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5/20/99 9:30
Sitting by the pond. Positive bias to the market this morning and we'll be watching.
5/19/99 Evening
As one Toadster sent to us this afternoon, "Nice to know that we got those two nasty losses out of the way. Now we can focus on the next great eight winners, eh?"
Since Friday is Options Expiration Friday (Have I ever mentioned that I hate OEF?), and tomorrow is the day before that hateful day, we will be extraordinarily cautious by the pond. In fact, we may just spend the day licking our wounds. (Do Toads do that?)
Then again, if we see a good one, we WILL hop! See you in the am.
Toad Update 5/19/99 #3 15:32 EMAIL and ICQ
Just hopped out of the May 680 puts (OEYQP) at $8 1/4.
Toad Update 5/19/99 #2 13:15 EMAIL and ICQ
We're going for 1/2 to 1 on this one, not our usual 2.
If it goes against us, we'll look to get out at 7 1/2 or 8.
Toad Update 5/19/99 #1 12:54 EMAIL and ICQ
Just hopped into 10 contracts of May 680 puts (OEYQP) at $9 1/2.
Will let you know when we hop out.
5/19/99 9:30
Good morning. We're well rested and ready to do some daaaaaytrading. Market is expected to rally - let's see what happens.
5/18/99 Evening
Well, we held over and LOST. Must be some kind of a DAYTRADER message here folks - try to remember that... (Mrs. Toad is helping us remember.) This trade means we are UP 123% for the year with an 80/20 win/loss ratio. Still pretty good. See you in the am.
Toad Update 5/18/99 #2 14:30 EMAIL and ICQ
That did it! Market went down, went up and then down. We didn't get filled at 3. We hopped out of the May 690 calls (OEYER) at $2 3/8.
Maybe if we held a little longer we could . . . never mind. . . we're FLAT. There's always Options Expiration Friday.
It must be nap time.
Toad Update 5/18/99 #1 12:45 EMAIL and ICQ
OEX is up 3.6 on limited trading. EVERYONE is waiting for the FOMC.
Our call is now 2 5/8 X 2 3/4 bid/ask. The virtues of holding over (cough, cough).
Will let you know when we hop.
5/18/99 9:30
Good morning. Waiting for Dr. G - FOMC can help us get out of this position. We will get out of this call today. Stay tuned.
5/17/99 Evening
FOMC Tomorrow...

Toad Update 5/17/99 #2 12:45 EMAIL and ICQ
YES its DOWN again.
We are going to HOLD. WHY? Because it's now worth 550 bucks and we couldn't sell at 5 or 4 or 3 today. Will hold it to see if we can double to maybe 1100 bucks...
Keep saying this quote from Mrs. Toad to yourself (and to me):

Toad Update 5/17/99 #1 9:45 EMAIL and ICQ
Thanks for all of the help. Received this link from a subscriber:
Goat Cam
Glad we have a sense of humor. Ribbitt.
As we posted on the site this morning, we are going to watch the open position for an exit point. Will wait until the market stabilizes after the morning open.
If it looks like it is still tanking, we will dump.
If it looks like it might strengthen, we will hold awhile to try and get some premium back.
5/17/99 9:30
Good morning, we are going to watch the open position for an exit point. Will wait until the market stabilizes after the morning open. If it looks like it is still tanking, we will dump. If it looks like it might strengthen, we will hold awhile to try and get some premium back. Stay tuned.
5/16/99 Afternoon
Beautiful day here at the pond in sunny Florida. Unfortunately some of our free trial toadsters will be dropping off our list today - they will be "Toadless" if they don't subscribe. You can click Subscribe today, don't be 
Toadless!  Click here to subscribe! here to subscribe. See the rest of you here by the pond Monday morning - get some sleep and have a great weekend.
We are UP +144 % this year!

5/14/99 Evening
Thought I'd get some sleep this weekend - now we can't because we are HOOOLDING over the weekend. Didn't get any rally today - all signs point to a rally on Monday, so we are holding over to get some kind of help then. Sort of decided for us when our calls opened at $5 - ouch, ouch, ouch.
We are sitting on pure time premium and that shouldn't change much from now to Monday am. IF we get the rally we should recapture SOME of the price - not all of it. Unless we get a good rally and then we're heroes
- no rally, your'e looking at a Toad Goat.     baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa         No rest this weekend. See you on Monday.
Toad Update 5/14/99 #3 15:58 EMAIL and ICQ
Looks like we can't count on the 3:00 crowd for help today.
With all of these great low prices on stocks you'd think we'd see some buying. Looks like the buying will happen on Monday - So we're gonna do it.
HOLDING OVER (I hate that).      Mrs. Toad hates it also.
Toad Update 5/14/99 #2 13:45 EMAIL and ICQ
Looks like we will be HOLDING over the weekend - I hate that.
UNLESS, we get the rebound today, then we will get out of this position.
At least it's not OEF (Options Expiration FRIDAY).
Sitting by the pond watching.
Toad Update 5/14/99 #1 10:25 EMAIL and ICQ
Yes, we are DAYTRADERS.
We are still holding the May690 calls (OEYER) - ouch.
They opened at 5 - think we will have a recovery of some kind today. Probably will lose bucks on this one. Trying to minimize our loss - so we will watch it for awhile.
Buy a PUT? - don't know yet.
5/14/99 9:30
CPI number WILL tank the market. Mrs. Toad can't believe we held over, sorta can't believe it myself this am. Stay tuned...
5/13/99 18:25
Here we are HOLDING OVER, Mrs. Toad left for a Drs appt and we are HOLDING OVER. Geez.
Tomorrow is BAGEL Day, a great way to start any day! Cyber 
Bagels courtesy of Bagels for All - see Links page for more info.     (I'll bring the bagels! You bring the stuff to put on them.)
See you by the pond in the morning.
Toad Update 5/13/99 #2 16:31 EMAIL and ICQ
Yes, we are holding over.
We still have 5 contracts of the May 690 calls (OEYER) that we purchased at 11 3/4. As most of you know, if we are iffy about a trade, we sometimes buy just 5 contracts. This sucker qualified.
We saw a TREND most of the day and were trying to play the TREND instead of the wave.

Take a look at a chart of today, the market was consistently moving upward with small retrenchments all day. These are the types of days that we normally miss - think I know why now.
Anyway, the market went against us right after the hop - nothing unusual about that. Then right at 2:00 it dumped until right before 3:00, we had approached our exit point and we thought about hopping out. Felt we could hold on when the indicators started changing and then coming up on 3:00 - you never know. Well, we went BOTH directions. Up first (Yippee!) and then DOWN (bummer.)
So we are sitting on 5 contracts that are down about $875. In the morning, we will have bagels and look for the pop. Should be an interesting Friday.
Toad Update 5/13/99 #1 13:30 EMAIL and ICQ
Just hopped into 5 contracts of the May 690 Calls (OEYER) at 11 3/4.
Will let you know when we hop.
5/13/99 9:30
Good morning, Globex says we are going up first. Stay tuned...
Toad Update 5/12/99 #3 15:43 EMAIL and ICQ
Like I said earlier - really liked the May680 Calls (OEYEP) - oops, guess I had it narrowed down to the 680's but didn't know if it should be a PUT or a CALL....
Still FLAT and happy.
The Calls did hit 2 over what we SCW entered at....... hmmm..
The Rubin Rebound was the play today. Woulda been a combination play - the indicators combined with news....
Toad Update 5/12/99 #2 13:05 EMAIL and ICQ
Back by the pond and raring to go.
Liked the May 680 puts (OEYQP) and THEN we liked the May680 calls (OEYEP) ---- oops, let's stay FLAT.
Market is saying .... cool it, let's wait.
Guess we will wait awhile.
Toad Update 5/12/99 #1 9:54 EMAIL and ICQ
News says Treas. Sec. Rubin is resigning and the market is TANKING.
Hold on....
5/12/99 9:30 HOME
Good morning, we are HOME and watching our own pond! Stay tuned...
Toad Update 5/11/99 #1 10:33 EST EMAIL only
We are winging our way out of Napa this morning - actually leaving from San Francisco.
So, as we travel across the US, look out for flying Toads!
See you by the pond on Wednesday!
5/10/99 EVENING
Just trained the last of our Toad-on-the-Road Apprentice Toadsters. We certainly enjoyed meeting all these new members of the extended Toad Family. Looking forward to getting back to the home pond!
Tuesday will be a travel day but we'll see you by the pond Wednesday morning, ready to hop in the warm waters from the sandy beaches!
5/10/99 9:30 EST
Good morning - we are training this morning in beautiful Napa Valley. Hang around and learn something today...
5/9/99 Evening
We are down from the mountains and back in Napa Valley. Loved Squaw Valley and you should have seen the Toads on SKIS! Well, Little Toad was on Skis and Mrs. Toad and I ice skated - imagine: Toads on Ice!
As we mentioned last week, we will be training in the morning and flying HOME on Tuesday. Back at our HOME POND Wednesday! Having fun sure is tiring.

Might see you in the morning. Don't forget that:
We are UP 144 % this year!

5/6/99 Evening
Tomorrow is BAGEL Day, have a bagel for us - we will be at Squaw Valley! Picture three Toads on SKIS! Cyber Bagels courtesy of Bagels for All - 
see Links page for more info.
See you on Monday.
Tahoe Toad Update 5/6/99 #1 Evening EMAIL only
We have been having a great time in California; we've met some really neat Apprentice Toadsters. Then we came to Lake Tahoe and we lost all ability to breathe - there's no air at this altitude. We're staying in a condo at 7300 feet - remember, we're sea level Florida toads!
It's been a real challenge to trade on Pacific time. Hats off to the Toadsters on the west coast who get up so early every day to trade. It's nice to be finished by 1:00 every day, but it's even nicer to be able to sleep until the sun is up and functioning.

We had some serious training today and will train again on Monday (back in Napa Valley). Tuesday we'll be flying back to the East Coast. Tomorrow (Friday) we'll spend the day skiing and ice skating at Squaw Valley - Little Toad is here and we will have a real family day! We haven't always been able to stay in touch with everyone as we do when we're by our pond, so we think everyone deserves an extension - another week if you are a subscriber, an additional week if you are a Free Trial Toadster. You don't have to do a thing, we'll just extend you.
So, we'll update things and maybe hop on Monday, fly home on Tuesday and be back by the pond next Wednesday.

"If I never ever again had to get up at 6:00 a.m. to trade, I'd be a happy Toad!" says it all.

See you on Monday and, then again, by the pond on Wednesday. Oh how I love the Florida pond!
5/6/99 9:35 EST
Good morning. Dr. G - THE MAN With Dr. G speaking - who knows?? Stay tuned...
Toad Update 5/5/99 Cinco de Mayo #2 16:02 EMAIL and ICQ
Not into ANYTHING. Was looking at calls since 3:00 and didn't hop when they were at 21 (OEYEN May670) and at 14 1/2 (OEYEP May 680) - really didn't trust the after 3:00 bunch.
Frustrating day..... coulda been swallowed up by those PUTS we were considering.
See you in the am.
Toad Update 5/5/99 #1 14:12 EMAIL and ICQ
Not into anything yet.
Looked closely at the May670 puts again. BUT, we were looking at them around 14, they are now down to 13 and hit a low of 12, Glad we are FLAT.
Still watching.
5/5/99 13:30 EST
Fiesta day - forgot to mention it's Cinco de Mayo!
5/5/99 9:30 EST
Good morning, GLOBEX is up slightly. What's our pond gonna do? - stay tuned.
5/4/99 Evening
That's it for today, chased and missed some. A little concerned about all of the DAYTRADER flack we have been experiencing recently. When we were following FINANCIAL PLANNERS, FINANCIAL MANAGERS AND FULL SERVICE BROKERS, we had some years when we approached a 10% return...
Also, forgot to mention something this weekend . . .
We are UP $31,885 that's +144 % this year!

Toad Update 5/4/99 #2 16:17 EMAIL and ICQ
Well, we chased a put earlier this afternoon and didn't get it.
Then while we were moving the price once again, the market went UP. So we pulled our order and thought, that's it - market is turning around.
Right before 15:00 we were again looking at puts - the May 675 and the May680 at 13 and 16. They are both up about a buck - but they went against us and we felt we didn't need to be in them. Geez....

Toad Update 5/4/99 #1 13:50 EMAIL and ICQ
The SEC President just spoke about the need for caution in daytrading.
Not much pertained to us - we're conservative, longterm, buy & hold investors; we've been known to hold overnight!
Seriously, if you have questions about daytrading, seek knowledge. Lots of info out there - including the Toad's AT Training - and for every piece of knowledge you obtain, you become a smarter, more mature trader. Knowledge is the key - don't lock yourself out!
5/4/99 9:50 EDT
Good morning, we are up and watching the ponds. One is HUGE (Lake Tahoe) and the other is SMALL (hot tub outside of the condo) - watching BOTH - stay tuned...
5/3/99 Evening
Well folks, we were snowed in yesterday - on our way from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe we hit blizzard/fog and had to stay over in the mountains.

Toads don't do real well in the SNOW - car was COVERED with snow and we had to buy chains for the rental car today. Manditory chains up through the mountains! Made it to Lake Tahoe AFTER the market closed and saw that we hit DOW 11,000! I didn't even have a chance to get DOW FEVER!

We are set up and ready to go in the morning. See you then.
4/30/99 Evening
Having fun in Napa Valley, wish you were here. Oops, that goes on the postcards!
Er...., I'm working hard out here, trading and training Apprentice Toadsters.

Our AT from yesterday used his newly gained skills and made $2 on a 10 contract trade today!
We didn't actually trade with the AT's today - but we identified the same put trade in the afternoon that yesterday's AT made. Pretty consistent.

Well, we are taking off this weekend, LT is coming out to join us at Lake Tahoe for a couple days of skiing. I'll be watching the market on Monday, so see you all then.
4/30/99 9:30 EDT
Good morning from the Napa Valley. Yes, we are eating bagels and training Toadsters today. Stay tuned...
Toad Update 4/29/99 #1 Evening EMAIL only
Did some Apprentice Toadster training today while watching the market from my new, temporary pond.
Nothing worthy of a Toad hop; tempted around 14:30 but glad we didn't because the put we would have considered was only up 3/4 by market close and we'd be holding it over night. Mrs. Toad and I are in closer quarters at this pond (not that I mind) and I didn't want her to remind me we're daaaaaaytraders in these close confines!
We'll be doing more California training tomorrow and we're always watching the market. Will let you know if we hop. (We brought our own bagels - well, the hotel has them!)
4/29/99 9:35 EDT
Yawn... it's still real early out here. Mrs. Toad says, I thought you traded during the DAY - it's still dark. Stay tuned...
Toad Update 4/28/99 #2 15:16 EMAIL and ICQ
Not looking good for a HOP today. Looks like the market is in a "trading range" and Mrs. Toad keeps taking my temperature to make sure I don't get DOW 11,000 FEVER.
(Remember my DOW 10,000 disease?)
Yep, we are FLAT and I know now why naps are so popular with our left coast Toadsters. (Yawn.)
Toad Update 4/28/99 #1 12:10 EMAIL and ICQ
Cramer is on CNBC and the market goes up...
Dr. G speaks and the market goes down... hmmm.
Market going down, A/D has advancers still ahead.
Still flat and watching.
4/28/99 9:30 EDT
Good morning - how do the Pacific Time Toadsters do this? It's real early out here. We are "awake" and watching - stay tuned...
4/27/99 LATE
We made it through the air - safe and sound; found a pond here in Napa, California and we are set up for the morning. Geez, morning comes EARLY out here. See you in the am by our temporary pond...
4/27/99 EARLY
We're winging our way to San Francisco today and are exceeding unwilling to hop from this altitude.
We will let you know when we touch down safely - waaay past market close as we will be on the left coast after 4:00 PDT.
Toad Update 4/26/99 #2 15:32 EMAIL and ICQ
Not going to hop this late in the day - and we haven't trusted the market today. Too much UP when the Tick is down and too much DOWN when the Tick is up. Lot of our indicators are not agreeing - what does that tell us?

Stay FLAT young toad.

We would all like to trade more often, but this kind of "chicken" (TOAD?) attitude has us in the 84% winner range and we are up 144% YTD.
Toad Update 4/26/99 #1 13:52 EMAIL and ICQ
Yawn, trading range trading range trading range trading range trading range trading range trading range trading range.
Gives us time to eat lunch, look at the pond, YAWN. Pack for our trip.
Ho hum. Maybe later we can do something.
Sending an email from our "traveling computer" - let's see how it works.
4/26/99 9:30
Good Monday morning - slow start today. Oops, there go the internet stocks again. Stay tuned...
4/25/99     Our hearts and prayers are with the families of Littleton, Colorado - where Mrs. Toad's sister lives.
Columbine Bear Columbine Cross Bear

We are UP $31,885 that's +144 % this year!

It's time again to say goodbye to some Free Trial Toadsters.... Subscribe today, don't be 
Toadless!  Click here to subscribe! because they will drop off the list this weekend - they will be "Toadless" if they don't subscribe. See the rest of you here by the pond - on Monday - have a great weekend.
4/23/99 Evening
Wow, what a day. Shoulda sold YESTERDAY when a bunch of toadsters sold. Did all that "work" today for what I coulda had yesterday. Oh, well - we won't complain because we did make money!
Toad Update 4/23/99 #4 11:34 EMAIL and ICQ
We are out of the OEYER May690 calls at $17. Saw that they hit 17 5/8 - but it wasn't ours.
I was so excited about selling that I must have locked up my computer - not sure what caused it, but I just had to reboot and get back on line.
So, we are FLAT - whew!
Not good for the Toad's heart....
Toad Update 4/23/99 #3 15:26 EMAIL and ICQ
I have a Toad headache......
Still trying to sell - this market has really been TEASING us today.
Stay tuned....
Toad Update 4/23/99 #2 13:34 EMAIL and ICQ
Repeat after me:
I will NOT hold over the weekend.
I will NOT hold over the weekend.
I will NOT hold over the weekend.
I will NOT hold over the weekend.
I will NOT hold over the weekend.
We will get out sometime today - coulda had 17 earlier today. Still have the sell set at 17 1/2. hmmmmmm
Heard from a Toadster who got out at $17 last night. I think he slept better than I did last night.
Toad Update 4/23/99 #1 11:34 EMAIL and ICQ
Still holding, want to see what the lunch-time crowd is going to do to the market. Some "good deals" right now - AT&T is a "bargan" at 53 7/16. Come on people - BUY!
Oh, thought I'd mention that a bunch of Toadsters got out at 16 and something last night. Some even got in at 15 and out at 16 1/2 or so. Doesn't bother me, bother me, bother me....
Hasn't hit our "exit point" yet - I'll keep you posted.
4/23/99 9:30
Good bagels! Stay tuned...
4/22/99 Evening
Well, we are HOLDING OVER, but the good news is tomorrow is BAGEL Day, a great way to start our day! Cyber Bagels courtesy of Bagels for All - 
see Links page for more info.
(I KNOW it's YOUR turn to bring the bagels!)
See you by the pond in the morning.
Toad Update 4/22/99 #5 16:30 EMAIL and ICQ
Looking for it to hit 17 1/2 after the market closed. It hit 17, but didn't get to our 17 1/2 ask price. Etrade is still showing my ask...........
Do you beleive we are holding over - AGAIN!
Well, let's have bagels and a rally in the am. See you here, by the pond. (Think UP thoughts tonight!)
Toad Update 4/22/99 #4 15:32 EMAIL and ICQ
We just hopped into 10 contracts of the May 690 calls (OEYER) at 15 1/2.
Trying to play the late market rally and hope to sell after 4:00 today.
Toad Update 4/22/99 #3 14:22 EMAIL and ICQ
Feels like we are moving in     S   L   O   W     motion today. Lined up on a PUT awhile ago when signals were getting close and it never got to our hop point. Was looking at the 680 and the 685 puts.
Back to neutral right now........
Toad Update 4/22/99 #2 13:15 EMAIL and ICQ
After the morning pop, we've been headed sideways. No breakout yet. Which way is it headed? A/D line is about even... maybe a little bias toward the upside.
Still sitting by the pond, watching.
Toad Update 4/22/99 #1 10:10 EMAIL and ICQ
Had trouble updating the site this morning. We are planning to move to in the next two months. May have to make the move sooner if we have problems with our current provider. We will keep you posted.
Anyway, market is UP. IBM doing well. Stay tuned.
4/22/99 9:30
Good morning, Globex is UP again. IBM IS GOING UP! Stay tuned.
Toad Update 4/21/99 #2 15:38 EMAIL and ICQ
Well, we are still FLAT and watching. Nothing really moved until 3:00 - so we stayed out.

Mrs. Toad walked by a couple of minutes ago and said - "You shoulda stayed in." Remember her? She's the one who keeps reminding us that we are DAYTRADERS!

Cheez.... OEX just hit a new high today - who woulda known?
The May660 calls (OEYEL) just hit .... 27!!!!
Hey, we made money and we are NOT complaining.
Toad Update 4/21/99 #1 11:23 EMAIL and ICQ
Well, I held out for 23 3/4 on the May 660 calls (OEYEL) and they hit a high of 24 without mine going.
Changed the sell when Ruben was talking and they went for 22 1/4 - hey, it's more than the 21 3/4 I was looking for yesterday.
So, I'm flat and looking...
4/21/99 9:30
CNBC says we are going down this morning, no, wait - it's UP. Stay tuned.

Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

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