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    Toad Update 4/1/99 #1 14:12 EMAIL and ICQ

    OK, OK, OK....
    I'm gonna keep my day job and not go into the comedy clubs around town. I thought it was funny.....
    Did you listen to the Real-Audio clip from Louie on the site - "Listen to Louie"?
    APRIL FOOLS JOKE - isn't that better than telling you we hopped into 50 contracts of the January 550 puts?
    Good trading,
    Toad (the real one)

Lizard Update 4/1/99 #1 EMAIL and ICQ

GOOD MORNING, check out the site - we are doing fine on April the 1st.

Stay tuned....
Great trading,

TOADS, FROGS they are all the same to me. Taste like chicken. Let's do some REAL trading today: barbequed frog legs - ummm. I'm looking to jump onto something, anything. Trade like a lizard! I love it. Of course, you want to know more about Louie the LIZARD. Click on my beautiful picture!
I'm beautiful.
Go see Louie.
Listen to Louie click here!
(60 seconds)

* To hear Louie you'll need the RealAudio Player. If you don't have it already, you can download it here.

4/1/99 Morning
Having a little trouble getting into my computer. It's almost like someone else was using it. I'm always worried on April Fool's Day, I told the market I'll not play any April Fool's jokes on it if the market won't play any jokes on me.

There are three toed footprints all around my computer and something that lookes like it might be... lizard droppings! Ugh. Is that beer in my coffee cup?

3/31/99 Evening
Have a volunteer activity that we are attending tonight, will update the site when we get back.

Lizard Update 3/31/99 #3 13:50 EMAIL and ICQ
I'm outta the April 655 puts (OEYPK) at 15 1/4!
Will update the site in a bit.
Lizard Update 3/31/99 #2 13:50 EMAIL and ICQ
We just hopped into 10 contracts of the April 655 Puts (OEYPK) at 12 1/4.
Yes, that is the high of the day.
Will let you know when we hop.
Lizard Update 3/31/99 #1 13:50 EMAIL and ICQ
Nothing yet, Dow touched 10,000 this morning then backed off by 10:15. We have been fooling around in a range since then. No signals to get in on either side.
Staying by the pond, watching - will let you know if we get an opportunity to hop.

3/31/99 9:30
Good morning, Cramer was on CNBC this morning - enjoy those guys!
Stay tuned, it looks like a hop up this morning.
3/30/99 Evening
Last day of March tomorrow, the FOMC is done, we are under DOW 10,000 again, let's trade something! Don't forget, the market is CLOSED Friday - so we will have bagels on Thursday this week. See you in the morning.
Lizard Update 3/30/99 #3 15:41 EMAIL and ICQ
Cheez, can't even count on The Man to move the market for us..... Had my finger on the mouse ready to buy a call when the announcement came out - and we didn't get the rally - and we didn't get the dump - go figure.
Now, we can't even count on the after 3:00 bunch to help us - BORING!
Best bet was to hold a put from yesterday and sell it early this am - but you know we don't "bet" with Lizard bucks..
Lizard Update 3/30/99 #2 11:52 EMAIL and ICQ
Oops, if peace breaks out in Kosovo how does that factor in with Fed watch?
Stay tuned to the Lizard channel.
Lizard Update 3/30/99 #1 11:32 EMAIL and ICQ
Fed watch today.....
Just sitting & waiting...........
Don't want to hop without finding out what The Man does.
3/29/99 9:30
Dr. G - THE MAN Good morning. Globex is down; wonder if we can break DOW 10,000 on the downside today; maybe FOMC can help. Stay tuned . . .
3/29/99 GREAT NEWS for a Lizardster or Lizardster Wanna-Be out there -

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3/29/99 Evening
Well, we finally did it; they can have all the DOW 10,000 shows now and get it out of their systems.
Lizard Update 3/29/99 #1 14:07 EMAIL and ICQ
The call we considered is only up $1 and we would be holding over night before the FOMC. NOT GOOD. Glad to be flat.
(Mrs. Lizard says my actions today show I'm cured of the DOW 10,000 fever.)
3/29/99 9:50
Looks like we might flirt with the infamous DOW 10,000 again today. The FOMC meeting tomorrow can nip that in the bud! Let's see what happens.
We are UP $25,463.50 that's +115.7% this year!

It's time again to say goodbye to some Free Trial Lizardsters.... Subscribe today, don't be 
Lizardless!  Click here to subscribe! because they will drop off the list this weekend - they will be "Lizardless" if they don't subscribe. See the rest of you here on Monday - hope you are having a great weekend.
Looking forward to seeing it again - with Little Lizard. Have a great weekend.

Lizard Update 3/26/99 #1 14:38 EMAIL and ICQ
Heard the quote of the day earlier on CNBC: "The market is neither Bearish nor Bullish - it just is." I guess that explains why we're still just sitting here by the pond - but not for long.
It's Friday and we may start the weekend a little early.
3/26/99 10:00
Good morning and Happy Bagels Day! Chilly and gloomy by the pond today and looking that way on the market, also. Standing by.
3/25/99      The PHANLIZARD of the Opera! Little Lizard is coming home this weekend and we are going again!
PhanLizard of the Opera!     We are going to go again Friday night - and we are taking Little Lizard!

Lizard Update 3/25/99 #2 14:07 EMAIL and ICQ
I'm just not gonna do it. As I said earlier, I don't trust the market. We have a couple of Lizardsters who hopped into calls and at least one who hopped into puts. The Calls are down 1/8 and even; the puts are even.... hmmmm. Good day to be FLAT.
I'm leaving now - Mrs. Lizard is at the Hospital and they are discharging her mother (Grandma Lizard?), so with the market like this, I'm going to go to the hospital.

Lizard Update 3/25/99 #1 12:26 EMAIL and ICQ
We are not in this market yet, just don't trust it right now. Sure looks like it should continue to go up, but who knows. Our signs are saying - eat lunch. (Oops that's my stomach growling.) Actually, the signs are saying - hold on don't hop yet.
We will keep watching and let you know if we hop.
3/25/99 9:30
Good morning, Globex up - hang on. Can we sustain a rally? Stay tuned...
Lizard Update 3/24/99 #2 15:30 EMAIL and ICQ
Well, looks like no hop for us today.
Let's hope we have everything to come back to in the morning.
Russia is dropping out of NATO - does Russia still have Nukes??? They did in Tom Clancey's latest... hmmmmmm.
Good trading & Godspeed,
Lizard Update 3/24/99 #1 11:49 EMAIL and ICQ
Market is not doing much right now, so it looks like we can go have a leisurely lunch... unless you live in Kosovo or you have any relatives in the military.
Will keep you posted should we decide to HOP.

3/24/99 9:30
Good morning, slight upward pressure... Hey, Abby says the market is going UP! Stay tuned...
3/23/99 Evening
Her car looks great, maybe even phantastic.
Lizard Update 3/23/99 #4 14:16 EMAIL and ICQ
I'm done for the day, going to stop by the PT (physical therapy) place and see how things are going.
Mrs. Lizard is there now and think I'll surprise her and get her car washed. (What a nice Lizard.)
See you in the morning.
Lizard Update 3/23/99 #3 13:43 EMAIL and ICQ
I'm outta the Apr 640 puts (OEYPH) at 18 1/2.
Right after we sold, they hit 19!

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