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Toad Update #3   1/7/03   15:48
Did we call the high of the day or what? We've dropped over 4 OEX points since our "consideration" of some calls.   Let's call it a day and we will see you back here in the morning.   urp.
Toad Update #2   1/7/03   14:47
We "considered" the Jan 465 calls OXBAM and the Jan 470 calls OXBAN around 2:00.   Just as we were considering it - the TICK took a large move down.   So we checked the A/D's and they were moving in the wrong direction also.   Hmmmm... we thought and we never got to the order screen.   All this said - watch the after 3:00 bunch show up and take the market UP LARGE - or not.

You know what we always say -   "If the signals aren't there..."  no, that's not what we say... we say,   "We don't hop... "   naaa...   Well, we are FLAT and staying that way for now.
Toad Update #1   1/7/03   13:04
The President's economic stimulus plan will be announced at 1:15 today and the market is waiting as are we.   By the side of the pond, watching - stay tuned...
1/7/03   9:45
Good morning.   We are happy to be FLAT as the futures said the market is headed UP DOWN on open - stay tuned...
1/6/03 Monday Evening       OEX   469.74   +10.54       VIX   27.41
This is what we traded for the first trade of 2003!   We tried to go cheap on the Jan 460 calls at $11.00 and never got filled.   Several Toadsters were filled behind us... and rode them for a decent profit.   &$%^&*)(&^%$^*&*)( at least it doesn't bother me...^%*&*)((&^

When the 460 calls had moved up, we decided to hop into the 465 calls OXBAM at $9.00.   Rode them for almost two hours and hopped out with a $1.50 gain.   We were concerned about what the later folks would do to the market, profit taking, etc. so we hopped out to secure our gain.   The January 465 calls went up to $11.60 and the &$%^&*)(&^%$^*&*)( at least it doesn't bother me...^%*&*)((&^ January 460 calls hit $15.50 and finished the day at $13.30!
OEX 1-6
See you at the pond in the morning.
Toad Update #5   1/6/03   14:43
We just hopped out of the Jan 465 calls OXBAM at $10.50.

We are FLAT and will let you know when we hop again.
Toad Update #4   1/6/03   13:10
Thank you, thank you.   We've been getting updates from the Toadsters who hopped into the Jan 460 calls OXBAL at $11.00.   They just hit $13.00 - which puts them UP $2.00.   Our Jan 465 calls OXBAM are up 60 cents...

Will let you know when we hop out.
Toad Update #3   1/6/03   12:06
We just hopped into 10 contracts of the Jan 465 calls OXBAM at $9.00.
We couldn't get filled on the Jan 460 calls OXBAL, so we pulled the order instead of raising it.   Congrats to those Toadsters who were able to get into them at $11.00.

We will let you know when we hop out.
Toad Update #2   1/6/03   11:36
We still have our order in for the January 460 calls OXBAL at $11.00.   They are now at $11.10 X $12.00.   Not sure how it happened, but some Toadsters were filled right after we sent out the notice.   Checking with our broker right now.

So, we are flat with an active order that we might have to raise.

If you are in, here is what we always do:
    1) Put a sell order in as soon as we get filled.
    2) Put it in at 1.50 to 2.00 over our entry point.
    3) Change it as conditions warrant.
We will let you know when we change or pull our order.
Toad Update #1   1/6/03   11:11
We just entered an order to hop into January 460 calls OXBAL at $11.00.
Will let you know when we get filled or pull/change the order.
1/6/03   9:45
Good Monday morning.   The market is headed UP UP on open - stay tuned...
Sunday     1/5/03
We spent most of the weekend watching football playoff games and trying to get over the cold we got for Christmas.   Figure one of our visiting Toad relatives gave us this one.     Not sure how to thank them. Sick Toad

We also finished the "Toad since 1998" chart:
98 to 2002
Click on chart to see it full size.

As next week is the first full trading week of the year, we expect to see all of the traders back from their extended holidays.  That should do a lot to pick up the volume and give us some activity.  Looking forward to getting back into "normal" hopping.  See all you you back here around the pond in the morning.  

For those of you who are keeping track - our football teams didn't get there this year.  DRAT!  

1/3/03 Friday Evening       OEX   459.20   -0.30       VIX   27.98
Fiesta Bowl The market didn't do much for us today, we were in a tight trading range ALL DAY and finished down a third of a point.  

The most exciting thing all day was the Fiesta Bowl, where Ohio State beat Miami for the BCS National Championship in a double overtime game.  
OEX 1-3
We anticipate getting back into more "normal" market conditions next week.   See you on Monday.
Toad Update #2   1/3/03   15:37
I'm quietly typing this as Mrs. Toad waits for the market to close.   She predicted that we would have two slow days after New Year's Day and wanted us to give everyone off.   Instead, we decided to hang around the pond.   Now we didn't get a hop in...

The 3:00 bunch turned it around and we've been headed UP since they arrived   It's been a choppy day moving in a 4 point trading range.   Have a great weekend - see most of you back here on Monday.
Toad Update #1   1/3/03   13:52
We've been bumping against resistance at 460 all day.   Without the warning from Home Depot - we might be looking at another good UP day.   I know, I know, "If Toads had wings..."

Stay tuned...
1/3/03   9:45
Good morning - it's Friday and the market is opening mixed mixerto down Down.     It's also the first bagel Bagels  day of the new year - stay tuned...
For prior trades and commentary see the Toad's Recaps pages.

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