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The Toad   The Legend of the Toad

Once upon a time, there was a man whose wife wanted more fine things. He searched the world for an opportunity to make more money so he could keep the Mrs happy.

One morning as he walked out to his driveway to pick up the morning paper, he noticed three strange things: the newspaper had slid across the yard and left a doughnut "O"; a looping airplane contrail in the morning sky looked just like an "E"; and, two slugs had crossed on his sidewalk and left a shiny "X".

"Hmmmmm," the man thought, "this must be a message." But what?

As he drove to work in a storm, his car was struck by a falling tree which had just been hit by lightning and he was knocked unconscious. While out cold, the man saw what appeared to be a lovely young thing. He smiled at her and asked, "What’s an O E X?"

"AN O E X? Well, it's just the best way for you to make money for your Mrs," she replied. "I can help you if you promise to share your knowledge."

"Oh, I will," he replied. "I promise to do whatever it takes to educate everyone about your secrets."

With that, she touched her magic wand, hidden inside her black robe, to his head and passed to him all her OEX knowledge.

So the witch touched her wand to his head.....

The Man

But, unfortunately, she used the wrong magic wand and, although he gained enough OEX knowledge to keep his Mrs happy, he was changed into a TOAD.

and a TOAD he became...

The Transformation


The Toad

Fortunately, when he hopped home to kiss the Mrs, she, too became a TOAD . . .

He went home, kissed his wife and she became...

Mrs. Toad

Mrs. Toad!

and they lived happily ever after.

Now he hangs out around the pond, eats bagels and daytrades the OEX!

      The End

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