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1/20/99 18:00
Our normal Apprentice Toadster (AT) training runs one day but this week we had an AT stay for two days. He said he learned a lot on Tuesday and Wednesday (he is ALSO still holding his puts).
WHY, WHY, WHY - are we holding, look at the charts and indicators - we think the market is going down in the next two days and right now, we are sitting around where we were last night - still within our "loss tolerance."

If this was Options Expiration Week and we were on the downward side of the power curve - no way would we have considered holding.

So, that's it from Toad Central - see you in the morning.
Toad Update 1/20/99 #1 16:12 EMAIL and ICQ
And you doubted the TOAD!

We are about where we ended yesterday, sitting with one foot in the pond and watching.
Dr. G would have been a great play today, we didn't do it because we didn't think the market was going to STAY UP - and it didn't.

Our two-day Apprentice Toadster is leaving tonight (we got our dinner last night!)
Let's see what tomorrow brings.
1/20/99 13:00
We have weathered Dr. G's speech - what is the market going to do the rest of today? UP? DOWN?
We are holding - why? - - - we have a LONG time until expiration and feel the signs are here for a dump.

Still might hop out and take our hits.
1/20/99 9:25
Well, we are sitting here, by the pond watching Globex indicate a rally. If our position drops another $2000 or so, we will probably hop out.

Why would we stay in? Because it sure looks like a little bit of bad news will tank the market - will that happen this afternoon???Dr. G
Stay tuned.
1/19/99 Evening
Had a nice dinner with the AT and now let's talk about the market.
Our position closed at $18, purchased at $21: 500 times $3 =$1,500 down, well within our "loss tolerance" - IF WE DON'T TANK IN THE AM!

Mrs. Toad admonished both Mr. Toad and the Apprentice during dinner - "You are DAAAAAY TRADERS!" she said over and over it seemed.

Havn't mentioned to her that GLOBEX is UP tonight - let's see if Dr. G helps our position tomorrow. See you in the morning...
1/19/99 17:35
Going to dinner with the AT, will update with some thoughts later.
Toad Update 1/19/99 #2 14:07 EMAIL and ICQ
We're on the horns of a dilemma - would that be a horned toad dilemma?

We have almost a month before these things expire. We may hold over if it doesn't hit 22 1/2 or 23 yet today. Our sell is still at 23 but we have considered changing it!

Guess we should tell you we have an apprentice with us today. Hope he makes out okay also!
Will let you know if we hop.
Toad Update 1/19/99 #1 11:15 EMAIL and ICQ
We just hopped into 5 contracts of the Feb 620 puts (OEYND)at 21.
We tried to get this sucker at 20 just a few minutes ago!
Will let you know when we hop.
1/19/99 9:25
Good morning, we are sitting by the pond, watching -
We wanna hop!
1/18/99 Monday
Yep, the market is closed today. See you Tuesday morning, by the pond.
1/17/99 Sunday
    Market is CLOSED on Monday...

ALSO, just thought we would mention that:
            We are UP $15,280 - that's 69% this year!
1/15/99 Morning
Not really watching the market today, don't want to be tempted to trade on Options Expiration Friday - we have a slight problem with trading then.

For you new people, lets discuss this:
    1)    Anything you purchase today - EXPIRES today!
    2)    If you purchase the next month out - those options are way too expensive this week.
    3)    Risk is way too high to trade - and we have an adverse reaction to risk. (It makes our skin all green and lumpy - oops, you don't think it's supposed to be that way, do you?)

1/14/99 11:35
We sent the Toad Update today to see if we are missing anyone on our lists.

If you should be receiving our messages and are not, send us an email.
If you are receiving them fine, don't respond.

Toad Update 1/14/99 #1 11:24 EMAIL only
Don't get excited - we are not trading today.
This is a test message, I'll post this on the site to catch anyone who is on a list and not receiving messages.

Hope all is going well, we have been working on the computer and programs to contact you all.
ps. Market is DOWN 130 points... OK we were a little tempted today.
1/14/99 9:36
We are watching with one eye and we are FIRMLY standing by the pond. Don't expect to hop today.
1/13/99 21:20
Could we have made some money today? Maybe, but we don't feel the risk is worth it - and if we don't want to risk Toad money, I'd say you shouldn't risk Toadster money.
But, like the disclaimer says:
    Before you proceed, you must understand and agree that nothing on this site is meant to be "TRADING ADVICE".
    If you trade, you always trade at your own risk.
We will take a look at the pond in the morning, but will be in the wimp mode - fur sure. See you in the morning...
Toad Update 1/13/99 #1 11:50 EMAIL and ICQ
Have I ever mentioned that I hate Options Expiration Week?
The risk is too high right now and next month's options are waaay too expensive!
They will be a lot cheaper next week. Will keep an eye on the market but don't expect the WIMP Toad to hop. We think that's probably the best position we can take this week.
1/13/99 11:15
It's Options Expiration Week (have I mentioned that I hate Options Expiration Week?), Brazil is baaaad news, AND Michael Jordan is retiring - wonder which one is affecting the market?

At least the bond guys are happy again, think we will go to lunch.

The wimp Toad is DONE TRADING FOR THIS WEEK! (Unless we see something good....) The risk is too high right now, there are too many things against us this week , so we are wimping out and would recommend same...
1/13/99 9:30
Going to be an interesting day by the pond. Stay tuned.
1/12/99 23:30
Whew! What a day, I hate options expiration week (have I ever mentioned that before?) and somedays I hate bond traders - especially right after 3:00!

Good news and bad news:
    Intel's earnings top even the highest estimate!
    Michael is retiring...
See you in the morning.
Toad Update 1/12/99 #1 13:25 EMAIL ONLY
Not a day for hopping so far - just little bumps up and down despite a downward trend. Still watching.
1/12/99 9:25
It's a little chilly by the pond this morning. Maybe it will warm up enough to hop!
1/11/99 23:30
Just a note before we call it a day... we hopped a little early today:
    The OEYMG hit a high of 12 1/4 and closed out at 8 1/2.
But we can live with that - you know what we say:         "It's never a problem when you make money."

Received emails from several Toadsters who MADE MORE THAN THE TOAD TODAY; but we can live with that also.

Don't forget, this is Options Expiration Week and we will be off on Friday. If you are foolish enough to trade on Friday - don't tell the Toad.

See you in the morning.
1/11/99 13:45
Yes, we were depressed today - if you want to see why, Click here.
Going to Dr's appt. this afternoon, so will see you later (gator.)
1/11/99 12:55
Yes, this does make us feel a little better.
AND, we are FLAT!
Toad Update 1/11/99 #2 12:35 EMAIL and ICQ
Just hopped out of the Jan 635 puts (OEYMG) at 10 1/4.
Will let you know if we hop again.
Starting to feel a little better; just don't mention football.
Toad Update 1/11/99 #1 11:23 EMAIL and ICQ
We just hopped into 20 contracts of the Jan 635 puts (OEYMG) at 8 1/4.
Will let you know when we hop.
1/11/99 9:35
Life goes on. Let's just sit here and see what we can do today. The pond is very soothing today!
1/10/99 Sunday
Yes, the Jaguars lost; football, as we know it, is gone.           (At least for this year.)
1/9/99 Saturday
In the past some of the monthly charges have been entered in arrears, and we were asked to enter the continuing charges for the current month before the 15th. So, you may see two charges coming to your account in January as we catch up and get everyone current. Let us know if you want to know your current expiration date.

Also, our rates will be increased on February 1st to new subscribers. If you are a current subscriber, you will stay at your rate. (What a nice Toad.)

Let's hear it for the Jacksonville Jaguars tomorrow!
1/8/99 Evening
    We are UP $11,390 - that's 52% this year!
After I paid Mrs. Toad the buck, the market took off - UP AGAIN. She won't give the buck back; I mentioned that the OEX finished UP 3.26 points and she replied, "Too bad, you shoulda bought calls, I still win."
You could have purchased ANYTHING around 10:30 and made $2.00 today. Who woulda guessed?

Well, we are FLAT for the weekend and are up $11,390 for the week. (Minus a buck to the Mrs.)
Subscribe today, don't be 
Toadless! Some "free trial" toadsters will drop off the list this weekend - they will be "Toadless" if they don't subscribe.

See the rest of you here on Monday.

GO JAGUARS !Jaguars Beat the Jets!
Toad Update 1/8/99 #1 14:50 EMAIL only
Well, we are still sitting by the pond - watching the ripples on the surface.

But it is confession time: I lost a buck today. Lost it to Mrs. Toad.
    She looked over my shoulder around 10:30 and said, "Looks like a good day to buy a put."
    I responded with - "What? A put? The market has been up today, this is just a small wave, looks lika an up day to me."
    That's when she threw down the gauntlet with, "Wanna bet?"
    Knowing she was dead wrong, I bet a buck.

    The Jan 635 puts (OEYMG) were running 7 3/4 to 8 around that time - they hit a high of 9 1/2 SO FAR today.
I hate it when she wins.
1/8/99 9:20
    It's Friday and it's Bagel Day here at the pond!
      Cyber Bagels courtesy of Bagels for All - 
see Links page for more info. We have plenty of bagels for everyone today. (It's your turn to bring them next week.)
Let's see what we can hop into today...
1/7/99 Evening
1998 TOAD Performance =       + 315.22 %
If you really want to see it, send us an email requesting our 1998 spreadsheet. This will have EVERY transaction and the percent return calculations from the number guys. It is in Excel 97 format, but we can save it in almost any other format. Let us know and we will send it as an email attachent.

See you in the morning.
Toad Update 1/7/99 #1 14:14 EMAIL and ICQ
OK, lets try to answer the question of the day.
If you were willing to hop in on Tuesday - why not hop in today?

Look at the charts and the fundamentals today - it's just not there.
We might try a small one, but we have nothing telling us which side will get the momentum.
SO, we are sitting by the pond watching the water and listening to Abby Joseph Cohen.
1/7/99 9:30
Good morning, we sure are glad we don't HOLD OVERNIGHT (well, mostly never.)
Market down today - let's hop, stay tuned...
1/6/99 Evening
Well, our accountants convinced us that they were correct in their calculations.
Last year we deposited $49,000 into our Toad account when we entered a trading contest, but we never used more than $27,280.55 of our initial deposit.
Actually we started out using just $11,754.

You can see their calculations here: 1998 Toad Performance.

With that behind us, I'll see you in the morning.
Toad Update 1/6/99 #3 15:42 EMAIL and ICQ
Who woulda thought that hopping out with a profit of $11,390 was a mistake!
Well, anytime you can make that kind of money, it can't be a mistake, how about a toad early hop (instead of a mistake!)
Yep, that Jan 610 call (OEYAB) hit a high of 23 1/2. Hmmmmm..
We looked at a couple others today, but couldn't/didn't get back in.
Hope it went well for you all.

Toad Update 1/6/99 #2 10:27 EMAIL and ICQ
Well, we got COLD feet (it is cold here in Florida) anyway:
We hopped out of 20 contracts of the Jan 610 calls (OEYAB) at $16 3/4.
Will let you know when we hop again.
Toad Update 1/6/99 #1 9:44 EMAIL and ICQ
I blush to admit that I pulled my sell order and I'm just watching the run up.
Will let you know when we hop out.
1/6/99 9:15
Good morning - Globex is still up and it looks like a strong opening today!
We have a sell point in - let's see what happens.
1/5/99 Later in the Evening
Did you know that the Jacksonville Jaguars (the AFC Central Division Champs), won again on Sunday?
Now we have to go to New York (actually N.J.) and play the Jets on Sunday (1/10/99) at 12:30. Need your support! Jaguars
1/5/99 Evening
Yes, our first trade in 1999 and we are HOLDING OVERNIGHT!
Right now, Globex is UP! See you in the morning.
Toad Update 1/5/99 #1 15:14 EMAIL and ICQ
I just hopped into 20 contracts of the Jan 610 calls (OEYAB) at $11.
Will let you know when we hop out.
1/5/99 15:30
YES! We hopped in today - stay tuned to see how we are doing.
(Subscribers and Free Trial Toadsters found out in REAL TIME, they know what we are doing.)
1/5/99 9:30
Sitting by the pond, watching. Let's hop today.
1/4/99 23:10
Yep, we didn't hop into calls around NOON - thank you. Market was up against some strong resistance and couldn't break through. Then it just started to slide until after 15:00.
Did feel the market was trying to recover around 14:00 but it couldn't sustain anything. Then around 15:00 - the market was flat for the day.

We really wanted to hop into calls around 11:15 - even mentioned it to one of the Toadsters, but the signals never lined up - just wasn't there. It was a good day to WATCH. See you in the am.
Toad Update 1/4/99 #1 13:18 EMAIL and ICQ
OK, two things:
    1. I turned off the music.
    2. This is how I expected the market to act today: Hop up strong and then drop back.
So why didn't we trade it? BECAUSE, we only trade what the market is doing - not what we "expect" to happen.
(Good lesson - pay attention.)
1/4/99 9:30
Good morning - welcome to 1999! We are sitting by the pond and watching, let's hop today...
12/31/98 Happy New Year
Looks like that's about it for 1998. We feel our system is in place to do 100K to 150K+ in 1999. Stick with us and follow the Toad!
    Have a hoppy, healthy and prosperous New Year. We had a ball this year - hope your year was great! See you next year!
Subscribe today, don't be 
Toadless! Some "free trial" toadsters will drop off the list when 1998 ends - they will be "Toadless" if they don't subscribe.
                  Can you imagine that - "Toadless in 1999" - terrible.
12/30/98 15:45
Toad Tangerines! More Information about our tangerines...
12/30/98 15:15
We just took a little break from this S L O W market and Mrs. Toad and I picked the tangerines from the tree in our yard. They are ripe and delicious.
You don't get this kind of information from just any old web site.
Toad Update 12/30/98 #1 14:14 EMAIL and ICQ
As much as I want to trade today, it's just not there.
I wanted to get over 90K for the year and it doesn't look like we are going to make it...
Just when you think it is going to be a big DOWN day, the market turns and hops up a point or two (OEX points) - the charts today are not good.
SO, if we can't get something done today, that's it for 1998 -
I'll let you know if we hop.
12/30/98 9:25
Good morning, we are here - sitting by the pond watching...
12/29/98 17:15
Not a bad hop today - doesn't pay for Christmas, but it helps.
Did we mention that the Jaguars are the AFC Central Division CHAMPS?

We will be back here in the am - see you then...
Toad Update 12/29/98 #2 12:19 EMAIL and ICQ
We just hopped out of the 5 contracts of the Jan 610 calls (OEYAB) at 11 1/2.
Will let you know when we hop again.
Toad Update 12/29/98 #1 11:40 EMAIL and ICQ
We just hopped into 5 contracts of the Jan 610 Calls (OEYAB) at 9 1/2.
Will let you know when we hop.
12/29/98 9:25
Good morning, Jaguars won again last night - let's have a rally today... Jaguars
Toad Update 12/28/98 #1 15:14 EMAIL only
Very low volume and we've been in a trading range most of today.
The options we have been following haven't moved much more than 50 cents since 10 this morning.
SO, it doesn't look good for us hopping in today. We will keep watching, but too many things against us right now.

    Schedule for this week:
    We will be here today, Tuesday and Wednesday - off Thursday and Friday this week.
    Normal schedule resumes on January 4th.

12/28/98 14:55
Y - A - W - N, ho hum, nothing happening today...
Is it all that Christmas turkey we ate??
12/28/98 9:25
Good morning, hope you had a great long weekend. Globex is up, where is the market going today? Stay tuned...
12/23/98 14:45
More animation from Deborah Gill - see links page. Yep, that's it until Monday. Picked up our new wheels last night. NO, don't even ask, we won't give out free advertising for any car.

(Did you see the RED Dodge Intrepid in those commercials? Pretty cool, huh? Imagine that in front of our house with a large RED bow on the hood - COOL! Imagine it in a platinum with the red bow!)

So to you and yours from me and mine - have a great holiday.
See you soon.Ho Ho HOP!
Toad Update 12/23/98 #1 14:15 EMAIL only
The mini Santa Claus rally fizzled on us.
Our indicators were not right for us to hop in - and that is good news right now. Market has slipped back some from our highs today.
It also looks like the "mini" rally is partially due to the low volume today.
So, with the market closing early tomorrow, we are done until Monday. Probably good not to get caught in a position over Christmas.

So to all, have a great holiday. If Christmas is your holiday - have a great Christmas in the spirit of the holiday.

God bless you all
12/23/98 9:30
Good morning, let's have a rally today...
12/22/98 17:00
We were seriously thinking about a call right as the FOMC information was coming out - no change in rates and the market was going UP. So we never got as close as getting an order ready - the market turned around just as quickly and dropped 5 OEX points.

Ho Ho HOP!Santa Claus rally - that's what we were looking for.
Not today! See you in the morning.
Toad Update 12/22/98 #1 11:37 EMAIL and ICQ
Many have asked about our schedule this week, we had planned to be here all week, with Friday off.
BUT, with the market moving like this, we are going to be off Thursday and Friday. We will be here all day today and will test tomorrow (Wednesday) to see if we have a rally or some good activity. Might decide to take off tomorrow if it looks sluggish.

SO, you can count on us being here today and off Thursday and Friday.
12/22/98 9:20
Good morning, looks like a slightly down market today, maybe...
12/21/98 17:10
Looking at the Dow and the OEX, I woulda figured we were trading today, but it hopped up on the open and then went SIDEWAYS the rest of the day. Only chance was to be holding calls over the weekend... NOPE.
Good day to be training an Apprentice Toadster or two.
See you in the morning.
12/21/98 9:05
Good morning, the Jaguars lost - but we still won the AFC Central Championship! We are going to the playoffs!

Globlex is up and we are watching...
Want to see some neat Christmas lights?
Tour the St. Nicholos Light Display at Domino's Farms in Ann Arbor, Michigan:
    "The 15 minute drive-through light display spans over 300 acres and features over one million lights, several sets telling the Christmas narrative, snowflake tunnels, holiday trees wrapped in lights, and beautiful animated displays."

12/19/98 evening
A Gator Graduate! Little Toad's graduation was great - it was a nice ceremony and we are very proud of her. Did I mention she graduated with honors?

Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

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