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Hoppy St. Patrick's Day Hoppy St. Patrick's Day
Toad Update 3/17/99 #1 11:41 EMAIL and ICQ
That's it for the week. I wanted to go to the beach; Mrs Toad has some "honey do's" for me. I put my little webbed foot down and told her I was doing what I wanted to do. So I'm headed out to Home Depot right now - do they have a beach?

Too much risk in the March options and too much premium in the April ones.

Have a little sip of green pond water on us today. Hoppy St Patrick's day!
3/17/99 9:50
Good morning. It sure is green around here today; that's a color Toad's can really get into. Looking at the market and thinking about the beach...
3/16/99 Evening
Looking around for something green to wear tomorrow. Wonder if our skin counts?

Have I ever mentioned that I hate Options Expiration Week?

We are going to look at the market in the morning and if it looks like today, we will probably hit the beach. You know we DON'T TRADE on Thursday and Friday of OEW - so Thursday might start on Wednesday this week.

We did what we always do today, looked at next months calls and puts - they are at least $12 more expensive than the March ones, just can't force ourselves to start trading them early. SO, goodnight and we will see you in the morning.
Toad Update 3/16/99 #2 15:51 EMAIL and ICQ
We didn't hop into anything today - remember, it's OEW (Options Expiration Week) but we were sorely tempted by the Mar 650 calls right around 2:00. Coulda purchased them for 10 1/4 to 10 1/2.
They hit $11 today - we probably would have been holding, waiting for $12 1/2. - ugh.
The signals weren't there and it looked like a sucker play to us.
So, a FLAT and Happy Toad am I.
Toad Update 3/16/99 #1 13:13 EMAIL and ICQ
Have not even been tempted yet today.
Thought it would pick up some after The Man spoke - nothing....
I ate lunch in peace for a change.

I'm still here. . . . . .
3/16/99 9:36
Good morning, we are sitting by the pond watching. Little chilly here today, let's see if the market warms us up.
3/15/99 Evening
OK, I've gotta get this off of my Toad chest....
The calls we held overnight last week (Mar645c OEYCI) and then dumped on Friday - hit a HIGH OF $14 today and CLOSED OUT AT $13 3/4....

That bothers me....

Well, it's options expiration week - don't look for us on Thursday and Friday.
If you trade on Options Expiration Friday - you do it "Toadless" - and at a great risk.
    The preceding was a public service announcement from Toad Central.

Toad Update 3/15/99 #4 16:16 EMAIL and ICQ
I wimped out (Mrs. Toad gets back from PT soon) and hopped out of the Mar 650 calls (OEYCJ) at 9 3/4. Tried and tried for $10 and it wouldn't go.
So, I'm beat and FLAT.
Toad Update 3/15/99 #3 15:59 EMAIL and ICQ
If it hits 10 again, I'm sold outta the Mar 650 calls (OEYCJ)
Think UP thoughts.
Toad Update 3/15/99 #2 14:20 EMAIL and ICQ
I felt SO GOOD about this one, I almost bought 10 more contracts at 8 1/2!
I didn't and we are still holding.
Will let you know what we do.
Toad Update 3/15/99 #1 11:42 EMAIL and ICQ
Just hopped into 10 contracts of the Mar 650 calls (OEYCJ) at 8 7/8.
Will let you know when we hop.
3/15/99 9:30
Good morning, didn't know if Mrs. Toad would object to me watching CNBC today, but I think it's OK. They haven't mentioned DOW 10,000 more than five or six times this morning.

Thanks for all your comments, I think I'm better...

            Is the DOW UP????????
3/14/99 EMAIL Only         DOW 10,000 Fever - News Flash from Mrs. Toad

He's doing better now. He's spent the weekend in bed with cool cloths on his forehead. His warts are subsiding. The "doctor" thinks that Thursday and Friday were due to severe DOW 10,000 fever.

We all hope he will be back to his old self on Monday, March 15. Keep a good thought!

Mrs. Toad
We are UP $21,988.50 that's +100% this year!

It's time again to say goodbye to some Free Trial Toadsters.... Subscribe today, don't be 
Toadless!  Click here to subscribe! because they will drop off the list this weekend - they will be "Toadless" if they don't subscribe.

See the rest of you here on Monday - have a great weekend! Little Toad got back from her spring break ski week in Colorado - all bones intact and she had a great week!
Coming soon...Phantom Toad of the Opera! - 
coming soon!
3/12/99 Evening
Think you all will enjoy this -
Mrs. Toad said: "Maybe you should have held over this weekend. All the talk about DOW 10,000 - market will probably shoot up on Monday."

(I hate it when she does that...)

3/12/99 16:50
Funny thing about today was that e*trade said the OEYCI's hit a high of 13 3/4 today - and that was where we had our sell order. Hmmmmm...... ours didn't go - that's fur sure.

A day like today takes a lot out of a Toad, sat in front of the computer, ate in front on the computer - never left this little lily pad ALL DAY! A lighter, sadder, Budweiser Toad.

Only bright spot is that a LOT of the Toadsters hopped out when they had $2 or 1 1/2 yesterday!

Going out to dinner to try and dry off - a Toad shouldn't stay in the pond that long, makes our skin all green and lumpy - and I think I got a WART today.

Have a good weekend, Little Toad gets back tonight from her ski vacation - as of Wednesday night, all bones were still intact. Which is more than we can say about the portfolio...

Toad Update 3/12/99 #2 16:10 EMAIL and ICQ
I hate it when she is right.

We got out of the Mar 645 calls (OEYCI) at 10 1/4. Missed the run up 3 times. Geez, I shoulda hopped out when most of the Toadsters did yesterday.
Rule #12 - Don't be greedy.
Toad Update 3/12/99 #1 15:29 EMAIL and ICQ
OK, Mrs. Toad is correct......
We shoulda taken the 12 3/4 yesterday at close of business. Still holding and for awhile it sure looked like it was gonna work.
Didn't get a very large or sustained boost from the lunch time crowd.
SO, let's keep watching closely - we will be out by market close today.
3/12/99 9:30
Bagels are great and the market is ready for a strong opening...
3/11/99 Evening
YES we are holding overnight.
Looks like EVERYTHING is set for a rally in the a.m.

We didn't sell earlier today and after 3:00 we had an opportunity to hop out with a $1 profit and made the decision to hold. We call this a "Combination Play."

Remember we looked at the Mar 640 calls (OEYCH) on Wednesday when they were running 10 1/2 X 11. They hit 18 1/4 on today's rally!

Sort of reminds us of Disney's movie where they say: "From Zero to Hero." Hmmmm...

Tomorrow is Friday - don't worry about the Bagels - it's our turn to bring them.Cyber Bagels courtesy of Bagels for All - 
see Links page for more info. See you in the morning.
Toad Update 3/11/99 #3 15:49 EMAIL and ICQ
With the enthusiasm about "DOW 10,000" and the news from around the globe, it sure looks like a RALLY in the morning....
So, as a DAYTRADER, if this sucker doesn't hit 12 3/4 by close of options trading, I'm HOLDING OVERNIGHT - (I hate that.)
Signs say - it's OK. News says - it's a great IDEA. Mrs. Toad says..... "You are a DAAAAAAAYTRADER!"
Holding I am, with one foot in the pond.
Toad Update 3/11/99 #2 15:15 EMAIL and ICQ
I have a Toad headache....
I was sure we were gonna hit 14 3/4 on the Mar 645 calls (OEYCI) - which would have given us a $3 profit!
We had our sell set at 14 3/4 and it hit a high of 14 1/4 and then started moving down. Then we reset it to 13 3/4 and we were the ASK for quite awhile. We moved down and down and were ALWAYS the ask! Guess we were "asking" for it. :-)
WE ARE STILL HOLDING...... (not on purpose.)
How about a 3:00 rally!

Toad Update 3/11/99 #1 11:22 EMAIL and ICQ
We just hopped into 10 contracts of the Mar 645 calls (OEYCI) at 11 3/4.
Will let you know when we hop out.
3/11/99 9:30
Good morning, GLOBEX is UP. Looks like a strong opening, stay tuned.
I mentioned to Mrs. Toad that the call yesterday woulda been good this morning and she reminded me that:
2) Most of the time, the market goes against us when we hold over...

Stay tuned...
Toad Update 3/10/99 #2 14:59 EMAIL and ICQ
The market didnt' get me....
We didn't hop into calls around 12:00 and didn't hop into puts at 2:00 - looked closely at both.
The OEYCH 640 calls are still going for 10 1/2....
The OEYOH 640 puts at 8 1/2 are DOWN now...
The OEYOI 645 puts at 10 1/2 are DOWN now...
Geez, we are still FLAT.

Toad Update 3/10/99 #1 11:13 EMAIL and ICQ
Sending this to make sure you're AWAKE. Several Toadsters were checking with us to see if we were. Yep, we were, but we wouldn't have traded these last two days with your money - or ours!

This is a "no hop yet" update.
3/10/99 9:30
Good morning, we are sitting here, by the pond, watching the market. UP, DOWN??
From tadpole to TOAD!

    Is this you? Click the tadpole to find out...

3/9/99 Evening
Today's quote from Drew Robertson of ABS live, "Increasingly it appears that those who do least, do best."

Didn't lose anything the last two days, just watched. A minimalist Toad? Minimalist Toad

See you in the morning.
Toad Update 3/9/99 EMAIL Only
Well, wanted to trade the Mar 640 calls around 11:00 - looked like a great play - for a short time.
Woulda been a big mistake.

So puts looked sorta good, for awhile.
Woulda been a mistake...

In retrospect, it looks like a day to stay by the side of the pond.
Still flat.
3/9/99 9:30
May be a little downward selling pressure this morning but we'll have to see. Just waiting by the pond . . .
Toad Update 3/8/99 EMAIL Only
Y-A-W-N! Boring Monday.
Thought I saw Dr. G. today on CNBC and the market didn't react. What's this world coming to?
3/8/99 9:35
Nice sunny morning by the pond; all that snow up north makes us think we have a little piece of paradise here. Hope we have a fun week.

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