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1/5/00 Wednesday Evening         OEX   + 2.51
Thought I'd mention that the Jan 760 puts OEZML that we didn't buy at $18 closed the day at $14 1/2.   Then the Jan 770 calls OEZAN that we didn't buy at $14 closed the day at $12 1/4.   Go figure...

Looks like a lot of traders are waiting for Friday's Employment Report to use to speculate on the February FED meeting...       hang on folks, we have a month of this...
Toad Update 1/5/00 #1 15:12 Email, Yahoo, Pagers & Cell Phones

Yes, I am responsible for turning the market around today. We were stopped out of some of our INTC today. As soon as we sold INTC, the market started back up - UNLIKE YESTERDAY when the market kept on going down...
The market doesn't ever do what you want it to do...
Look at the charts, I'll bet you can guess when we sold INTC - yep, about the time we were considering the Jan 760 puts at $18.   Still FLAT with this Year 2000 market.
1/5/00   9:40
Yep, we are here by the pond, watching. Stay tuned...
1/4/00 Tuesday Evening         OEX  - 29.78
Did you see what the Jan 790 puts OEZMR were going for today?     We sold them yesterday at $20 and they closed out at $34 1/4 today.... awwwwwwwwww.... (A reason to hold over? Mrs. Toad says NOPE!)     See you in the morning...
Toad Update 1/4/00 #2 16:04 Email, Yahoo, Pagers & Cell Phones

The sound you hear is a TOAD screaming. I didn't hop, thought the market might make up some of the losses before the close today and it sure didn't.
We would see the signals back off, going toward neutral and then head down again, did that enough today to keep us on the bank of the pond.
Looks like we will have an interesting month.
Toad Update 1/4/00 #1 14:58 Email, Yahoo, Pagers & Cell Phones

We missed the Jan 770 puts OEZMN at $16 right after 1:00 today, and we chased them a little, but were concerned we'd be getting in at the high of the day. Well, it looks like they hit 19 and we could have raised our entry some.
So, we are FLAT - ugh. Guess it's better to have chased and not hopped than to have hopped and lost... how profound.
Updated Toad Talk today and you can hear it on the site or at: ABS Live.
1/4/00   9:30
Looks like the market is headed down today, stay tuned...
1/3/00 Monday Evening         OEX  - 4.04
Like we said earlier, it was a great way to start the year!   We are up 24% already!
Toad Tangerines!
We had some Apprentice Toadsters through here back in December and showed them our tangerine and orange trees full of fruit. We picked them just before a cold snap two weeks ago and are really enjoying the fresh juice/fruit.     Click here for more Information about our tangerines.   See you in the morning.
Toad Update 1/3/00 #3 15:12 Email, Yahoo, Pagers & Cell Phones

Take a look at a 10 minute or a 5 minute chart from today - it's been sideways since the 10:00 to 11:00 tanking.
Didn't feel comfortable enough to hop back into a put or a call since the sideways action started. Will we see a reaction after 3:00? Who knows...     We are FLAT.
Toad Update 1/3/00 #2 11:30 Email, Yahoo, Pagers & Cell Phones

We just hopped out of the Jan 790 puts OEZMR at 20, we were holding out for 22, oops - so we changed it to 20 and we are FLAT TOADS!
Great start to the New Year!
Toad Update 1/3/00 #1 10:48 Email, Yahoo, Pagers & Cell Phones

We just hopped into 10 contracts of the Jan 790 puts OEZMR at 16.
Will let you know when we hop out.
1/3/00   9:30
Good Morning. It's a new year - let's see where this market takes us today!
1/2/00 Sunday Evening
Jaguars     Jaguars   24   -   Bengals   7           Jaguars are the AFC Central Division Champs!

    We enjoyed the game.   See you in the morning.

Happy New Year

How did you do in '98 and '99?     The Toad's Return was +315% in '98 and +248% in '99.
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    To always remember:
Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

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