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One of our Apprentice Toadsters wanted to use his IRA money to trade options. He was repeatedly told he CAN'T TRADE OPTIONS IN AN IRA ACCOUNT -
Marble Management has a package that explains how the Toad buys and sells OEX options in his IRA account. Send us an email with "IRA" as the subject for more information.

How did you do in 1998?

Our 1998 Profit was $85,993
+175% return

(Our accountants said it was over 326%)

  Current Report:


1/5/99 15:30
YES! We hopped in today - stay tuned to see how we are doing.
(Subscribers and Free Trial Toadsters found out in REAL TIME, they know what we are doing.)
1/5/99 9:30
Sitting by the pond, watching. Let's hop today.
1/4/99 23:10
Yep, we didn't hop into calls around NOON - thank you. Market was up against some strong resistance and couldn't break through. Then it just started to slide until after 15:00.
Did feel the market was trying to recover around 14:00 but it couldn't sustain anything. Then around 15:00 - the market was flat for the day.

We really wanted to hop into calls around 11:15 - even mentioned it to one of the Toadsters, but the signals never lined up - just wasn't there. It was a good day to WATCH. See you in the am.
Toad Update 1/4/99 #1 13:18 EMAIL and ICQ
OK, two things:
    1. I turned off the music.
    2. This is how I expected the market to act today: Hop up strong and then drop back.
So why didn't we trade it? BECAUSE, we only trade what the market is doing - not what we "expect" to happen.
(Good lesson - pay attention.)
1/4/99 9:30
Good morning - welcome to 1999! We are sitting by the pond and watching, let's hop today...
12/31/98 Happy New Year
Looks like that's about it for 1998. We feel our system is in place to do 100K to 150K+ in 1999. Stick with us and follow the Toad!
    Have a hoppy, healthy and prosperous New Year. We had a ball this year - hope your year was great! See you next year!
Subscribe today, don't be 
Toadless! Some "free trial" toadsters will drop off the list when 1998 ends - they will be "Toadless" if they don't subscribe.
                  Can you imagine that - "Toadless in 1999" - terrible.
12/30/98 15:45
Toad Tangerines! More Information about our tangerines...
12/30/98 15:15
We just took a little break from this S L O W market and Mrs. Toad and I picked the tangerines from the tree in our yard. They are ripe and delicious.
You don't get this kind of information from just any old web site.
Toad Update 12/30/98 #1 14:14 EMAIL and ICQ
As much as I want to trade today, it's just not there.
I wanted to get over 90K for the year and it doesn't look like we are going to make it...
Just when you think it is going to be a big DOWN day, the market turns and hops up a point or two (OEX points) - the charts today are not good.
SO, if we can't get something done today, that's it for 1998 -
I'll let you know if we hop.
12/30/98 9:25
Good morning, we are here - sitting by the pond watching...
12/29/98 17:15
Not a bad hop today - doesn't pay for Christmas, but it helps.
Did we mention that the Jaguars are the AFC Central Division CHAMPS?

We will be back here in the am - see you then...
Toad Update 12/29/98 #2 12:19 EMAIL and ICQ
We just hopped out of the 5 contracts of the Jan 610 calls (OEYAB) at 11 1/2.
Will let you know when we hop again.
Toad Update 12/29/98 #1 11:40 EMAIL and ICQ
We just hopped into 5 contracts of the Jan 610 Calls (OEYAB) at 9 1/2.
Will let you know when we hop.
12/29/98 9:25
Good morning, Jaguars won again last night - let's have a rally today... Jaguars
Toad Update 12/28/98 #1 15:14 EMAIL only
Very low volume and we've been in a trading range most of today.
The options we have been following haven't moved much more than 50 cents since 10 this morning.
SO, it doesn't look good for us hopping in today. We will keep watching, but too many things against us right now.

    Schedule for this week:
    We will be here today, Tuesday and Wednesday - off Thursday and Friday this week.
    Normal schedule resumes on January 4th.

12/28/98 14:55
Y - A - W - N, ho hum, nothing happening today...
Is it all that Christmas turkey we ate??
12/28/98 9:25
Good morning, hope you had a great long weekend. Globex is up, where is the market going today? Stay tuned...
12/23/98 14:45
More animation from Deborah Gill - see links page. Yep, that's it until Monday. Picked up our new wheels last night. NO, don't even ask, we won't give out free advertising for any car.

(Did you see the RED Dodge Intrepid in those commercials? Pretty cool, huh? Imagine that in front of our house with a large RED bow on the hood - COOL! Imagine it in a platinum with the red bow!)

So to you and yours from me and mine - have a great holiday.
See you soon. Ho Ho HOP!

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    To always remember:
Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.