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Louie the Lizard
Name: Louie
Occupation: Actor.
Career Highlights: Over two dozen luggage commercials, a print campaign for a local taxidermist, and a two-week stint as the "Michelob Lizard," which was pulled off the air almost immediately.
Idea of the perfect day: Sitting on the branch all morning, turning brown in the afternoon, then going on an all night moth-run with some good friends.
Hobbies: Swatting flies, tracking grasshoppers, bowling.
Last book read: The Work Habits of Seven Highly Effective Lizards
Favorite Song: The classic Budweiser jingle, which dates back to 1924
(I'm sorry, am I pandering?)
Who you admire most: Steve and Todd, who head up my staff of writers.
(I'm only a lizard, I can't be "on" 24 hours a day.)
Who you admire least: The frog who says "er." (That should have been me!)
What you look for in a friend: A green stripe and a solid white undermarking
What you look for in a mate: A good strong tongue
Turn-Ons: Two-humped iguanas
Turn-Offs: 18-wheelers, bug repellent, frogs
Words to live by: "Life is like a dragonfly.... you've just got to reach out and grab it."
Favorite Drink: Budweiser

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