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Follow along as the Toad daytrades the market. Real-time updates are sent out by email and ICQ as trades are made throughout the day.

Can you learn from a toad?
The only way you learn to catch flies is to watch first
and then stick out your tongue and give it a try.

Follow the Toad and you might be able to catch a few ideas, swallow a few flies and make a little money!

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The Toad is emailing updates throughout the day AND, sending these updates by ICQ - in REAL TIME - no email delay for the Toadsters. This service is FREE for a two-week trial period and a subscription service after the free trial.

I never, repeat, NEVER leave positions open at the end of the trading day.
                        Most days ...

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Disclaimer - you know this has to be here, so read before you hop in.

DISCLAIMER:  Before you proceed, you must understand and agree that nothing on this site is meant to be "TRADING ADVICE". If you trade, you always trade at your own risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.  You shall not hold the site, its affiliates, or any of the persons involved, liable for any losses. The Toad and Marble Management welcome you to visit this web site BUT this site neither encourages you nor entices you to do anything the Toad does.  After all he is a Toad!  Read everything before you purchase, especially that little book about options. If you can't spell options, then you probably shouldn't be purchasing options.  If you can't tolerate risk and losing sums of money, then it is a good bet options are not your piece of cake. If you do like this stuff, watch out - it can be habit forming.  

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