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2/8/99 Evening
We blush to admit that we didn't watch the end of the market today - we were checking out the insides of the advil bottle.

Saw that the Feb 615 puts (OEYNC) we had only hit $12 today - glad we didn't just put $2 on it and go to bed. Speaking of bed, I'm going back to it.

Hope I see you in the am - also hope I didn't give you this flu. (Mrs. Toad is starting to show some of the same symptoms...)     :-P
2/8/99 13:10
In an unusual move, the Toad, unable to hop anymore due to a fever, dragged himself to bed earlier today. He will try to update the site this evening.
Toad Update 2/8/99 #2 11:28 EMAIL and ICQ
Just hopped out of the Feb 615 puts at $11 1/2.
Don't feel well at all. Am going to bed.

Toad Update 2/8/99 #1 10:58 EMAIL and ICQ
Just hopped into 10 contracts of Feb 615 puts (OEYNC) at $10 1/4.
Will let you know when we hop out.
2/8/99 9:30
Croak, Croak! Toad got up with a cold this morning. Let's see if today is as strong as some are predicting (hoping?)

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2/5/99 Evening
We are UP $20,071 - that's 91% this year!

It's time again to say goodbye to some Free Trial Toadsters.... Subscribe today, don't be 
Toadless! because they will drop off the list this weekend - they will be "Toadless" if they don't subscribe.

See the rest of you here on Monday.
- - - - - -
- - - - - -
The put we didn't hop into finished the day at $13.
Still glad we are FLAT!
Toad Update 2/5/99 #2 14:28 EMAIL and ICQ
Well, that's it for today. I have a Dr's appointment at 3:30, so we are about done for now.
The PUT play we wanted, well.... sure glad we didn't hop.
Have a great weekend.
Toad Update 2/5/99 #1 13:45 EMAIL and ICQ
Well, we chased the Feb 620 puts (OEYND), thought just maybe this was a "market order" situation. Didn't get them at 13 1/2 or 14 and they hit a high of 15 5/8.
I could buy them now - at 13 3/4 and WE DON'T WANT THEM NOW.
Don't know if we woulda had time to get in and get back out - we would probably still be holding.
SO, we are FLAT and happy.. for now.
2/5/99 9:25
Come on in, have a bagel and a cup of coffee and lets talk about the Non Farm Payroll report.
The January non-farm payroll employment rose 245,000, this was ahead of expectations, the unemployment rate was unchanged at 4.3%.    (Or we could talk about college basketball.)GO Gators!
2/4/99 Evening
In retrospect, it was a good day to stay dry. The 625 puts (OEYNE) we wanted at $13 - didn't really get into money until the dump right at the end of the day - and then they only hit $14.
GREAT NEWS!        Friday is BAGEL DAY! Cyber Bagels courtesy of Bagels for All - 
see Links page for more info.
Be here tomorrow - with the bagels...
Toad Update 2/4/99 #2 14:11 EMAIL and ICQ
FYI - e*trade hiccuped yesterday and then was OK - - we have had no problems (yet) today.....

About our non-trade: We were glad we DIDN'T get into the puts (Feb 620 OYEND at 10 1/2) when everything went against us - but you know - that wasn't a bad play, figured we coulda gotten in around 11. Oops - they only hit a high of 11 1/2....

Other one (better) we were considering was the Feb 625 puts (OEYNE)- good play - oops they are only up 3/4 from the $13 we woulda tried..
Glad we are not in.
Toad Update 2/4/99 #1 10:43 EMAIL and ICQ
Oops, oops - we DIDN'T hop into the puts.
Might regret it later....
Had an order in and it didn't go - still watching.
2/4/99 9:25
Good morning, it's a wait and see morning - neutral Globex. Stay tuned to see what happens today...
2/3/99 Evening
We were on Fed watch today and the pond was choppy. We had retrenchment right after the announcement and then.... market took off with another "retrenchment" right after 3:00.
A/D was even and slightly negative until 3:00 when it went positive, right about the time the market DROPPED... hmmmmmm...
Advancers finally beat decliners by 8 to 7.
If we woulda hopped, things were pointing toward puts - WRONG!
See you in the morning...
Toad Update 2/3/99 #1 12:02 EMAIL and ICQ
We are still on FED WATCH...
Thinking about lunch.
2/3/99 9:35
Good morning. Some downward pressure this morning, but - Mr. G. speaks today. We'll just watch quietly by the pond.
2/2/99 Evening
Not a bad trade today. Had our sell set $2 higher than our entry and then changed it to 15 1/2 when the market was running with us, really thought we would hit it - NEVER DID. But we did set the "ask" for a lot of the time. So, we moved it to $15 and missed that also.
If we were going to settle for $14, we coulda caught it on the way up. Oh well, we are FLAT and will see you in the morning.
Toad Update 2/2/99 #4 13:44 EMAIL and ICQ
Yes, I'm outta the Feb 625 puts (OEYNE) at $14.
Yes, I had my sell set at 15 1/2 and they only hit 15 1/4. I even missed $15!

BUT, we are flat and green.
Toad Update 2/2/99 #3 11:47 EMAIL and ICQ
With the market running with us, I pushed the sell point out further.
We had it at 13 1/2 and now it's higher. If the market starts going against us, we will hop out.
Toad Update 2/2/99 #2 11:17 EMAIL and ICQ
We just hopped into 15 contracts of the Feb 625 puts (OEYNE) at 11 1/2.
Will let you know when we hop.
Toad Update 2/2/99 #1 10:46 EMAIL and ICQ
When we look at a chart of today - (and a lot of days recently) it looks like a fish hook.
As toads, we have serious problems with FISH HOOKS. Looks like the market has problems with them also.
We are watching closely and think a PUT is in order - maybe....
2/2/99 9:30
Good morning, Globex is down, market is about to open. Let's see what happens today...
Toad Update 2/1/99 #2 15:15 EMAIL only
Nope, nope and nope.
Wouldn't trade this stuff today, we were ALMOST convinced a couple of times today - didn't get as far as entering an order. Broke through a high for today around 14:35 and then ---- back down.
    Wouldn't trade it on a dare,
    wouldn't trade it anywhere.
Just when the market looked UP it went DOWN and vice-versa. How about the after 3:00 crowd? No help yet.
You know the puts we looked at on Friday - are now just a little less than they were on Friday.
You know the calls we looked at on Friday - are now just a little less than they were on Friday.
ho-hum, let's TRADE SOMETHING!
Toad Update 2/1/99 #1 13:30 EMAIL and ICQ
Well, it's still raining here and we have not been tempted to hop yet today. Market is still weird, the TICK is down and the market is going up.

Is it because of "Monica Monday"??
We are still sitting by the pond, watching.
2/1/99 9:30
Good morning, with the rain, everything is green here by the pond. We like the color green. Let's see if we can make some "green" today...
1/31/99 Evening
Super Bowl is over - I didn't take sides as we have subscribers on both sides - the Bronco's did beat the Dirty-Bird's.
We were still cheering for the Jaguars!Jaguars
NOTICE    Mrs. Toad     Mrs. Toad has asked us to extend the old rate through Valentine's day.    Happy Valentine's Day!
We had a lot of new subscribers trying to beat the Feb. 1st price increase and we haven't even checked our emails this weekend. So, the price increase will be delayed until Valentine's day - because she is a sweet Toad.

(As before, if you are a current subscriber, you will stay at your current rate.)

See you in the morning.
1/29/99 Late Evening
We are UP $16,414 - that's 74% this year!

NOTICE     Thought we would mention again that our rates will increase on February 1st to new subscribers. If you are a current subscriber, you will stay at your current rate. (What a nice Toad.)

If you plan on subscribing in the near future and want to lock in the "old" rates, send in your charge or subscription notice and we will give you the "old" rates - BUT, you need to notify us prior to February 1st!

1/29/99 Evening
Had several people mention that we are NOT FROGS - so we changed the jokes.
Will finish the update later this evening - going to dinner.

Who woulda thought we would break through the resistance right before close! Now, was this just a bump against the top and we will dump on Monday? Who knows.... the Toad shadow doesn't.........
Which brings us to the time when we must say goodbye to some Free Trial Toadsters.... Subscribe today, don't be 
Toadless! because they will drop off the list this weekend - they will be "Toadless" if they don't subscribe.

See the rest of you here on Monday.

Toad Update 1/29/99 #1 13:04 EMAIL only
This is strange - both yesterday and today the Tick has been negative and the OEX goes UP!

Still watching....
1/29/99 9:25
Good morning. Another great day by the pond. Let's hope we have fun today!
Mmmmmmm! Good bagels - thanks!
1/28/99 Evening
A Toadster that has too much time sent us these:

What happened to the cat and toad when they got run over?
     The cat had nine lives, the toad just croaked.

What's green and dangerous?
     A toad with a hand-grenade.

Friday is BAGEL DAY! Cyber Bagels courtesy of Bagels for All - 
see Links page for more info. (I'm not sure who is to bring them - is it YOUR turn?) - see you by the pond.
Toad Update 1/28/99 #1 14:39 EMAIL only
Well, I'm still flat and happy about it. We seriously looked at some calls right before noon - oops. As I said, glad we are flat.

Funny day - pond is nice - nice to watch right now.
So, we are still here -
1/28/99 9:25
Good morning, looks like we have another great reason NOT TO HOLD OVERNIGHT because it looks like a strong opening.
Always interesting when Dr. G speaks. Dr. G Stay tuned...
1/27/99 16:45
Not a bad day - had some doubts a little after 1:00 (Really I did.) But we were down well within our risk tolerance levels - so we kept watching for a change that would make us hop out and it never came.
Some of our Toadsters said they hopped in after us from 1/2 to 3/4 cheaper. Doesn't bother us, bother us, bother us.......

See you in the morning...
Toad Update 1/27/99 #3 16:12 EMAIL and ICQ
WOW, I'm FLAT & I'm outta the Feb 625 puts (OEYNE) at $18.
Love this after the market closes stuff.
Toad Update 1/27/99 #2 13:26 EMAIL and ICQ
Here is where we are - one foot in the pond and one out.

DON'T WANT TO HOLD OVERNIGHT. But we might do it.

We are currently sitting at 15 or 15 1/4 - down just $125.
Our sell point has been 17 1/2 - ever since we bought. SO, the market is not tanking, it didn't shoot up and we are about even.
We MIGHT lower our sell to 16 1/2 and see if something happens after 4:00.
Toad Update 1/27/99 #1 11:11 EMAIL and ICQ
We just hopped into 5 contracts of the Feb 625 puts (OEYNE) at 15 1/2.
Will let you know when we hop.
1/27/99 10:25
Oops - - Really glad we didn't buy those calls...

Just another good reason NOT to hold overnight.
1/27/99 9:30
Good morning, STRONG opening today - shoulda bought those calls...

Let's get into something today.
1/26/99 Evening
Take a look at today's charts - we felt like we were in a fast moving trading range most of the day - a little like bumper cars.

A/D line was almost even - THEN the breakout started around 1:30 - we were getting close to a hop and the market backed off. Next it took off and our order to buy the Feb 630 Calls (OEYBF) at 13 1/2 was out of the question. From 2:00 to 3:00 we were sideways once again and by 3:00 we were running again. We missed catching a wave because they hit fast and were gone. So, we will see you in the am.
Toad Update 1/26/99 #1 13:23 EMAIL only
Even the lunch crowd hasn't caused much of a ripple on the pond. Maybe it's the Monica factor and now that she's winging back to LA something will happen. We're still watching.
1/26/99 9:35
Lovely morning by the pond. Futures have a positive bias at the opening, so let's see what happens!
Toad Update 1/25/99 #2 16:15 EMAIL only
Received an email about an hour ago from a Toadster who thought water sports were pretty tame today and decided to go take a motorcycle ride. He must have been sitting by the same pond as the Toad - no waves today on the pond to make the Toad hop. But a toad on a motorcycle! No, thank you! Hope we have more activity tomorrow.

Oops . . . no way we could have jumped off the motorcycle and into the pond on that last wave.
Toad Update 1/25/99 #1 13:25 EMAIL only
Just one of those days - not much happening. We're here by the pond keeping an eye on things.
1/25/99 9:30
Good morning. Globex was both up and down - interesting day on the horizon?? We'll just sit here by the pond and see what happens.
1/22/99 Evening
a kiss for the TOAD - will that give you warts? This is what we received in an email today - from a happy Toadster who did REAL well this week on the puts.
We are UP $15,222 - that's 69% this year!
Subscribe today, don't be 
Toadless! Some "free trial" toadsters will drop off the list this weekend - they will be "Toadless" if they don't subscribe.

See the rest of you here on Monday.

Toad Update 1/22/99 #2 16:16 EMAIL only
Nope, we didn't hop. This was a case of wanting to do something and the market said - don't.
Really felt we would see an upward finish today - that's what we get for trying to figure out the market.

Remember the quote: "Trade what the market is doing, not what you expect it to do." Toad '98
The Toad will stick to reading the waves on the pond - that's what kept us out of calls today.
Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday.
ps. Thanks for the bagels.
Toad Update 1/22/99 #1 14:09 EMAIL and ICQ
This is a funny day, we have been tracking our typical option positions and there just has not been that much momentum to play today.
Although the market is down, it has looked like an "upward bias", but we don't know what will happen in the last hour or so of trading.

We were probably about 1/2 wave ahead (or behind) with our last trade. Got in too high and out too low - but that will happen.
Today, would love to hop - let's see if we are wimps...
1/22/99 11:40
    YES, had we left the sell order at $23 - we woulda been out with a profit.
    YES, the Feb 620 puts hit $25 1/4 this morning.
    YES, some Toadsters made more than we did - and we can live with that.
    YES, we are still flat and watching.
    YES, the bagels arrived - thanks.

1/22/99 9:30
Good morning, Globex is down - looks like a good day to sell puts! (The BAGELS are not here yet...)
1/21/99 Evening
Don't know if you noticed, but the Feb 620 puts (OEYND) hit their high of the day - AFTER THE MARKET CLOSED.
We had our sell order in ever since we purchased them, we have changed the order several times as we mentioned in our 13:09 email and ICQ update. After the scare from 14:00 to 15:00 or so, we figured we didn't want to hold overnight (again) so we changed the order to even to get out at our cost.

Had we NOT changed the order, we probably could have sold at 22 (where our order sat for awhile) because they did hit $22 after market close.

I heard from several Toad +10 players who hopped in cheaper than the Toad and they were out today with a profit. Also, we heard from the AT (Apprentice Toadster) who was in here earlier this week and he closed out his contracts at 21 1/2 - so the AT made some money!

Tomorrow is Friday and it's Bagel Day here at the pond!             Cyber Bagels courtesy of Bagels for All - 
see Links page for more info. (It's your turn to bring them.) - see you by the pond.
Toad Update 1/21/99 #2 16:26 EMAIL and ICQ
I'm outta the Feb 620 puts (OEYND) at $21.
We got out for the cost of commissions - (and a lot of heartburn by holding OVERNIGHT!)

If you wonder what happened after market close, this is something we cover in detail in our training and I will post more about it on the site tonight.

We are FLAT ( and about $58 lighter!)
See you in the morning - it's your turn to bring the bagels.
Toad Update 1/21/99 #1 13:09 EMAIL and ICQ
Can you believe my sell is set at $23 again?
We are still holding the 5 contracts of the Feb 620puts (OEYND) - A/D line is down - we may change the sell to $22 - depends upon what the market does.
We will keep you posted.
1/21/99 12:25
Watching the lunch-time crowd hit the market - AD line is down, approaching today's low, so yes we are still holding.

Also, we would enter another position without closing this one if conditions indicate a good move. So... stay tuned.
1/21/99 9:30
Good morning, Globex is down - what will the market do today?

Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

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