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The Toad The Toad
Desn't blink - it's in images directory.       Does blink - it's in root directory.
Root Directory:
toadbow toadtie toadtie1 Toad toadtie2

IN IMAGES Directory:
toadbaby Little Toad toadside toadwink FrogEyes Mrs. Toad fdeer1 fr-fly frogCLR toadbook toadby toadfish toadfloat toadfraz toadhello toadlisten.gif toadmin.gif toadmin.jpg toad1 kermit cake dadkiss Nike rudy rudy3 greenspan ilovespurs SpursLogo FeelJags jaglogo JaguarsLogo mday memorial mail smile-mail smile.gif smile2 aamickey.gif mickey4 turkeytoon.jpg TurkeyWaves.gif BlueAngels

compmon click.jpg



BestPod flmgo1 flmgo2 flmgo3 billshaq.gif watch5_anim.gif cnbc nasdaqlogo yahoo.gif zacks.gif

lightning 3witch1 3witch2 witch1.gif witch2.gif witch3.gif witch4.gif witchman.gif witchtoad.gif WitchOct.gif Oct2.gif greenstripe
IN RECAPS Directory:
toadtie MrsToad toadunder fr-fly frogCLR danctoad flattoad toadmin bagel
aligate grad gatmomdad minihead jaglogo JaguarsLogo greenspan clintona cybername hammer heart kiss aamickey mickey4 prezseal sam nyball phantoad ToadPhantom smileytongue sunburst tire toadpole turkey

St Patrick's Day:
StPatsDay StToad StToadHat

fdeer1 xfrog10 xfrog11 xfrog3 xfrog4 xfrog7 xtoad1 xtoadtie

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