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4/20/99 Evening
Trying to get over the shock of the Colorado shootings. Pray for the families.

See you in the morning.
Toad Update 4/20/99 #3 11:59 EMAIL and ICQ
Thought about lowering our sell to 21 to see if maybe we would hit it before the options closed out this afternoon. Didn't do it and saw that the ask hit 21. Our sell is still at 21 3/4.
Looks like WE ARE HOLDING OVERNIGHT - ugh. Think UP thoughts tonight - see you here in the morning.
Toad Update 4/20/99 #2 14:10 EMAIL and ICQ
We hopped into 5 contracts of the May 660 calls (OEYEL)at 19 3/4.
Will let you know when we hop.
Toad Update 4/20/99 #1 11:59 EMAIL and ICQ
I can't "republish" the article from today's InfoBeat email. BUT, it included a quote from a "market analyst" at EKN who said "The old paradigms of advance declines charting fundamentals are not working right now. Some of the volatility is due to the presence of so-called day traders in the market. They are "creating the volatility.""

Starting to get paranoid about the attacks on daytraders... hmmm
Good day trading ;-)
4/20/98 9:30
Deja vu, didn't we have an UP opening yesterday - Globex says we are going up AGAIN. Stay tuned..
4/19/98 Evening
Guess the last email said it best - it's still a weird market.
Let's have a great day tomorrow. See you by the pond.
Toad Update 4/19/99 #1 18:03 EMAIL and ICQ
What a day. Was SURE we were going to get into calls and then all heck broke loose.
I guess the TICK kept us outta calls, but it also kept us outta puts today. Didn't trust this market - on the way up and on the way down. We considered both calls and puts at different times today.
Reason this is so late - trying to figure out what went on.
Have I mentioned that this is a weird market?
See you in the morning.
Toad Update 4/19/99 #1 12:38 EMAIL and ICQ
Looks like the market had a fever this morning and it's slowly dropping. We were semi-serious (WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?) about calls right before 11:00 and the market started backing off a little and then right after 11:00 it started it's current retrenchment. SO, we are watching, waiting and FLAT. The calls we didn't hop into are now down about 1/4. Puts? - up about 1/2.
Stay tuned.
4/19/98 9:30
Good morning, it's a new week and GLOBEX says we are going UP first thing this morning. Stay tuned...
4/16/98 Evening
So, I planned to just lay back and relax all day today. Watched MEN IN BLACK (again) before Mrs. Toad changed my plans; seems we have a neighborhood yard/garage sale on Saturday so guess who helped clean out the garage today! Hope you had a chance to read the quote about taking off on Options Expiration Friday. Speaking of taking off, the OEX was up 0.96 today - glad we weren't around!

See you by the pond on Monday. Oh, almost forgot to mention that:

We are UP 133% this year!

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4/16/98 9:30
Good morning, bagels are great and Globex is UP. Don't care today because . . . We don't trade on OEF! Disagree? Read this: A Toadster sent us this quote which just makes us feel better about our decision to take off on Options Expiration Fridays!
4/15/98 Evening
So, tomorrow is OPTIONS EXPIRATION FRIDAY. We will get up, turn on CNBC, eat some BAGELS, drink some coffee - - - - and we won't even be tempted to trade!
Toad Update 4/15/99 #2 14:44 EMAIL and ICQ
Well, you know how I feel about Options Expiration Friday and some Thursday's.
I'm going to quit for today. Maybe go look at some "home stuff" at Home Depot or just sit by the pond and contemplate what we will do tomorrow.
Don't look for us to trade on OPTIONS EXPIRATION FRIDAY - do the wise thing and take off tomorrow.
If you haven't visited the site today - I've posted some TAX TIPS!
Toad Update 4/15/99 #1 12:43 EMAIL and ICQ
So you don't think we've just been laying in the sun by the side of the pond, I'm sending you two locations for the OEX components. Why? Because the first 12 of the 100 stocks represent 50% of the value of the OEX.      Cool, huh?

When you see the OEX moving against the DOW, you might want to know something about the OEX components.

The second link is a rating of the OEX - sorted by Today's Best to Worst:    From

4/15/98 9:28
Globex is up, but what does that mean lately? Stay tuned...
4/15/98 Early
The following is a public service to help you get over TAX DAY.  Go get help.
      It's April 15th - do you know where your money is?
I'm from the government and I'm here to help you. Did you send it to me?

4/14/99 17:00
Well, we got confirmation from a lot of places today that we did what a smart Toad should do - we stayed out of the pond! Been working on my Income Tax trying to get the 1040 stuff done enough to file an extension. :-) AGAIN.

See you in the morning.
Toad Update 4/14/99 #2 15:27 EMAIL and ICQ
Well folks, I don't see a reason to trade with Toad bucks today. Was looking for SOMTHING after Abby Joseph spoke, but nada.

Looked like someone wanted to rally with the DOW right before 15:00, but it didn't take. Hate OEW.
Toad Update 4/14/99 #1 13:54 EMAIL and ICQ
OK, repeat after me:
    The OEX is NOT the DOW.
    The OEX is NOT the DOW.
    The OEX is NOT the DOW.
    The OEX is NOT the DOW.
    The OEX is NOT the DOW.
    The OEX is NOT the DOW.
    The OEX is NOT the DOW.
    The OEX is NOT the DOW.
Feel better now?
I don't either. Frustrating day - AGAIN!
Is it because it's Options Expiration Week (Have I ever mentioned that I hate OEW???)
4/14/99 9:25
Good morning, looks like an up day unless you consider taxes are due tomorrow and Friday is OEF (options expiration Friday). Stay tuned . . .
4/13/99 Evening
Yep, the Toad family voted.
Now, about today's market.... wierd. See you in the morning.
4/13/99 16:15
Going to vote - will update a little later.....
Toad Update 4/13/99 #2 15:38 EMAIL and ICQ
Good sense made us stay out of the PUTS earlier - the one we were looking at is DOWN 1 3/4 from where we considered it.
Sell programs made us stay out of the CALLS today - the one we were considering is EVEN from where we considered it.

Looks like good reasons to be FLAT. By the way, the indicators were TERRIBLE today - nothing agreed on a direction. Now we know why....
You know what they say around the pond: "Wart to do, wart to do?"         (Sorry)

Toad Update 4/13/99 #1 12:34 EMAIL and ICQ
A/D line says calls and we have been seriously considering PUTS!
Let's see what the rest of the lunch-time crowd does today.
4/13/99 9:30
Market is set to..... stay tuned, Globex is only down 2 points, what will we do today??
4/12/99 Evening
Go figure. Who knows what this market is going to do? Compaq warns, the market tanks and then rebounds.
I didn't know if the "rebound" was real, so chickened out on the OEYDO earlier today when I couldn't get filled at $9 - Didn't buy it at $10 - duh!
Felt better about it as the market was climbing, but only wanted 5 Contracts in case the market turned on us...
So, it went as high as 14 3/4 after the market closed! Learning everyday with this market - see you in the morning.
Toad Update 4/12/99 #4 16:38 EMAIL and ICQ
We sold the April 675 Calls at 13 7/8. We were asking 13 3/4 but were filled at 13 7/8, we will take it. Thanks e*trade.
Now the bad news, that sucker sold as high as 14 3/4 and wound up the day with an ASK of 15!
Well, we are FLAT and waiting for tomorrow.
Toad Update 4/12/99 #3 15:59 EMAIL and ICQ
I'm changing my sell order to $13 - or maybe 13 1/2. Trying to make a buck or so on the April 675 Calls (OEYDO) that we got for $12.
They might go after the market closes and the options are still working.
I'll let you know.
Toad Update 4/12/99 #2 13:29 EMAIL and ICQ
Just hopped into 5 contracts of the April 675 calls (OEYDO) at 12.
Will let you know when we hop.
Toad Update 4/12/99 #1 13:19 EMAIL and ICQ
Well, I chased the April 675 calls (OEYDO) for awhile and didn't get them at 9.
In retrospect, it would have been OK. Not sure how it will finish out - would have been up 1 1/2 max on the trade. BUT, that's SCW.
Still FLAT.
4/12/99 Morning
Oops, with Compaq's earnings warning, Globex is down and the market is set to DROP. Really glad we didn't chase that call and catch it on Friday! Stay tuned.
We are UP $28,388.50 that's + 129.0 % this year!

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Toad Update 4/9/99 #2 15:27 EMAIL and ICQ
Well, I chased the 675 Calls (OEYDO) at 10 1/2 just awhile ago and didn't get them. Actually, I pulled the order when the market wasn't going our way. Glad we didn't get a fill.
So, it went as high as 11 3/8 - not what we would want...
Still FLAT and GLAD about it.
Toad Update 4/9/99 #1 13:12 EMAIL and ICQ
We missed a couple of sucker plays already today. Didn't hop on the up and didn't hop on the down. Cheez, think I'm gonna eat lunch in peace AGAIN!
4/9/99 9:30
Good morning, weak opening - Globex is down slightly. Stay tuned...
4/8/99 Evening
Tomorrow is BAGEL Day, a great way to start our day! Cyber Bagels courtesy of Bagels for All - 
see Links page for more info. (It's YOUR turn to bring them!)
See you in the morning.
Toad Update 4/8/99 #2 15:54 EMAIL and ICQ
Let's call it a day! Without the lunch crowd, we would have had a sideways market for the day. This has been a strange week - let's hope for a WOW! Friday to finish off the week.
Toad Update 4/8/99 #1 13:21 EMAIL and ICQ
Mostly sideways until the lunch bunch sent the market up sharply (too fast to catch). We'll watch to see if it can be sustained through the afternoon.
4/8/99 9:45
Bright, sunny day here by the pond; hope we have a chance to hop today.
4/7/99 Evening
Wishy, washy market today; no way to know if the after 3:00 crowd was serious about keeping the market up.Like I said, glad I'm FLAT. See you in the a.m.
Toad Update 4/7/99 #2 15:58 EMAIL and ICQ
Been watching big jumps followed by big drops, followed by big jumps . . .. for so long, it's hard to tell what's a rally as opposed to just institutional programmed buying and selling. Pity the non-institutional human bean these past few days. Glad I'm a flat toad at the end of the day.
Toad Update 4/7/99 #1 13:40 EMAIL and ICQ
Too fast to catch up, too fast to catch down, and mostly sideways. Feel like we've seen this type of market before recently. Still watching . . .
4/7/99 9:30
Looking for a strong open and we're always watching for a hop.
4/6/99 Evening
Another mixed day with low volume and institutional profit taking (sell programs) late in the day. Not a good day for hopping, glad we're flat.
Toad Update 4/6/99 #2 16:00 EMAIL and ICQ
Time to call it a day, although it was another strange one. See you at the pond tomorrow, hoping to hop.
Toad Update 4/6/99 #1 13:12 EMAIL and ICQ
Sorta sideways, sorta low volume, sorta narrow range, sorta ho hum. Think even the CNBC guys are sorta bored based on their comments. We'll keep watching.
4/6/99 9:35
Downward pressure expected early and Globex is down. A little cloudy by the pond today also. Let's see how it goes.
4/5/99 Evening
What a weird market today; around 14:30 decliners were beating advancers and market was moving sideways. Our indicators said "stay out" and we trust our indicators more than we trust this market. Glad we're not forecasters.
Toad Update 4/5/99 #2 13:18 EMAIL and ICQ
The Toad is back with, I hope, sharper eyes. Nice little pop while I was gone. Sitting by the pond . . .
Toad Update 4/5/99 #1 10:49 EMAIL and ICQ
Can't keep an eye on the market for next hour or so - going to the eye doctor. Hope to have a sharper eye when I get back. Keep things under control while I'm gone.
4/5/99 9:35
Good morning. What a pop at opening. Did you remember to reset all your clocks - especially your alarm clock?

We are UP $28,388.50 that's + 129.0 % this year!

It's time again to say goodbye to some Free Trial Toadsters.... Subscribe today, don't be 
Toadless!  Click here to subscribe! because they will drop off the list this weekend - they will be "Toadless" if they don't subscribe. See the rest of you here on Monday - have a great weekend.
4/2/99 All Day
Market is closed today. Have a great weekend, see you on Monday.
        Click here to see Louie the Lizard's page. Click here to see Louie's April 1st page.

    Toad Update 4/1/99 #1 14:12 EMAIL and ICQ

    OK, OK, OK....
    I'm gonna keep my day job and not go into the comedy clubs around town. I thought it was funny.....
    Did you listen to the Real-Audio clip from Louie on the site - "Listen to Louie"?
    APRIL FOOLS JOKE - isn't that better than telling you we hopped into 50 contracts of the January 550 puts?
    Good trading,
    Toad (the real one)

Lizard Update 4/1/99 #1 EMAIL and ICQ

GOOD MORNING, check out the site - we are doing fine on April the 1st.

Stay tuned....
Great trading,

TOADS, FROGS they are all the same to me. Taste like chicken. Let's do some REAL trading today: barbequed frog legs - ummm. I'm looking to jump onto something, anything. Trade like a lizard! I love it. Of course, you want to know more about Louie the LIZARD. Click on my beautiful picture!
I'm beautiful.
Go see Louie.
Listen to Louie click here!
(60 seconds)

* To hear Louie you'll need the RealAudio Player. If you don't have it already, you can download it here.

4/1/99 Morning
Having a little trouble getting into my computer. It's almost like someone else was using it. I'm always worried on April Fool's Day, I told the market I'll not play any April Fool's jokes on it if the market won't play any jokes on me.

There are three toed footprints all around my computer and something that lookes like it might be... lizard droppings! Ugh. Is that beer in my coffee cup?

3/31/99 Evening
Have a volunteer activity that we are attending tonight, will update the site when we get back.

Toad Update 3/31/99 #3 13:50 EMAIL and ICQ
I'm outta the April 655 puts (OEYPK) at 15 1/4!
Will update the site in a bit.
Toad Update 3/31/99 #2 13:50 EMAIL and ICQ
We just hopped into 10 contracts of the April 655 Puts (OEYPK) at 12 1/4.
Yes, that is the high of the day.
Will let you know when we hop.
Toad Update 3/31/99 #1 13:50 EMAIL and ICQ
Nothing yet, Dow touched 10,000 this morning then backed off by 10:15. We have been fooling around in a range since then. No signals to get in on either side.
Staying by the pond, watching - will let you know if we get an opportunity to hop.

3/31/99 9:30
Good morning, Cramer was on CNBC this morning - enjoy those guys!
Stay tuned, it looks like a hop up this morning.
3/30/99 Evening
Last day of March tomorrow, the FOMC is done, we are under DOW 10,000 again, let's trade something! Don't forget, the market is CLOSED Friday - so we will have bagels on Thursday this week. See you in the morning.
Toad Update 3/30/99 #3 15:41 EMAIL and ICQ
Cheez, can't even count on The Man to move the market for us..... Had my finger on the mouse ready to buy a call when the announcement came out - and we didn't get the rally - and we didn't get the dump - go figure.
Now, we can't even count on the after 3:00 bunch to help us - BORING!
Best bet was to hold a put from yesterday and sell it early this am - but you know we don't "bet" with Toad bucks..
Toad Update 3/30/99 #2 11:52 EMAIL and ICQ
Oops, if peace breaks out in Kosovo how does that factor in with Fed watch?
Stay tuned to the Toad channel.
Toad Update 3/30/99 #1 11:32 EMAIL and ICQ
Fed watch today.....
Just sitting & waiting...........
Don't want to hop without finding out what The Man does.
3/29/99 9:30
Dr. G - THE MAN Good morning. Globex is down; wonder if we can break DOW 10,000 on the downside today; maybe FOMC can help. Stay tuned . . .
3/29/99 GREAT NEWS for a Toadster or Toadster Wanna-Be out there -

We've had a cancellation on Apprentice Toad Training in California... That means, we have one opening. Contact us if you want the opportunity of a lifetime - Train with the Daytrader Toad in Napa, CA!
  Daytrader Toad on the Road

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3/29/99 Evening
Well, we finally did it; they can have all the DOW 10,000 shows now and get it out of their systems.
Toad Update 3/29/99 #1 14:07 EMAIL and ICQ
The call we considered is only up $1 and we would be holding over night before the FOMC. NOT GOOD. Glad to be flat.
(Mrs. Toad says my actions today show I'm cured of the DOW 10,000 fever.)
3/29/99 9:50
Looks like we might flirt with the infamous DOW 10,000 again today. The FOMC meeting tomorrow can nip that in the bud! Let's see what happens.

Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

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