just because Bill Gates thinks he might want to give internet access for FREE!
The puts from yesterday (that we SCW) are back down again.
Stay tuned, the lunch bunch is about halfway done.
8/5/99 9:30
Expecting a strong opening but we all know that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Stay tuned...
8/4/99 Later in the Evening
I know this is SCW, but IF the 3:00 crowd woulda done that yesterday - we'd be a FAT Toad right now. FAT Toad
THAT was what yesterday shoulda looked like. Well, tomorrow is another day at the pond - see you here.
8/4/99 Evening
Mrs. Toad and I have one of our volunteer activities tonight. Will be back later to update the site. Have a great dinner...
Toad Update 8/4/99 #2 15:02 EMAIL and ICQ
IF it wasn't 3:00, I'd be hopping into a PUT right now.
Geez, what will the 3:00 crowd do to us today??
I'm staying flat until I see what these people are going to do.
Toad Update 8/4/99 #1 10:59 EMAIL and ICQ
Very glad we didn't hold the puts over.
Very tempted to hop into a call this am. Have not hopped yet, cause WE DON'T TRUST THIS MARKET!
Flat for now, but still watching the pond.
8/4/99 9:35
We have a light rain by the pond this morning and Union Carbide, symbol UK (not a member of the OEX) is taking OFF on news that DOW Chemical, symbol DOW (a member of the OEX) is buying them. Stay tuned...
8/3/99 Evening
We are UP $1,350 today and still feel frustrated. Take a look at a chart from today, the 3:00 crowd helped us until about 3:30 and then they went against us. We needed to hop out cause who knows what the 'morrow brings?? we are daaaaaaayyyyytraders!
For those of you who are keeping track, after the first hop today the puts dropped in price so some Toadsters could hop in for a BUCK less than we did - Then, after we hopped out at $16 they ran up another BUCK to $17. But you know it doesn't ..... bother me....
See you in the am.
Toad Update 8/3/99 #5 15:58 EMAIL and ICQ
I'm outta the Aug 680 puts (OEYTP) at 13 1/2.
Tried to get 14 1/2 and then gave up - just wanted out.
Overall, we are up around $1,300 today but woulda done better had we stayed out the second time. (Like Mrs. Toad suggested - of course she said that AFTER we hopped back in!)
Toad Update 8/3/99 #4 15:44 EMAIL and ICQ
Looks like we might be coming up on an opportunity to get out around even. Will do it so we don't have to carry over.
Will let you know when we get out.
Toad Update 8/3/99 #3 12:42 EMAIL and ICQ
Just hopped into 10 contracts of the Aug 680 puts (OEYTP) at 14 1/4.
Will let you know when we hop out.
8/3/99 12:15
Picked up $2,175 on the last trade. I'll update the numbers later, watching the market now.
Toad Update 8/3/99 #2 11:58 EMAIL and ICQ
We are out of the Aug 685 puts (OEYTQ) at $16.
Never worrried about this one (right!)
Will let you know when we hop again.
Toad Update 8/3/99 #1 10:20 EMAIL and ICQ
Just hopped into 10 contracts of the Aug 685 puts (OEYTQ) at 13 3/4.
Will let you know when we hop out.
8/3/99 9:30
Good morning, we had some great showers last night; the pond is back up and the temperature is back down - let's HOP! Stay tuned.
8/2/99 Evening
UP in the morning and DOWN in the afternoon - hard to read today. Had a couple of Toadsters who REALLY wanted to get into calls around 1:30 and again around 2:45 - glad they didn't. Had some who wanted to get into puts around 2:15 or so - they are upset they didn't.
It was a battle all day between the A's and D's and we talked ourselves out of hopping into the 690 puts especially with the 3:00 bunch getting ready. With the market up as much as it was right before 3:00 - it coulda jumped up as many points as it tanked.

On the other hand, well - the calls are down $4.50. See you in the morning.
Toad Update 8/2/99 #1 15:15 EMAIL and ICQ
This whole day has been filled with SUCKER plays. Considered the Aug 690 puts at least three times & had an order in twice - chickened out every time. We could be the proud owners of 5 contracts at 14. Let's see, they are now back up to 14 - don't know what the after 3 crowd is gonna do.
Basically we've been in a slightly downward trending market since 10:30. No great signals and I see why.
Toad Update 8/2/99 #1 13:07 EMAIL and ICQ
I said to Mrs. Toad earlier today - If we weren't in by 10:00 - we need to STAY OUT of the pond until the signals tell us to hop.
Wanted to be in and thought a CALL looked good - but signals said "stay out in the heat!"
SO, we are flat and interested - stay tuned.
8/2/99 9:30
Still hot by the pond today; we'll be watching the market and hoping for rain. Toads with lizard skin, not a pretty sight. Stay tuned...
8/1/99 Saturday
Happy August! Hope you are staying cool this weekend. It's so hot by the pond, the fish are using fans!
It is time again to say goodbye to some Free Trial Toadsters because they will drop off the list this weekend - they will be "Toadless" if they don't subscribe. See the rest of you here by the pond Monday morning.
  Click hereSubscribe today, don't be Toadless!  Click here to subscribe!to subscribe.      Also, thought you'd want to know:
We are UP $39,599 YTD and that's + 180 % this year!

Toad Update 7/30/99 #2 15:10 EMAIL and ICQ
Couldn't get into the drop off earlier today and now it seems everyone has gone home for the week. Even the CNBC guys say the market's problem this afternoon is "complete lack of interest". We'll keep and eye on things but it looks like an early start to the weekend.
Toad Update 7/30/99 #1 13:20 EMAIL and ICQ
This feels like YESTERDAY and ..... Tried just now for 14 1/2 and ALMOST raised my order to 15 on the Aug 690 puts (OEYTR) Have I mentioned that this feels like yesterday?? Deja Vu - holding off for now..
7/30/99 9:30
Just finished our bagels in time for the opening bell. Sitting by the pond...
7/29/99 Evening
Tomorrow is the last day of our first ever BAGEL WEEK! Let's see what tomorrow brings. See you here - I'll bring the bagels.Bagel Week
Toad Update 7/29/99 #6 16:23 EMAIL and ICQ
There has been a shooting in a Daytrader office in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. All-Tech Investment group - a daytrader walked in and started shooting. May be a lot of injuries and some deaths.
What is happening to this world? God bless us all.
Toad Update 7/29/99 #5 15:55 EMAIL and ICQ
We are out of the Aug 690 puts (OEYTR) at 14 3/8.
They hit 16 1/2 after we hopped in and our sell was at $17. Geez.
Flat and a little skinner. Ribbitt.
Toad Update 7/29/99 #4 14:26 EMAIL and ICQ
It looks like it's time to get out of the Aug 690 puts (OEYTR).
Will let you know when we are out.
Toad Update 7/29/99 #3 13:37 EMAIL and ICQ
Just hopped into 10 contracts of the Aug 690 Puts (OEYTR) at 15.
Will let you know when we hop out.
Toad Update 7/29/99 #2 12:24 EMAIL and ICQ
Looks like any kind of put hop since 10:30 woulda been a mistake. Oops, there it goes again.
NOW, the lunch-bunch is here and who knows....
If we were really good buy and hold Toads we probably woulda had a CALL yesterday!
Still watching the pond.
Toad Update 7/29/99 #1 9:44 EMAIL and ICQ
Would love to hop into this mess with a PUT, but - who knows how long this will last.
Stay tuned.
7/29/99 9:30
Geez, great reason NOT to hold over - WOW. Stay tuned, market is headed DOWN.
7/28/99 Evening
Several Toadsters said we should "blame the Daytraders" for today. GREAT IDEA!       NO, wait - that's US! That won't work. We need a scapegoat... I'll work on that while I prepare for DAY FOUR of BAGEL WEEK!
Toad Update 7/28/99 #2 14:56 EMAIL and ICQ
Got pretty close to hopping into something today - reason we haven't hopped yet is WE DIDN'T KNOW IF IT SHOULD BE A PUT OR A CALL......
SO, that's probably a real good reason to stay FLAT.
Flat I am.... on Day THREE of BAGEL WEEK!
Don't think we can blame this on Dr. G. - who can we blame?
Toad Update 7/28/99 #1 11:43 EMAIL and ICQ
I was just about to send you this update and tell you to go to lunch because it doesn't look like much will happen until Dr. G gets away from the microphone.... and the market went UP some..... hmmmmm.
Still going to eat lunch, but will keep an eye on the pond.
Hope you had your bagel this am - don't forget it's DAY THREE OF BAGEL WEEK!
7/28/99 9:30
Looks like we might be waiting for Dr. G Dr. G     again!
7/27/99 Evening
Although we don't usually pay too much attention to the second half of Dr G's Humphrey-Hawkins report, market analysts seemed to think today's market activity was influenced by his appearance tomorrow. Uuuuhhhh, what'd we say? See you in the morning for Day THREE of BAGEL WEEK!
Toad Update 7/27/99 #3 16:03 EMAIL and ICQ
Never received our confirmation today. The two spikes up were too fast for us to catch with a call and we sure didn't want to gamble that the market would tank.
Couldn't catch the "up" in the morning or the "down" in the afternoon and in between there wasn't much happening.
Seriously considered the Aug 700 calls at 17 X 17 1/2 and they are now 16 X 16 3/4. Glad we weren't serious enough to hop.
Toad Update 7/27/99 #2 12:21 EMAIL and ICQ
In 30 minutes the OEX went from 696 something to almost 702. The TICK stayed low (stay out) the TRIN said hop in, the A/D says 15/12, The Aug 700 calls are up around 1 1/4.
Hate days like this - could be a real sucker play waiting to happen.
Tell you what, let's wait for confirmation.
Toad Update 7/27/99 #1 9:25 EMAIL and ICQ
Good morning, it's DAY TWO of BAGEL WEEK!
Globex says the market is going up - let's see. Stay tuned.
7/26/99 Evening
That was DAY ONE of BAGEL WEEK! Our Aug 700 puts hit $19 after we sold, we missed 18 1/2 earlier today and just didn't want to hold over - it makes us nervous.
SO, we hopped out and that sucker hit 19. Heard from a lot of Toadsters who hopped out at 18 1/2 or 18 3/4, but that doesn't bother me. bother me, bother me, bother me, bother me, bother me...             See you in the morning.
Toad Update 7/26/99 #4 16:00 EMAIL and ICQ
We are out of the Aug 700 Puts (OEZTT) at 18 1/4.
We are FLAT!
See you in the morning,
Toad Update 7/26/99 #3 15:48 EMAIL and ICQ
We are going to lower our sell point to get out today.
Will let you know.
Toad Update 7/26/99 #2 14:38 EMAIL and ICQ
We just hopped into 10 contracts of the Aug 700 puts (OEZTT) at 17.
Will let you know when we hop out.
Toad Update 7/26/99 #1 12:59 EMAIL and ICQ
I like the 700 calls and I like the 700 puts - which means we are staying FLAT right now. Market down and up today - no clear decision where it wants to go yet.
On open we streaked down and then worked our way back up - GREAT reason not to buy on open.
Still watching the pond and will let you know when we hop. DAY 1 of BAGEL WEEK!
7/26/99 9:30
Good morning, It's BAGEL WEEK! Stay tuned...
7/25/99 Sunday
We are seeing Little Toad Little Toadtoday! Actually we are helping her get ready to move - AGAIN! Movers come this week. And I just wanted to lay around by the pond this weekend...

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